Rabidgames @ Eurogamer Expo 2013

Another year, another Eurogamer Expo. This year’s motto was obviously the battle between the XBox One and the PlayStation 4. However, there was one problem: To get to their games, you’d have to queue for hours. Rather stupid move if you ask Rabidgames. So, it was no Dead Rising 3 (shown only behind walls because those dicks were to dumb to show it on the 18 only floor, and not even 10 sets, really?), and no other exclusives like Ryse or KillzoneOculus Rift looked really interesting as well, but again, not worth queuing for hours …

Also, the focus on multiplayer games such as Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty 395 aka Ghosts (yeah, yeah, there’s something called singleplayer, but it’s a joke anyway), Payday 2 or The Crew show a trend Rabidgames does not like at all – multiplayer becoming more important might suit some gamers, hell, maybe many, but not yours truly, sorry. Let’s hope we’ll see more singleplayer action next year.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Well, it’s some more Assassin’s Creed, with a focus on naval battles. There’s also the typical city-running-around stuff, and there’s some diving including shark attacks. It’s not exactly new, but it’s all good fun. Day one purchase for sure, if you like Assassin’s Creed and/or pirates. And let’s face it, we don’t care for logic in the series anyway … Black Flag is not a revolution, and it does not scream “I’ll be fucking awesome”, but it looks like a solid way to spend dozens of hours. And where’s the rum? Well, Rabidgames doesn’t know, but maybe this video suffices for now:

Batman: Arkham Origins
Game number 3, a different dev this time around … But good news is, the gameplay is pretty much the same. Exploration, combos, gadgets, name it. Investigation is pretty cool and definitely a welcome addition. But there’s a catch with Arkham Origins, and that’s the bad news: No one asked for multiplayer. Fuck, it’s stupid as hell. And then, announcing a season pass with rubbish costumes … Sorry guys, if you’re begging for Rabidgames to wait for the GOTY version of Batman: Arkham Origins, well done, mission accomplished.

Beyond: Two Souls
To some, Heavy Rain was an amazing game. To others, it was a tedious QTE galore, an interactive movie disguised as a game. Beyond: Two Souls might be more of the same, although the setting with leaving your body to create some telekinetic turmoil sounds pretty awesome, and some scenes from the demo showed an amazing atmosphere. Then again, there were some stupid escape by QTE scenes, which played awful … Hit or miss? Depends if you have a tolerance for QTE …

Dark Souls 2
There was talk about Dark Souls 2 being more accessible. After just seeing the demo, one thing becomes clear. Whatever accessible means, it has nothing to do with easier or friendlier. You’ll die. A lot. And again. Good luck.

Dying Light
After two Dead Island games, Techland surprises us … with yet another zombie game. While Dying Light sounds unimaginative at first, turns out surprisingly interesting: Yes, bashing in zombie skulls with hammers, wrenches, knifes or any other object you can swing reminds anybody of Dead Island, the focus of the demo was on free-running, not on fighting – so, if you want to know what Mirror’s Edge with zombies could feel like, look no further – Dying Light might just be your game! The video also shows interactive environments, traps … and what happens when the light dies:

The Elder Scrolls Online
Well, you’d expect a mix of Skyrim’s atmosphere and character design and World of Warcraft’s MMO ingredients. And that’s what you get. Including subscriptions. If that’s your cup of tea, go for it. Rabidgames couldn’t care less though – we already got Skyrim, and we got WoW. Do we really need a cross-bred bastard?

Unsurprisingly, nothing has changed: FIFA ’14 has all the names and all the glamour, but still lacks authenticity, while Pro Evolution Soccer ’14 feels like proper football. However, the removal of the stadium editor and of the rain leaves the impression the game is just a mere tech demo. As a result, 2013 will mean money saved for next year’s installments.

Sadly, there was no playable demo of Watch Dogs at the Eurogamer Expo. However, just watching one guy play it (and fail a couple of times) turned out to be fascinating. Stealth, shootouts, gadgets, the freedom to play Watch Dogs the way you want … it’s all in there. If you want to know more about the game, here’s quite some info:

Wolfenstein: The New Order
After looking at Wolfenstein: The New Order, the verdict might be: Oh, just what we need, another shooter. After playing it, you’ll want it: The controls are tight and precise, the action is mindless yet cool, and let’s face it, unloading a whole magazine into a Nazi’s face is always fun, especially in alternate realities. If you like old-fashioned shooters without modern extras, the new Wolfenstein might be the perfect toy for you.

Rabidgames wonders: With the next gen launching, it could be a good year ahead – if you like the same old ideas put into shinier and even higher resolution images. Watch Dogs and possibly Dying Light aside, it’s all about shooters and sports games – again. The focus on multiplayer experiences (and especially the F2P shit) is troublesome for people who simply want to relax and play at their own pace, too. But as long as we have amazing games such as The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs or Dark Souls 2 to discover on our own, our alone-time gaming future seems rather safe.

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