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Dead Island or A Real Definitive Edition

Posted in Hands On with tags , , , , on June 14, 2016 by Rabidgames

Oh yes, Dead Island was one of Rabidgames’ guilty pleasures on last generation’s consoles. A pleasure because the hacking, slicing and maiming was very satisfying, but guilty because it was an unpolished game where potential was let down by bugs, freezes and the occasional crash. Or sometimes, you were stranded in an area too high level for you …

But the core gameplay – in both Dead Island and its successor Riptide (see Rabidgames’ opinion here) – was refreshing – and brutal. Cutting of limbs, smashing heads, throwin explosives around was all good fun. Add to that Dead Island’s Borderland-style RPG light mechanics and the loot, and you could have fun for hours.

In case you’ve never bought a Dead Island game but feel that the melee fights in Dying Light were too bland, check out the precise controls of Dead Island – make sure to change the controls to analog, and with a bit of practice, you can slash at a zombie’s head and the head might not just roll, but even fly.Tearing apart zombies this way is proper bloody and gory fun, and the joy when finding – and modding a powerful weapon feels even better than it did in Dying Light!

But should you buy this Definitive Edition when you had plenty of fun with the original games? Well, revisiting the world of Dead Island on the next generation is actually a journey worth travelling – not only are most of the bugs gone and the game runs on smooth 30 FPS, but Dying Light’s dynamic lighting system makes Dead Island shine even sunnier and more vibrant than the original!

So what’s new? Apart from including all DLC packs for both games, the new lighting system, a more stable running experience and a minimally streamlined and unified menu and UI in both Dead Island games, not much. There’s the hilarious One Punch mode; activate it when you start a new game, and one kick makes zombies fly dozens of meters! Obviously, trophies and challenges are disabled, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Then, there’s Dead Island Retro Revenge, a rather uninspired 2D sidescroll beat ’em up game that gets stale quickly if you’re not a fan of that genre. But it’s a bonus anyway, so whatever.

For once, we have a game that really deserves the “definitive” moniker. It feels like Dead Island is what Dead Island should have been in the first place – technically sound, Riptide included and stunning graphics make a good package for 20 pounds, that’s for sure. If you can’t get enough of the thrill of zombie killing and the idea of finding just another weapon sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon, Dead Island is your game.

Rabidgame smiles: Dead Island proves there is justification for remasters when the price and content are right. Now let’s just hope there will be more of it in the form of Dead Island 2!