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E3 2011 or same old shit

Posted in Gaming these days ... on June 14, 2011 by Rabidgames

E3 2011 was surely not worth the time.

Microsoft started with a nice and cosy casual-friendly kinect galore.

Honestly: Who gives a shit? Who wants kinect games? Who wants Schafer wasting his talent for kinect on Sesame Street (in all fairness though: it might become the best kinect game)? Who wants a Fable rail-shooter which, according to Mr “I have visions but they are always visually impaired” Molyneux, is all but a Fable rail-shooter?

But wait for the best part: Kinect offers unheard and unseen abilities like VOICE RECOGNITION! Really? That’s it? VOICE RECOGNITION? Surely, it would have been impossible to use VOICE RECOGNITION with the standard 360 head set, right? Well, Rabidgames does not want to be a smart ass or spoil the fun, but the very same thing – yes, VOICE RECOGNITION – has been done before. On the 360. Remember Army of Two? So, let’s agree Microsoft failed. O yeah, they mentioned a game called Halo 4 … but everybody who might be interested in that game has fallen asleep during the kinect storm anyway.

Sony told us more about the PSP2, er, the NGP, oh no wait, it is called PS Vita now. It looks impressive at least. Sony did not show anything really interesting otherwise … some trailers here, some gameplay there …

Nintendo tried to show off an i-pad as a controller for its wii. In the middle of the presentation, it was decided by whoever-gets-to-decide-important-announcements-in-the-middle-of-an-important-presentation that Nintendo would unveil a new console and that the very same controller would be the controller for that new console – just then. Sadly but not surprisingly, no one got it. The console will be named “wii u”. Ok … and to prove it will be on a par with the 360 and the PS3, Nintendo showed some impressive videos of its upcoming wii u hits. Unfortunately, Nintendo showed actual 360 and PS3 footage … Happens, right?

Rabidgames would like to demonstrate what happens if journalism loses all objectivity:
“Still, my time with the new controller opened my eyes to a new way of gaming. It’s remarkable that simply adding an extra screen can truly change how games are played. It will be utterly fascinating to see how Nintendo and other developers take advantage of this innovative twist.” (Source:

Alright, alright. “Adding an extra screen” undoubtedly is not an “innovative twist” anymore – why?
Because Nintendo did the very same thing with its DS. Please stop being such a fanboy, dude!

Rabidgames says: Sony won this year’s E3 by not directing its whole attention to casual gamers and by clarifying what they are advertising. Apart from Nintendo’s confusing wii u presentation (which didn’t come as a surprise), nothing worthwhile happened. No new blockbusters have been announced (you would have thought about GTA V). We got tidbits of gameplay here and there, but does that justify the E3? Shouldn’t it be something special? We’ll remember that E3 because of Nintendo’s failure to tell the world about its new console, but that’ll be it.