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The WWE ’13 Roster Revealed

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As usual, SummerSlam is the time to reveal the roster of the annual WWE game. WWE ’13 is no exception.

To make it short, here is WWE 13‘s illustrious, attitude oriented roster so far.

There are some surprises here: Among other guests such as the Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock or the Godfather, (aka Papa Shango aka Kama) the whole DX will be part of WWE ’13 (pretty cool indeed); but the one thing standing out are tons of wrestlers who take up multiple spots: We have Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, two Litas (wtf?), two Cenas (really?), three Triple Hs (seriously, Yukes?) and the old and the new Jericho.
Excuse Rabidgames, but have they ever heard of alternate attires? Probably not …

As for the Attitude themed campaign mode in WWE ’13, let’s hope for the following tales:

  • DX vs Corporation (well, that’s 99% with all DX members in game)
  • Austin vs McMahon (again, that iconic story must be in there)
  • Taker’s Ministry
  • Taker vs Mankind (the legendary Hell in a Cell match, of course)
  • Nation of Domination (Henry, Farooq, Godfather are there)
  • Edge & Christian (sadly, no Hardys and no Dudleys – what a shame!)
  • The rise of The Rock
  • A schizophrenic story revolving around Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack
  • the WWE/Invasion story (after all, Shane and Stephanie are there as well)

Again, it’s a big, big shame we’ll have to do without current TNA wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, the Dudleys or TNA officials like Al Snow or D’lo Brown.

On a side note, we should all bear in mind that our favourite mode ever will be back in WWE ’13: Finally, we can be Special Referees again!

Rabidgames raises the People’s eyebrow: While the roster looks good for an Attitude themed game (DX!), there is some bullshit going on: It’s called DLC. It’s been confirmed that AJ and Damien Sandow will be DLC only – and you can bet there is still far more to come. After all, we’re talking about THQ. Just look what has beome of the Saints Row series … Anyway, reliving some of the best moments in wrestling history should still be enough to buy WWE ’13 …

Planetary Annihilation is more than Total Annihilation

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Good news: You can support a RTS called Planetary Annihilation on Kickstarter.
Why would you want to do that, you ask?
The answer is incredibly simple: You can annihilate planets. Yes, fucking planets!

This video might sum up Planetary Annihilation perfectly:

And it gets even better: The makers of Planetary Annihilation know what they’re doing; some of them also created awesome RTS gems such as Total Annihilation or the two Supreme Commander games (although the first Supreme Commander is a piece of garbage on the 360). So there’s no reason not to spend a couple of quid for this idea which makes even the Death Star look boring!

Rabidgames is delighted: It is a shame such a brilliant concept is shunned by publishers these days (and therefore, a console version seems less than impossible). This idea is even that great it makes Rabidgames want to buy a gaming PC so he can annihilate planets all day long! So let’s support Planetary Annihilation, folks!

First Impressions: Darksiders 2 or Hail Death

Posted in Hands On with tags , on August 15, 2012 by Rabidgames

Darksiders 2 offers something great: You get to play as DEATH. Unfortunately, he does neither speak nor write in capital letters, and for some weird inexplicable reason, his horse is named Despair, not Binky.

Anyway, in the twisted mythology of Darksiders, Death is one of the Four Horsemen (former Nephilim, rebellious demons who went rogue and slew their own evil Nephilim brethren). Why? The game doesn’t tell you from scratch. In fact, Darksiders 2 starts without much explanation: You’re thrown into a strange world where you get to know your job is to prevent your brother War (from the first Darksiders) who is accused of unleashing the Apocalypse from purgatory. To do this, you must resurrect humanity. Sounds weird, and for the next ten hours (where Rabidgames is now), that’s all you got.

Apart from the lacklustre story, Darksiders 2 offers a unique gameplay experience. True, it’s just relatively unique since it borrows tons of ideas from other games: There’s the simple yet a bit dull hack’n’slay (God of War comes to mind), the rather basic RPG level-up system (Borderlands), the easy-going platforming with occasional control hick ups (Assassin’s Creed), the random loot system (Diablo) and the dungeon crawling with tons of – sometimes quite challenging – puzzles (Zelda). But the point is, it works fine when it’s mixed together.

Although not perfectly fine. After a couple of hours into Darksiders 2, you feel like you’re just repeating everything all the time; riding to your next dungeon, jumping, fighting minions, solving puzzles, and then fighting bosses to add a small piece to the story, which is still unfolding really, really slowly. Here is hoping the next ten hours will bring some diversity to Darksiders 2’s experience. The loot system is also strange at first: You get tons of stuff, but as to be expected, most of it is useless junk. But in this case, you can decide not to sell it. Instead, you can feed possessed weapons with your unwanted stuff! Possessed weapons can be levelled up 5 times – and if done correctly (they inherit attributes of their sacrificed brothers and sisters) you can forge yourself a powerful weapon (which you can even name).

Technically, Darksiders 2 is solid. However, there are some minor clipping issues and frame rate problems along the road (the latter especially in vast environments), and some descriptions are accompanied by the wrong buttons. But there has been nothing to hinder Rabidgames’ progress so far (which means anybody but graphic whores will enjoy it).

Last but definitely not least: And maybe being one of a dying breed, Darksiders 2 is old-fashioned. It’s wonderful! When watching cutscenes or finishing off bosses, there are no QTEs! You just control the gameplay sequences and watch the cutscenes – as it is meant to be. The more you advance the heavier the puzzles come into play – and sometimes you have to look around the room and actually think your way through instead of getting glowing hints all the time (optionally, your raven Dusk will show you the general direction of the next action). It’s nice to see such a refreshing game these days for a change; a game which does not want to show off its coolness by breaking a new QTE record …

Rabidgames recommends: Darksiders 2 might be hard to get into, but once you’ve unlocked some special moves, built yourself some nice possessed weapon and have solved a tough puzzle, dungeonitis sets in: You know, that addiction which whispers “just this dungeon” or “come on, let’s have a look what’s in the next room” …

Sleeping Dogs = Day 1 Purchase

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To be honest, Rabidgames has had no doubt about it. After all, Sleeping Dogs combines a big open world with the best of Hong Kong cinema’s action. But if you watch hits video, it gets even better:

Actually, you don’t need to watch the whole two hours. Rabidgames chose not to watch it all since it would have spoiled too much of Sleeping Dogs’ story. But there are some amazing things in there:

  • The situational finishing moves are partly brutal, partly funny (you can put enemies in trunks of parking cars).
  • Customisation plays a huge part.
  • Varied missions (demolishing cars, setting up CCTV, creatively crippling opponents, chases).
  • Tons of side missions and mini games.
  • And so on.

In brief, Sleeping Dogs will hopefully be a mix of GTA’s dark and mature story telling, Saints Row 2’s wackiness and over-the-top violence and Batman: Arkham City’s fighting system. Sounds bone crunching good.

Rabidgames wants: Yes, Sleeping Dogs is a must-have Day 1 title. Sadly, it’s one more week (and a bit probably) to wait. What about watching Infernal Affairs or some Jackie Chan flicks to pass the time?

Assassin’s Creed 3 is now Part of the Bullshit Game

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Remember Rabidgames’ Dishonored rant?Well, Ubisoft decided to top that one with some Assassin’s Creed 3 bullshit of the highest order.

What did they do?
Apparently, PS3 players get one extra mission with one hour extra playtime.

Where is the problem?
Apparently, Xbox 360 players have to pay the same price, but they get less content.

Let’s not forget Sony is well-known for this exclusive fuckfest moves, while Microsoft have turned out to be just small cunts by buying time-exclusive DLC packs – which is bad. However, shutting out other platforms from fucking content forever is worse (just look at Red Dead Redemption, that one hideout is still exclusive for PS3 players).

Worse than the pre-order DLC galore.
Worse than the Day 1 DLC rip-offs (yes, Rabidgames looks at you, Mass Effect 3).
Worse than changing the definition from DownLoadable Content to Disc-Locked Content.
And certainly worse than time-exclusive DLC.

But all this shit combined brings up one question: Why on earth are publishers hellbent on scaring away their customers? Why don’t they follow the shining example of The Witcher 2, where we Xbox 360 gamers got bonus stuff for free – and the PC veterans as well? Have publishers really become cheap whores who’d do anything for a bit of money?

Rabidgames wants to puke: Certainly, while gaming has gone to financial highs, it’s at its low for us gamers; Recycled games all over, the relentless DLC machine polluting the world, and we end up paying more for less. And the worst thing of all: We are too dumb to realise it.

But what to do? What about waiting for GOTY editions? Yes, it’s a long wait, but if we’re start being smart we might be able to change the downfall of a dream: Buying a game means purchasing a whole experience.

Dishonored Dishonors Bethesda

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While Rabidgames actually wants to play Dishonored, he also wants to boycott Bethesda’s tempting next strike. The very same Bethesda which managed to deliver Skyrim without the pre-order bullshit.

Their disgusting pre-order DLC policy: Several different shops have different pre-order DLC available for Dishonored, which means no one on fucking earth will be able to play the whole game without shelling out extra money.

In Rabidgames’ book, this pre-order plague is a big no-no, especially in abusive cases like this one. We’ll see if Bethesda’s shit is enough motivation to wait for the GOTY edition instead of rewarding Bethesda for their cuntish and greedy moves.

A “New” PS2 – And Some Games …

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags on August 2, 2012 by Rabidgames

Alright, Rabidgames caved in and bought a used PS2 (the brick one) at CEX for 32 pounds … seems to be the cheapest price these days. At least it comes with a one-year warranty …
Of course, Rabidgames also bought some rather cheap games:

Max Payne (1 pound): After the disappointing Max Payne 3, exploring the roots again should be fun.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (1 pound): Rabidgames can’t really remember the Splinter Cell games

Yakuza (4 pounds): Finally, the world of Yakuza will be explored by Rabidgames. Hooray!

Oh, and Mercenaries 2 (2 pounds) for the PS2 … well, let’s be honest here, it’s awful. The controls are bad, and the game is worse than its next-gen brothers in basically all regards. At least, the missions are different (and sometimes fun), and you can even store vehicles at your base – a feature that should have been in the next-gen Mercenaries 2 instalments as well …

Rabidgames smiles: Ah, owning a PS2 once more feels good. Looking back at the many PlayStation 2 classics, it makes you wonder if the replay value and the huge back catalogue are indeed better and bigger than those of the current generation, too …