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Sleeping Dogs shows off driving skills

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We have known for a while Sleeping Dogs (previously known as Activision’s True Crime Hong Kong) will be an open world game set in Hong Kong. Now we get to see a shiny trailer which shows off the gaming mechanics of Sleeping Dogs:

It looks solid and packed with action, oh yes. But Rabidgames wonders – is “ramming” really a unique feature?
Who knows?

Rabidgames says: Yep, it looks solid and fun. If you like open world or sandbox games in the vein of the good old GTA PS2 games Sleeping Dogs should definitely be on your radar.

The D is back!

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Yes, it might not really belong here.
There is hardly a connection to video games to be found – unless we count the excellent action adventure/RTS gem Brütal Legend, of course … which we do now!
Anyways, who cares if the mighty Tenacious D are back?

We even get to know what happened in the last 6 years!
But be careful, it is a rather sad story of pain and loss:

And hell yeah, they have a new album coming as well: Rize of the Fenix will be the third Tenacious D album and it will be released on 15 May. Rejoice!

Rabidgames is excited: Finally, confirmation The D is still alive. It’s time to celebrate!

DLC for Mass Effect 3 – what will we get?

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DLC for Mass Effect 3 is a no-brainer.
We just don’t know what will come. Rabidgames has a look at some options:

1. Multiplayer Stuff

That’s an obvious one. More maps, more skins, more weapons. People actually buy such stuff in return for their money. Why is simply beyond Rabidgames‘ comprehension. Let’s face it: The maps ain’t that different, neither are the weapons. The only intriguing thing in Mass Effect 3‘s case would be amazing characters – and Rabidgames admits: He would pay for a Rachni soldier, the amazing Blasto or a Volus biotic god!
Or maybe Bioware plays smartly and combines MP DLC with some solid SP content for Mass Effect 3.

2. Retaking Omega

Yes, we’re already working for Aria. Yes, there are some sound files in Mass Effect 3 dealing with Omega. So it won’t come as a surprise when this DLC will be revealed. And please, give us Omega as a second hub. The Citadel alone is simply not enough.

3. A new ending

That the big one, the one we’re all hoping for. Just one thing – Rabidgames bets it won’t be free so the next shitstorm is guaranteed.

4. A Batarian squad mate

The Batarians were gone before they had a chance. But what if we could play a Batarian who joins Shepard and gets us a nice war asset for our Mass Effect 3 endgame? Remember not all Batarians are scum: Garrus hired one for his Archangel operations. There’s hope for something new and fresh.

5. Blasto!

Now THAT would be awesome. Who would not want to shoot his way through criminals as Blasto, the Hanar version of Sledge Hammer? If you don’t know what Rabidgames is talking about, better check out the Citadel thoroughly.

6. Some vehicle

The Mako wasn’t the best vehicle, but the Hammerhead in Mass Effect 2 was shit. Chances are we get something new in Mass Effect 3 – but can we really expect a decent vehicle? Time will tell …

Rabidgames hopes: More Shadow Broker than Firewalker, more Kasumi than Zaeed please.

Prey 2 cancelled?

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There are rumours buzzing through the net that the promising shooter Prey 2 has been cancelled.
Rabidgames is sad, really sad.


For once, Prey 2 looked superb. Rabidgames is not talking about graphics, he’s talking about gameplay: Instead of your usual FPS action, Prey 2 would allow for different strategies. And who would not want to be a intergalactic headhunter?

Watch some gameplay impressions here:

Another thing is – after Skyrim, we thought Bethesda would be one of the good guys (no Day 1 DLC, no online pass, no pre-order crap). Well, it seems we were wrong if the rumours are true. If you think Bethesda now, put them in a box with the likes of Activision, EA and Ubisoft – just walk the beaten paths where money is guaranteed to shine.

For some reason, developers shy away from games with different perspectives simply because they could fail – could! They don’t even know. But when Capcom decides to make a bland shooter out of Resident Evil 6 simply because drones buy Call of Duty  so they are “destined” to buy the next bland FPS … we shouldn’t be surprised any more …

Rabidgames hopes: The demise of Prey 2 has not been confirmed so all’s not lost yet. Even if Bethesda turns cuntish and cancels Prey 2 there might be another publisher jumping in – if we’re lucky (hello Square Enix, care to adopt another abandoned franchise?). But one thins is clear to see – the video game industry might thrive financially but the creative future looks pitch black.

Finally, the gaming media show their true colours!

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It only took a botched ending of a blockbuster game.
Obviously, Rabidgames is talking about the lacklustre ending of Mass Effect 3.

What happened?

As soon as the first complaints from fans trickled in, no one cared. But then, the fans united.

The result: The gaming media are showing us where their loyalty lies: With publishers.

What a surprise now!
The same magazines that gave Mass Effect 3 glorious praise all over without even mentioning the ending farce (probably they never played through Mass Effect 3 in its entirety), the same magazines heavily advertising Mass Effect 3, are jumping to aid Bioware against the “entitled” fans all of a sudden …


Well, first, they cover their inability to detect the weak ending of Mass Effect 3 by defending “artistic integrity” and such. Ultimately, they just defend themselves (had they done their job properly there would have been reports of the useless ending in the reviews). Why no one is asking uncomfortable questions is beyond Rabidgames.

Second and far worse, many, many gaming magazines have revealed their true colours: Those smarmy gaming “journalists” don’t give a krogan’ shit about us gamers or about their supposed job to report objective facts about games – no, they feel “entitled” to protect the poor, poor publishers – and then they try to convince their readers, aka us, that we are nothing but spoilt, annoying little brats. How dare we criticise a game?

This leads to pamphlets like this:
Game Informer tried to play clever by making fun of the fans (admittedly, some over-reacted slightly). For some reason, they also put in this seemingly ridiculous statement:
All Mass Effect DLC should be released on day one, should be free, and should be distributed on the game disc.
Excuse Rabidgames – but it used to be exactly like this 10 years ago! Back then, we bought a game, we got ourselves a full, complete game! Stop defending greedy DLC, for fuck’s sake!

Rabidgames shudders: We can learn one thing from the despicable stance of many gaming magazines: They don’t exist to give us objective information, they don’t depend on us reading them. Instead, they are nothing more than a thinly disguised mouthpiece of the big publishers. We might have sensed it before (supreme ratings for big games with heavy ads) but know we know.

Mass Effect 3 and a new ending – but was it planned all along?

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Apparently, the shitstorm has prevailed: Bioware seems to finally buckle to the millions and millions of enraged gamers demanding a proper and true ending for Mass Effect 3.

So, have we won? Have you won? Has Rabidgames won?

At first glance, it is a victory of “entitled” gamers.
They lay siege on Bioware’s forum, they raised money for charity (although Penny Arcade’s new policy is not being “used for others’ attentions again” – that move seems weird at best), yes, they accomplished something.
Bioware issued the following statement regarding some closure in Mass Effect 3:

“Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey.”

Well, let’s overlook the weird double speak “game content initiative” for a second … let’s assume we’ll eventually get what we’ve been craving for – closure. But how? Surely, it means DLC for Mass Effect 3, and surely, we’ll have to pay for it.

Have we really won?

Take a close look at the ending of Mass Effect 3. There are some events which cannot be explained with the indoctrination theory (Normandy fleeing the battle, the destruction of the mass relays). Whatever you can come up with, the puzzle is still missing some pieces. How is this possible?

This makes Rabidgames think: What if it was EA’s and/or Bioware’s plan all along to give us the real Mass Effect 3 ending via DLC? What if we have been fooled big time? Fuck, we did them a big favour by publicly demanding closure! If Bioware have indeed been plotting to release the proper closure via DLC we just gave them what they needed: Acceptance for story-driven DLC.

What does it mean?
Bioware and EA might be able to save themselves by giving us what we want – even if we have to pay for it!
That’s something new – gamers asking to get relieved of cash – in return for the ending that should have been there from the start!
Rabidgames says – that’s a terrible precedence!

We’ll see where we’ll go from here.

Rabidgames predicts: This shitstorm proved one thing – companies can get away with everything if they just play their cards right. Kudos to Bioware for making us believe we need a proper ending so much we’ll gladly pay for it. Shame on us for being fooled though!

Mass Effect’s 3 ending – WTF?

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Obviously, spoiler alert for the Mass Effect 3 endgame and stuff.

Don’t get Rabidgames wrong – Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game and a unique experience of storytelling, combined with some harsh storytelling which makes you doubt your decisions – but this “ending” … it’s simply unacceptable.

Excuse Rabidgames but what the hell happened there?

How in the galaxy did Bioware come up with … this excuse for an ending?

First of all: Shouldn’t an ending bring closure? This one surely doesn’t!
On the contrary, Bioware pulls the deus ex machina and debuts a new character, hell, even a new race in the last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3.

Actually, this character gives you interesting choices and there are tons of theories about the choices – some argue the whole Citadel sequence is not real and Shepard has been indoctrinated.
Anyway, up until you choose, it’s not too bad. People would have accepted it, Rabidgames accepted it.

Shit starts to hit the fan right afterwards:

No matter what you do, all mass relays will be destroyed. Why? Bioware knows. No explanation given.

The Normandy stopped fighting the Reapers, fucks off and eventually strands on an alien planet. Why? No one knows!

Obviously, your amassed readiness points play a role in the Destroy ending – but elsewhere? Fuck knows!

See, Rabidgames’ problem is closure, not the rather unfortunate ending itself (happy endings suck, anyways). We need explanations for our questions – and those three ones above are just the tip of the iceberg! And it is dumb, ignorant and outright insane to expect fans to be happy with either Bioware writers explaining the ending to us (why not implementing it into Mass Effect 3 in the first place?) or Bioware giving us a DLC with the proper ending (again, why not implementing it into Mass Effect 3 in the first place?). Let’s face it, Bioware fucked it up big time. There’s no other explanation.

We’ve accompanied our personal Shepard for three games, hundreds of hours, we’ve seen friends die, races extinguished … and get nothing. Hell, the worst thing is that brain-dead “buy some DLC” message right after the credits. Fuck off!

Rabidgames fumes: Throughout the last weeks, Bioware has suffered an relentless onslaught of disappointed fans, including bizarre stuff like raising money for a DLC ending or suing Bioware for breaching promises or something. While those actions seem odd at best, gamers have a point – that’s no ending! Bioware, you failed. Miserably. Your’re not worthy of ascension, that’s for sure!

Johnny Gat is back … kinda

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Look what we get today: Saints Row The Third‘s DLC Trouble with Clones is online.

Our dear friend Johnny Gat is back – well his DNA is, at least.
Watch the trailer to have a look at some insanity to be spread across Steelport very soon:

Rabidgame says: It looks good, it looks fun – but how much content will we get? Let’s hope it’ll be more than just half an hour of insane fun …

Sleeping Dogs or Finally a good True Crime game?

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The question is: Should we curse or thank Activision for burying True Crime: Hong Kong?

On the one hand, it just shows how greedy and disgusting Activision has become – everything that does not shit dollars or vomits pounds must be shot dead and left to rot. On the other hand though, it might be released earlier now than it would have been had Activision had the game in its ugly clutches … although the price is the new name Sleeping Dogs.

Now, Square Enix has the chance to reveal if the True Crime series may rise to gamers’ fame even if it had to change its name (not exactly a tragedy given the luke-warm reception). Word of mouth and some videos give us hope Sleeping Dogs will be better than the abysmal Streets of L.A. and the better yet glitchy and repetitive True Crime: New York. At the very least, we have a unique setting! If you watch this video you can see some solid action, too:

Rabidgames hopes: It’s about time we get to play a traditional sandbox game again. GTA is more a crime simulation these days, while the Saints Row series is completely insane – which is not a bad thing per se, but Saints Row The Third has been neglecting the sandbox roots. Maybe Sleeping Dogs can find a place in the abandoned niche. We’ll see.

Shenmue in HD – Thank you!

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Usually, HD Collections resemble rip-offs rather than presents. But Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 will be different.

First, let’s have a look at the usual suspects:
The Metal Gear Solid collection lacks part 1 which basically kicked off the success. Same goes for the Silent Hill HD pack – the best game is missing.

Especially Sony seems to like making gamers pay for the same games twice:
Remember when they got rid off PS2 backwards compatibility because it was deemed too expensive and the fans might not even want it? 5 years later, Sony enhances the very same games with the letters H and D, and gamers have to buy games a second time. Sounds pretty much like a dick move, doesn’t it?

Plus, as soon as gamers might get something really worth the money, companies such as Konami backs out by stating a HD version of MGS would be too expensive and difficult … so if it is cheap for publishers we are supposed to shell out OUR money for simple ports, yet if it was Konami’s term to make the fans really happy by putting some effort into a complete HD remake of an iconic gaming franchise it’s not worth it? Welcome to 2012, folks.

But there’s hope since Shenmue is different: Who still has a Dreamcast these days? Here, a HD remake makes sense.

This particular HD collection really seems to be a present worth the money. Games should be fan service, not fan exploitation. Of course, even this DH collection comes with a price. Allegedly, Sega has been sitting on its HD remakes of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 for a year now, waiting for something great to happen. What has been going on there?

For those of you who have never heard of Shenmue, watch this trailer:

In short, Shenmue is the virtual father of both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain – except Shenmue is bigger in scale and actually focused on gameplay. It was also one of the first true sandbox titles, giving players lots of time to do whatever they wanted in a big environment. Unfortunately, Shenmue also “invented” the most annoying festering gaming disease as it is known today: QTE!

We might find out soon if Shenmue can still stand the test of time …

Rabidgames wants: Back in the day, Shenmue was a pretty unique experience. It doesn’t matter what you think about HD collections in general, it doesn’t matter why Sega felt the need to hold back the games – bottom line is we will all be glad to be able to play them once more!