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Farming Simulator 17 or Farm, Plough, Sow, Repeat

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There are games we don’t get. For instance, Rabidgames sees hardly any appeal in the artificially tough and overly repetitive Dark Souls games and even less in the hectic Devil May Cry antics of Bloodbourne, while the majority, or perhaps a very loud minority, praises these games as a  the one and only true saviour of gaming. And then, there are games hardly anyone gets, games like Farming Simulator 17.

First, it is kind of hard to get into the game. There’s a bare-bones tutorial that covers the basics, and then you’re out in the world of farming, either in the US or in Russia, and it’s good luck to you from there on. But there’s more than mere farming, Farming Simulator 17 also offers logging wood or being a rancher if that’s more up your rural alley. And then there are mods. It’s mostly just new tractors or other farming equipment, but new maps should hopefully be up soon, too.

But be it crops, cattle or wood, it becomes crystal clear very quickly that you need a special mind for a game such as Farming Simulator 17: Not only is the game insanely repetitive as you get to drive up and down and down and up fields all day long (in-game and real life, if you play a long session), and nothing else happens. Well, it’s a simulation, so that’s to be expected, right? Sure, but the eternal cycle of sowing, fertilising, harvesting, ploughing, sowing and so on that needs to be repeated for several fields every in-game day feels tiresome after even one hour. Just have a look and remember – you do this over and over again:

You do all of the above to earn money you then can invest into – better equipment to do the same chores a bit more effectively. That’s it. Farming Simulator 17 does not offer anything more than what you can see in the first hours. So when you feel like giving this game a try, make sure you’re fully aware of the repetitive nature. Now, it seems quite some folks enjoy the rural virtual life, because Farming Simulator 17 is not even the only (bi)annual farming simulator available on PS4, as Professional Farmer 17 proves. To each their own …

The open world of Professional Farmer 17 is also pretty boring – you can find 100 gold nuggets per map, but otherwise it is not impressive, diverse or worth exploring. If you’re used to games of a more violent nature, it’s a natural instinct to take a vehicle and test the physics. Well, Farming Simulator 17 is pretty … basic if you give that a go; pedestrians are just ghosts without substance and if you ram a car, the tractor bounces back – the tractor, not the car! But if you want to, you can still have some fun with the physics as the video below shows:

Rabidgames sighs: It takes a special mind to enjoy farming simulators, and yours truly does not possess such a mind. Repetitiveness is fine when you can blow things up, but ploughing, sowing or harvesting is pretty much almost all there is to the game. But there must be an audience, as yet another other farming franchise on the PS4 proves …

Read Dead Redemption 2 Could be Great – Or Just Good …

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So today, some company announced some details for something like a rehashed PS4/Vita remote play thingy … It was a nice little distraction while we were all waiting for the first trailer for the potential game of this generation – Red Dead Redemption 2!

Let’s just start with watching this one minute long Western orgasm:

It’s looking great! Sadly, that’s all we know about Red Dead Redemption 2 at the moment – it’s looking great, there are oil fields and trains, and there’s a gang of seven potentially magnificent cowboys riding through gorgeous plains.

But that’s enough to get hyped surely, and knowing Rockstar, we’ll probably stay hyped. And yet, there is one growing shadow of doubt when it comes to how great Red Dead Redemption 2 could turn out to be – and Red Dead Redemption Online!

How comes? Well, look at GTA V. It’s a great game, true, but or rather BUT, post-release, pretty much nothing got invested into the single player, Rockstar threw everything at GTA Online, which is a perennial cash cow now. Now, imagine Rockstar focussing on Red Dead Redemption Online now, neglecting the campaign – is that unthinkable? Especially after the first announced feature was PS4 exclusive online stuff?

`To be fair though, Rockstar put lots of effort into remaking GTA V for the next generation and for PC, it looks better and a few things were added – like getting so high you can fly as a seagull and shit on the world. But surely, the question of who will be Rockstar’s the favourite child, the older single player dude who likes to tell you long stories of violence and crimes with quite a bit of sarcasm, or the younger wild kiddo always asking for fun with his posse … the answer to this question will define if Red Dead Redemption 2 is either a true great one – or just a good game.

Rabidgames wants to be an optimist: Even if we’re looking at it pessimistically, chances are the campaign will turn out to be great, simply because it’s Rockstar. And by the way, waiting so long would be sweeter with a remastered Red Dead Redemption on this generation – a proper remaster, not the PS Now shit please – and why not on the PC, too? Come on, Rockstar!


Mod support for Skyrim on PS4?

Posted in The Latest on October 5, 2016 by Rabidgames

According to an article on Bethesda’s website, Sony caved in and seems to be allowing mods for Skyrim and later also for Fallout 4 now. Hoo-fucking-ray!!!

But so far, there is no tornado sweeping through the net with this news, there is no rapture echoing through gaming forums, there is no collective fist-pumping of PS4 gamers to be seen, so it should be taken carefully and without too much enthusiasm, but either it’s true, it’s a hoax by hackers or Bethesda is trolling us – well, the latter would probably be a pretty dumb thing to do …

Rabidgames is waiting: What’s true? We’ll see … Fingers crossed Sony has seen reason!

Update: While it is now confirmed mods WILL be allowed in the PS4 version, there is quite a catch – it will be impossible “to upload external assets with your PlayStation 4 mods”, meaning no Fallout weapons in Skyrim and vice versa. Well, better than nothing, but it might still be worth to see if we can get the full mode experience on the One!

How Sony is losing A War Already Won

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Sony, a word! We got a problem. You wiped the floor with Microsoft, remember how we laughed and share jokes and had fun back then? They were praising always-online, Kinect, they lost touch with us – the gamers, the consumers. You stepped in and said your console is “for the players”!

We believed you, Sony, we did. We were grateful. But now, we have stopped believing you. Why? Oh, there are quite a few reasons to be suspicious of you, old friend:

Take PSN Now for example. All those games you had fun with on your PS3, good news is, we can play them again on your PS4 – bad news though, we have to pay for them once more. Really! Meanwhile look at the backwards compatibility introduced for the One; every game supported by it only requires you to put in the disc once, and voilà, they can stream the game instantly – no extra cost included. On top of that, every 360 game on Gold is made backwards compatible and playable as well, while the PS3 games on PSN+ are just for our PS3 …

Speaking of PSN+, remember Sony announcing to raise the price for PSN+ – for nothing in return? Yes, we still get shitty download speeds, a broken infrastructure on the PS3 (navigating the Store there is a nightmare) and as usual, no news about any improvements. But at least we got better “free”* games for October with the Resident Evil remake and Transformers Devastation on offer. At least times of these fucking super-cheap 2D rogue-like pixelated games seem to be finally over!

Denying us mods in Fallout 4 and Skyrim … man, that’s probably the bitterest pill to swallow here, old friend – if you have a Xbox One, you can enjoy mods in both games, as simple as that – but Sony, oh no, Sony seems to be insisting on being a fucking dumbass party pooper, yelling “thanks for your money, now bugger off” at all of us. What the hell? There’s not even an explanation from you, mate! Don’t you think you owe us that at least?

It is clear now that No Man’s Sky is a train wreck, but after promoting it heavily, Sony now is abandoning No Man’s Sky and leaves the game studio to rot. Hell, Sony, you even hinted youhad nothing to do with the promotion of the game, which seeing you promoted it heavily as an exclusive sounds just like a reeking lie!

Rabdigames wonders: After wiping the floor with Microsoft at the beginning of this generation, Sony, you won the war. But now, it seems FOR THE PLAYERS turned into FUCK THE PLAYERS, and Sony is hellbent on losing all advantages and even the war to Microsoft.

Make no mistakes, Microsoft learned a lot and improved relations with their customers by introducing sensible things like, you know introducing backwards compatibility and promoting and allowing mods in games. And yes, Scorpio looks so much stronger than the useless PS4 Pro already …

So old friend, you know we spent generations together, but one last question: Sony, do you even still care about us, or have you abandoned us like you abandoned Non Man’s Sky?

*Disclaimer: Don’t let Microsoft and Sony fool you, the monthly games are not, and have never been “free”. Whatever anyone says, first you pay the subscription, then, and only then, you’re allowed to play them – as long as your subscription is active. Clearly, this is not the definition of “free”, right?