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How Could Ride To Hell Escape Development Hell?

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There are good games and there are bad games. And tons inbetween.

Once or twice in the lifecycle of a generation, there are also abysmal games. And we’re not talking about the likes of Duke Nukem Forever or Damnation, we are talking about pure crap.

Ride To Hell: Retribution is such a game. Without further ado, just look at this gameplay video which highlights all “highlights” of the literal Ride To Hell playing this game must really be (and beware, there are more videos):

Where to start? Cutscenes that don’t make any sense? Bikes that bounce back from whatever they hit? Awful shooting with delusional hitboxes, generic fighting full of mindless button mashing and QTEs? Or maybe the incredibly lame brawling on the bikes? Name it, choose, or keep looking for countless other flaws. And then, bin it.

Clearly, Ride To Hell: Retribution is one living example of a game that should have been aborted before birth. It won’t even be recognised as proper game by its fellows, that’s for sure. For a moment, let’s forget it was originally supposed to be a sandbox game about bikers, let’s just assume linear racing levels and repetitive gameplay are perfectly fine … there is still no excuse for shitty graphics full of issues, not nailing any gameplay section in any way and showing the signs of lazy and cheap “development” all over the place.

Furthermore, we now know why there was no sign of previews or gameplay trailers for Ride To Hell: Retribution. Hell, if we believe this review, Deep Silver didn’t even send out review copies! The question is: Who should be more ashamed? Eutechnyx for developing this unfinished, unpolished and un-everything piece of shit, or Deep Silver for actually publishing such a travesty? It doesn’t matter! Both are to blame, and while we don’t need to wish them any luck on their Ride To Hell (which was certainly not paved with any good intentions), our Retribution can only be boycotting this shovelware crap.

A simple advice: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Unless you want to get mugged willingly.

Rabidgames is speechless: Yes, speechless.

What The Hell Is Going On With Ride To Hell?

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Sometimes, you’re surprised how soon a game is released. It feels like yesterday when we heard about Ride to Hell: Retribution, the tale of  bikers, violence and probably more violence. In a couple of days, the game will be released!

And yet, we know nothing about Ride to Hell! True, we know bits about the protagonist and the story, and it seems to involve brawls and bike rides. But that’s it. Is it still open world? A sandbox? What features are there? What can you do besides missions?

Plus, there is no gameplay material. Nowhere. A couple of days before release!

Whatever is going on with the PR for Ride to Hell: Retribution – and it’s strange sister game, the Arcade and PSN biker strategy game Ride to Hell: Route 666, it is as abysmal as Microsoft’s PR in the last couple of weeks. To be fair, they did a better job than MS: When you know nothing about something, you cannot attack it at least. And yet, this radio silence is nothing you might expect from a good game …

Rabidgames wonders: We’ll soon see what the game is – but with no previews and no gameplay material, it is possible this Ride to gamers’ Hell was not even paved with good intentions …

Microsoft Says Goodbye To DRM And Other Restrictions!

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WE WON! Microsoft has just backed away from their policy which would have crippled our rights. No more 24 hours DRM, no more lending games to friends restrictions!

  • An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

  • Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

And have they really understood us? Maybe:

You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.

Thank you Microsoft. It doesn’t matter if your PR team started working after a long hiatus, if you are trying to unsink your ship or if you genuinely believe that you listened to us. The result matters. Our rights have won.

Rabidgames celebrates: We have to hank Microsoft, but even more important, we have to thank ourselves. All of us who went to the internet to vent our anger on Facebook, in forums, on Microsoft’s servers. Thank you, all of you. But let’s not forget the power we have shown. Let’s use it when Microsoft, Sony, EA, Activision or Ubisoft come up with the next idea which only benefits them and only hurts us. Let’s not forget – our feedback matters!

Gameplay Proof Watch Dogs Will Be Awesome!

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We’ve seen much at the E3. But in terms of gameplay, it was rather stale. And let’s face it, when Ubisoft fed us information about Watch Dogs, we were a tiny little bit afraid it might be stale, too.

But fear no more! A new trailer show Watch Dogs offers anything your heart desires: Playing cat & mouse with cops? Check. Hiding from them? Check. Manipulating your surroundings? Check. A good old-fashioned slapping-the-phone-from-that-guy-who-calls-911? Check. Lethal and non-lethal ways to take down opponents? Check. Stealth, distractions, hacking remote  cameras? All check.

If you don’t believe Rabidgames, just check out this gameplay trailer where you can get a glimpse of the possibilities in Watch Dogs:

Rabidgames relaxes: Watch Dogs has the potential to be the best sandbox game up to date. Apart from the good old riding ‘n’ shooring ‘n’ fighting, the options to hack everything and to play around with an entire city coupled with tons of options in fights (from stealth to frontal assaults, from lethal to non-lethal, and hopefully we can avoid most fights, too) is enough to give us dreams of the wet sort. Plus, that’s just all the stuff we know about Watch Dogs now! There might be more cool stuff to come …

Batman Arkham Origins Soothing Gameplay Scenes

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Were you dismayed when you heard that Batman Arkham Origins won’t be done by Rocksteady? Were you afraid the adventure parts might get thrown out of the window? Were you afraid the game may end up just another bland action game, betraying its Arkham roots?

Fret not! Batman Arkham Origins will feature tons of elements of the two predecessors, and there’ll be new adventure stuff for us, too (scanning crime scenes sounds like fun). Anyway, let’s just watch 15 minutes of gameplay footage:

Rabidgames is relieved: Thankfully, Warner Bros. is giving us what we want: Action AND adventure. Thanks guys. Anticipation level at 100%.

When Sony Won!

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Remember Microsoft’s E3 presentation, when they were avoiding all questions regarding their Big Brother Xbox One?

Well, Sony answered some pressing questions – and everyone loved some answers in particular:

That hurts, Microsoft (or rather Microsmart), doesn’t it? To rub it in, Sony even published a video stating the difficult and technically sophisticated process of borrowing games to your friends:

Rabidgames relaxes: If Sony was telling then truth, the war is already over. Without spying on you, forcing you to authenticate your games each 24 hours and putting restrictions on your right to sell stuff you fucking own, it was an easy win for Sony. Nonetheless, it seems to pay off to listen to us, the customers, not to greedy publishers.

Thank you Sony.

State of Decay Or Finally, A Zombie Sim

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Oh yeah great, another zombie game.

So, when you start playing State of Decay, it is bashing zombie heads in left and right with either melee attacks or guns. The usual stuff.

But actually, State of Decay is more. Imagine the C game charm of Deadly Premonition mating with Dead Island and add a simulation as part three of this wild and rampant ménage à trois. The gameplay consists of rather mediocre fighting and driving, of alrightish stealth and tons of searching, and of handling resources. But it’s the rough charm that makes State of Decay an experience way beyond your usual zombie slashers/stompers/shooters.

Oh, did Rabidgames forget the paternity test could also reveal Skyrim as one of the fathers of State of Decay? You level up your abilities by doing, and you’ll unlock pretty handy skills. By the way, you means all playable characters. You can play the whole game as one character, but there’s a catch: Permadeath! If one character dies, he stays dead (unless you play the game from scratch). Different characters have different talents, so choose wisely.

As said before, fighting and gathering is fun, but the selling point of State of Decay is the sim part. Or rather, the simulation of despair, survival and scraping together the last pieces of civilisation … No matter how much provisions, weapons and other stuff you gather, your Influence (your in-game currency, the zed apocalypse fucked up capitalism for good) decreases – rather rapidly. Basically, the longer you’re away from your console, the more it decreases – 3 days without playing might well lead to zero Influence … maybe it’s a hint: Don’t save up, spend it as long as you’re alive! Anyway, State of Decay always asks you if you want to go out with that beastly shotgun and your tomahawk – but thereby losing Influence and moral and hope, or if you only take weak weapons for the greater good (but your possible farwell).

It goes without saying that the first playthrough of State of Decay will be a disaster for most. Rabidgames still has no clue how the sim system actually works, how you can have growing stuff in your bases, or how not to get distracted by anything in this world.

State of Decay is a fun game, but it is not a great game. Why? Bugs. And glitches. And rather clunky mechanics. From being stuck in a tree to zombies clipping through walls, from the infamous infestation bug to pop-ups honouring San Andreas, it’s all there. And it’s such a shame! But eventually, after all those patches, it might actually end up a great game.

This game is ambitious, and the vision is clear: Having fun in a zombie-infested sandbox. While technical issues hold back State of Decay’s true potential, the game is undead proof originality and innovation DO pay off: Within mere 48 hours, the game sold a whopping 250.000 units! Not bad for a 20 quid Arcade game, eh?

Rabidgames is nervous: One more run even though Marcus is tired. We need painkillers. Oh shit, the zombie horde spotted Marcus! Nooooooooooooo…

Sorry, folks. State of Decay has rough edges, but there’s a gem hidden in there. The sales are alright, and the necessary patch is on its way. All good. But there’s a dark cloud on the horizon: The next project of Undead Labs will be a MMO. Shame.

Why Microsoft Called It Xbox ONE

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So, Microsoft clarified some points with that Xbox One … making it all worse.The highlight certainly is the confirmation that as soon as there are any problems with your internet connections (just like, you know moving and having to wait to be connected again …) and as soon as you are offline for 24 hours, the Xbox One stops being a console and becomes nothing more than an expensive piece of electronic shit, sitting there without any purpose whatsoever. Thank you very much, MS.

But sometimes, one image says more than 1000 words. This one definitely does (even though it uses words):


Rabidgames wonders: Is it time to put our scorn aside? Microsoft is basically not just ruining their reputation, they’re also confirming their state of mental decay and absolute ignorance on a daily basis.

All-in-One? When it comes to bullshit, damn straight!

It might be time for pity soon (or gratefulness; Nintendo must be thrilled the Wii U has been picking up pace from the very moment Microft revealed the Xbox One) … but first, we’d like to watch them fail horribly at the E3!

A New Dragon’s Dogma … Kind Of …

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Ye Arisen, rejoice, for there will be new adventures soon!

Capcom announced Dragon’s Dogma Quest, a sequel(?) to 2012’s finest game Dragon’s Dogma.

Eurogamer summed it up quite neat:

The spin-off is described as “fast-paced” – that is, it’s designed to be played on the go. The focus is on strategy rather than action, and you decide your strategy based on the enemy’s appearance, apparently.

There are dungeons, towns, villages and sub-quests. With online multiplayer, your four pawns can team up with a friend’s four pawns, making for party maximum of eight.

Unfortunately, there is more than just one catch. Where to start?

1. Dragon’s Dogma Quest will be a PS Vita only title   Seriously, Capcom? Why not bring it to the big siblings of that handheld which is not doing that great? Are you giving up on tons of money on purpose? Do you think this game will make us buy the Vita in drones? Hint: It won’t.

2. It will be a 2-D game   Let’s be honest for a minute: We don’t love Dragon’s Dogma for its story or its characters. We love it for the insane gameplay and the big world. But Dragon’s Dogma Quest is set to be a 2-D game with completely different gameplay … That’s a big gamble for sure.

3. It will be a Free-To-Play game   No, thanks. F2P might have its right to exist, but please, for the love of the Dragon, don’t drag proper games and franchises into this vortex!

Rabidgames is distraught: Oh Capcom, what are you doing! For the Vita … okay. A 2-D game … not sure. F2P … get lost! There is naught to see here.

The UK Is Not Ready For Always-Online

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Imagine the future.
It’s a nice and sunny spring day in 2015.

You have just bought Microsoft’s Xbox One (after the latest version does not suffer from the Black Circle of Doom) which requires you to be online at least once a day – but that’s just the bare minimum!

You know, would you really want to miss the latest episode of “I am a Noob, get me out of Call of Duty: Ancient Warfare” on Xbox TV? Do you really want to miss the achievement “TV maniac” (worth incredible 15 GS) stating you’ve been watching Xbox TV for 360 hours? Do you really want to miss out on the Cloud, which makes games shine in glorious Super HD? No, you want to have it all!

But oh no!

Your internet does not work properly! Sometimes it’s completely gone, but most of the time, it is just intermittent – just like in the old days, when wathcing a 2 minute youtube video took ten times the time to load! So, what can you do with your shiny new console, your “all in one entertainment system”, your revolutionary Xbox One?

What happens if the internet is down for more than just 24 hours? Can you still access your games you paid 65 pounds for each (don’t worry, trading used games is luckily a thing of the past) on the device which cost you 400 pounds? You might find out the hard way …

But even worse, say bye-bye to multiplayer, to downloading new games or maybe just the critical patch which stops The Elder Scrolls 7 from melting your Xbox One, say bye-bye to the games you’ve been streaming, say bye-bye to Netflix, to Xbox TV and to Xbox Music. Of course, you won’t be able to access that cool dungeon in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Extreme because it is stored in the Cloud.

But do not fret, it will take Virgin Media only two weeks to figure out that tiny problem turned major – including some 2-day spells without any connection at all (thank Gates or Jobs – depending on your religion – for smart phones!). And don’t try to bother Virgin, because you’re just one of 45.000 people in your area affected by some incompetence on behalf of the people in charge who thought it was a good idea to let people use 100 Mb/s on lines which are simply not made for such heavy workloads. Yes, your internet provider may humbly offer your compensation, but only for your broadband bill, of course – all the money poured into Xbox LIVE, Xbox Music, Xbox TV and Xbox ESPN … gone. Oh, and that channel hidden from your wife/girlfriend/parents, you know … XXXbox … don’t expect to get any returns from there.

Welcome to the always-online world of gaming in 2015, and welcome to an infrastructure which is not able to cope with our demands. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Rabidgames interjects: By the way, we are not talking about Furzehill or about Ingoldisthorpe, we are talking about goddamn motherfucking London! If shit like this happens here with Virgin Media – considered one of the best providers – please imagine how things look in the countryside …

Microsoft might be ready for the online revolution – the UK is not!