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How Rabidgames ordered Mass Effect 3’s CE or Fuck GAME!

Posted in News on February 29, 2012 by Rabidgames

Ah, GAME … remember them? They’ll be an afterthought soon. Just take a picture while you can.

While this certainly is not a good thing (without rivaling retailers, prices might shoot up, less choice for us), it comes as no surprise. Rabidgames will spare with all the financial, fiscal and economical bollocks – customers don’t care about all of this.
However, they care about one thing: Transparency!

If shit hits GAME’s fan these days, guess what happens – customers get hit, too. Stop lying to us!

First, it was just this one title, then it was just PS Vita release games, now it’s each and every EA title. All the while, GAME representatives tell the press: “Everything’s kind of fine, nothing to worry about for our customers”.

Guess what: We won’t worry about it soon. We’ll order online, we’ll go to HMV or hope to find a small, independent gaming related store (good luck there though). We might like browsing your stores but we don’t need them. On the other hand, you need us! If we’re gone now, we’re gone for good. Even if GAME recovers, why should we trust you again?

One more thing, fellow gamers: Don’t take it out on those poor sods who stand in your local GAME stores. They’re not to blame for anything, they might end up unemployed, they take all the shit. Those [redacted for legal reasons] responsible for the downfall will end up wit shitloads of money while their former employees will be on the dole. Oh, the joys of capitalism …

OK, back to part 1 of the title.
After Rabidgames didn’t get a call from GAME, didn’ receive an email from GAME, but had to read at Eurogamer GAME won’t stock Mass Effect 3 (yep, that’s piss poor customer care) he had to think “what now?”

Browsing the web in search of a new copy brought Rabidgames to – and to the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3.

Sure, Rabidgames could have tried to fight off the temptation but it’s just a 20 quid difference (taking into account From Ashes). So, Rabidgames gave in to temptation and now, Mass Effect 3 will be delivered by Express (Rabidgames doesn’t trust Royal Mail any more, 3 lost packages within a year has been way too much).

Rabidgames thinks: Ironically, the downfall of GAME (which is all but likely) might lead to a not-that-hostile takeover by Gamestop. Gamestop is probably the global games retail leader but hasn’t managed to take a hold in Britain. This could be the chance to save retail – and ultimately, save a choice for all us of – especially for those who prefer physical copies.

UPDATE: Eurogamer told us of this dire situation in the morning, GAME started sending emails late afternoon. Better late than never, right? Still, GAME’s committing commercial and PR suicide with heir denial stance …

New trailer for The Witcher 2

Posted in News on February 28, 2012 by Rabidgames

CD Projekt reminds us there is one more RPG to be played after the likes of Kingdoms of Amalur or Mass Effect 3 – and that is one RPG which deserves our support: The Witcher 2 – Assassins Of Kings.

The latest trailer shows what it is all about: Politics and murder:

From all the praise Rabidgames has heard, The Witcher 2 seems to be one of the few mature games that manage to have great gameplay and to tell a good story. Comes 17 April, Rabidgames will see for himself.

Yet – which version to buy? The Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2 with all previous DLC packs, or the more expensive Dark Edition with tons of extras (and not one single in-game item, you’ll still get the complete package). Tough choice … so which edition would you buy:

The only downside is that PS3 users are left out in the cold – probably for good. At least CD Projekt’s stance is understandable: Do it only if you can do it right and if you can give 100%. Maybe next time …

Rabidgames says: Everyone who likes RPGs should definitely buy The Witcher 2 as soon as it comes out for the Xbox 360 (if you’re PC gamer you have played it anyway). That way, you reward yourself with a seemingly amazing game, plus you reward a developer who actually cares for his fans – show the industry and the corrupted giants such as EA and Activision that success is possible without ripping off customers as much as possible in as many twisted ways as imaginable.

Exploring the galaxy in Mass Effect 3

Posted in News on February 27, 2012 by Rabidgames

For once, Rabidgames is not ranting about some Bioware scam in Mass Effect 3! ign presented a nice little video which explains how we scan solar systems in Mass Effect 3.

Watch this interesting video here:

Fortunately, scanning for resources is a thing of the past – lucky us! Instead, we scan for assets and fuel throughout the galaxy in Mass Effect 3. However, we will have to use a pulse to find that stuff – and those damn Reapers will register it and are most likely to hunt us down.

Rabidgames is pleased: That’s some good news about Mass Effect 3 for sure. Now let’s hope we will discover more ways to acquire stuff and push back the Reapers in a couple of weeks.

Why Amalur offers great stories

Posted in Gaming these days ... on February 26, 2012 by Rabidgames

Beware, there are some nasty SPOILERS lurking in the shadows of this text. If you haven’t finished the House of Ballads quests in particular please do not read further for your own sake. Rabidgames warned you.

Apparently, we suffer a new internet meme. After having taken arrows to the knee for a couple of months, the latest flavour of the day is to accuse Kingdoms of Amalur of having bad writing – mostly by people who skip cutscenes and have no interest in reading about the lore of Amalur because it’s so bad and boring … (how would they even know about it then?)

First, if you are one of those strange fellows who play RPGs and skip story content, why the fuck do you complain when you know nothing about the story? That’s just like whining you suck at GTA because you don’t want to shoot people!

Second, yes, Amalur‘s presentation of the dialogues is old-fashioned, even a bit stale in 2012. A mute character, lots of stuff to read from a simple list … true, Mass Effect does a better job there. But a stale presentation has absolutely nothing to do with story quality, guys. Sorry.

Third, yes, it’s hard to get into Amalur‘s lore. It doesn’t help you start with names and events you have no idea about. And the first quests still leave you an unwitting pawn in a big game of chess. While all this is true, the same could be said about Dark Souls … you’re in a strange world, you know nothing about it, you are dead, too. And Dark Souls got praise for telling its story that way …

OK, back to Kingdoms of Amalur. After a couple of quests and some reading or listening, you realise the main theme of Amalur: Fate.
It is all about the seemingly unchanging fate – and the one hero who is able to bring change to the world. You can choose your fate, and you can choose the fate of the inhabitants in Amalur.

One excellent set of quests which explore the meaning of fate in Amalur‘s world is the House of Ballads. The House consists of immortal Fae who relish their tales not by telling them but by living them again and again. Yet all of a sudden, the villain (imagine a fiend cursed to die again and again … forever) tries to change the game for good. Even better, you realise the House of Ballads is full of actors who are still forced to fulfil their destinies – again and again. And the villain is pretty desperate because she knows she is supposed to die … It’s up to you if you want to kill her or you take her offer to rule alongside her.

Sounds pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? Surely, we have played quests like these … but when? Rabidgames liked the idea of a great cycle of death and rebirth where the Fae are blessed (or cursed) to repeat the same events over and over. How can anyone call it blank or bad writing? The game also tackles philosophical questions like “would you change fate?” or “does change bring hope or fear?” – mind you, Rabidgames hasn’t even finished Kingdoms of Amalur, he is about halfway true, and the only faction Rabidgames has completed is the House of Ballads.

Rabidgames dares you: OK, what is bad about the writing of Amalur? Can anyone tell Rabidgames? The game might not give us the best story ever, but compared to last year’s RPGs like Skyrim, Dark Souls or Deus Ex, it is definitely not worse.

Rabidgames’ first must-see flick of 2012

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Rabidgames apologises … yes, it is off-topic in a video games blog – but who gives a crap?

Check out this amazing trailer for Sasha Baron Cohen’s next movie The Dictator:

The Dictator is supposed to “tell the heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure
that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed”.

For some reason, today is the first time Rabidgames has learnt of that flick. How could Rabidgames have missed it so far?

If Rabidgames didn’t know better he would assume the all-female bodyguard squad was suppose to mock a certain North African late dictator, but surely, this notion must be wrong.

And as it is Cohen, we can expect many minorities, majorities and whateverities will be pissed off with The Dictator – good job. And we can most likely expect a certain Kazakhstan ambassador to appear in there as well …

Rabidgames is looking forward to this movie. We’ll meet in the cinema …

The secret squad mate controversy

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OK, so you’ve been warned. And oh yeah, RANT WARNING, too.

Has anyone counted how many times Bioware has disappointed lately? Let’s have a look: The pre-order scam with Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age 2, “no multiplayer in Mass Effect 3” to “some multiplayer in Mass Effect 3“, the erstwhile RPG kings developing a RPG where story and choices are optional and so on …

The latest letdown involves the now-not-so-secret-anymore hidden additional team member of Mass Effect 3. We all know by now it is going to be a Prothean. Rabidgames can hear you say “Holy mother of shit! A Prothean. Weren’t they supposed to be extinct? And we can talk to it?” – and yes, it sounds pretty awesome.

There is even a first image of our dear Prothean squad mate (from the Xbox LIVE page that promoted the “From Ashes” DLC):

Also, there is rumour that even the demo of Mass Effect 3 contains some lines from the Prothean – although Rabidgames thinks his Prothean accent might sound a bit odd – but hear for yourselves:

But where’s the letdown? Well, for once, the Prothean is part of the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3 – everyone else will have to pay for it. Nice way to advertise a fucking Day 1 DLC, isn’t it?

And instead of admitting “it’s just for money” or maybe holding their tongue for once, they keep feeding us shit like “certification processes” and the DLC was made after the certification of Mass Effect 3 – when at the same time, the DLC is included for free in the Collectors Edition. So why even mention certification then?

Also, if the Prothean DLC was really made in 2012, how comes his audio files are allegedly to be found in the demo – and how comes he was part of the leaked script as well? Pretty strange now, isn’t it?

Bioware also stated that this piece of DLC was “optional” … just as virtually every DLC in the Mass Effect series so far – except maybe Arrival. Fact is, you won’t understand the beginning of the demo without having played Arrival.  And Lair of the Shadow Broker was quite importan for the Mass Effect lore as well if Rabidgames remembers correctly. And now, Bioware dares to tell us that the chance to talk to an actual fucking Prothean is optional? Hell, the whole series revolves around Protheans! Another Zaeed, another weapon, another armour would have been purely optional, yes – but a living Prothean?

Rabidgames grumbles: As much as many of us are indeed looking forward to get the chance to witness a living Prothean, many still hate the fact we have to pay 8 fucking quids for this “privilege” (unless we ordered the expensive Collectors Edition). Oce again, it is ovious: DLC is a fucking disease and this sympton reeks worse year by year. It’s no wonder many people these days consider Bioware no more as the cool company that loves its customers but rather as EA’s willing slut who will just do anything for money.

MassEffect 3 and the Space Edition …

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What the fuck is this?

Apparently, Bioware and EA have decided to send some copies of Mass Effect 3 to space, calling it “Mass Effect 3 Space Edition”.
Mind you, space in this contact means something like small balloons hovering in the air – it has nothing to do with model Normandies travelling to the dark side of the moon looking for Nazi bases there.

OK, it’s a nice publicity stunt accompanied by this strange video:

If you’re lucky (as in lucky beyond shit) you might even watch a Mass Effect 3 balloon in your garden and you will get the chance to play the game a couple of days earlier – and for free! Hooray?

But Rabdidgames wonders: How comers Bioware and EA talk about PR stunts, marketing tricks and DLC “additions” all the time – story-wise, all we’ve seen is a lacklustre invasion of earth and some salarian-krogan conspiracy. Please, show us some story love, for Sovereign’s sake!

New Gangstas in Space trailer

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Finally, the Saints conquer space … or something like that.

Let’s just hope the new DLC for Saints Row The Third has more content than the lacklustre and incredibly short activities from “Genki Bowl”. OK, the Yarnie is till the best vehicle ever. Ever! Wait, you don’t know what Rabidgames is talking about?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rabidgames presents the Yarnie, the ultimate tool of total annihilation. Behold:

Anyway, enjoy the new wacky trailer for the soon-launching Gangstas in Space, too:

Rabidgames thinks: This is serious B movie space drama stuff. Awesome! Hopefully, we will be able to store those UFOs to cause havoc among the poor citizens of Stilwater … again.

Take Earth Back Trailer, part 2

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So, here we are.
The Reapers attack Earth itself. Well, we’ve known if for some time, but now, we have CGI footage!

Bioware’s and EA’s new trailer shows how they’re going to do it in Mass Effect 3.
You can have a look at it here, if you have been somewhere else today:

But actually, that’s a part of the trailer for Mass Effect 3.
Last week, EA announced the trailer and gave us a trailer for this trailer.
Today, EA gave us the short version of the trailer as it was shown in some US TV channels.
Tomorrow, we will get the complete trailer.

Does this make any sense to anyone? It surely does not to Rabidgames!
But even worse, Ubisoft has done the same with Far Cry 3. Why on earth, why?
Have those companies maybe forgotten what a “trailer” is?

According to some dictionary, that’s what we commonly call a trailer:

“a series of short scenes from a film/movie or television programme, shown in advance to advertise it”

So let’s agree you use a trailer to advertise a medium (in this case Mass Effect 3). Fine.
But why having an ad for an incomplete ad followed by the full ad later on – all for the same game?
Again, does making an epic CGI action-to-the-brim trailer trilogy sense to anybody out there?

Rabidgames is confused and has to go to bed to sleep now.

That Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , , on February 18, 2012 by Rabidgames

You might expect a rant here and now, don’t you?
Actually, the dreaded multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 has turned out to be OK.

Not great, not bad, OK.

First of all, if you happen to work with people who work together, it’s fun. If you don’t, bad luck. Sadly, the demo only allows public matches so you depend on pure luck in that regard. Rabidgames was lucky enough to play the multiplayer demo of Mass Effect 3 at least once with people who worked together (although we still got killed half a minute before extraction the first time and barely managed to escape the second time, but hey, that’s what you get with random people).

That said, the demo is basically a Gears of War horde mode with a Mass Effect biotic/tech twist. It is pretty enjoyable to hit enemies with singularity and then blow them away with warp (Rabidgames has played as an adept) – even more when it’s teamwork. While it is enjoyable, it adds nothing new to the cluster of cooperative horde-like multiplayer games. But still, it is way more addictive than any other Horde mode Rabidgames has played so far (except maybe the insane Whored Mode in Saints Row The Third).

The enemy A.I. is relatively smart; those bastards always try to flank you and if your party doesn’t pay attention, you can get wiped out easily. The later levels include enemies like the Atlas mech, Guardians (those bastards with shields) and those damn fast phantoms. You can upgrade your powers, your weapons (including mods) and equipment (by buying stuff in the multiplayer store after finishing a mission) – and of course you can customize your character (most is just colours though). It’s fun to mess around a bit.

Of course it’s not perfect. There are some minor lags (considering it’s the demo EA might sort it out), some problems wit the controls (pressing A once is taking cover, pressing it twice is dodging …) and it is still unclear how much multiplayer success influences the campaign of Mass Effect 3 (hopefully not that much).

Rabidgames admits: Overall, the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is better than expected. It’s nothing new or unique, but for some reason, it is pretty addictive. Only time will tell if it is a worthy addition or rather an unnecessary gimmick to attract shooter fans to the Mass Effect universe … but for now, it is fun to defend the galaxy online from time to time.