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Dying Light’s last mission that killed an otherwise great game

Posted in Gaming these days ..., Hands On with tags on April 1, 2015 by Rabidgames

So, Dying Light is a sandbox game. You know, massive open world, lots of options to kill zombies, freedom to traverse horizontally and vertically, simply put, a sandbox of undead fun. It’s all about freedom, your choice in your own sandbox.

Until the very last mission. Yes, the last mission of Dying Light is a linear toilet party with a brown creamy QTE finish, it is a boot stamping in a human face forever. WHY??? Who in their right minds can have such a fucking stupid idea, and who on fucking earth would greenlight such stupidity? Honestly, Rabidgames tried, but after a couple of tries of idiotic suicide zombies appearing out of fucking nowhere, even more idiotic checkpoints in the middle of nowhere, involving minutes of repeated boring fighting hordes of zombies … and then the most idiotic thing, a QTE boss fight – enough is enough!

Plug pulled, Dying Light dead for the time being. Seriously, Techland, fire that incompetent moron who came up with this shitty excuse for a final mission. To put it into words, Dying Light’s last mission is as bad as Mass Effect 3’s star brat – out of nowhere, everything is turned around, the gameplay of the hours spent on it become irrelevant, and the design of the finale betrays the rest of the game. Well, Mass Effect 3 still could pull of deus ex machina while Dying Light’s ending is rather … well, it is pure shit! Deus ex excrementis so to speak.

Such a shame a great game must end on such a low note. Mind you, the missions before were partially linear, but we had a least options, where the final mission of Dying Light is purely linear, scripted and full of Call of Duty popcorn action that belittles and shames Techland and their capabilities.

Rabidgames is disgusted: Yes, Dying Light is still a good game – but such a fucking terrible and unfitting ending can ruin a game. It’s possible. After all, Breaking Bad didn’t end with Brock Lesnar suplexing Walter White out of existence …