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Watch Dogs Welcomes us to Chicago

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Now, is Rabidgames the only one who thinks of GTA IV when watching the new Watch Dogs trailer? At least the first minute or so looks and feels like a reminiscence to getting introduced to Liberty City … but hopefully, Watch Dogs will have more to do than Rockstar’s metropolis teeming with NPCs but devoid of sandbox things to do (to be fair, let’s not forget Rockstar made more than up for it with GTA V) …

You can have a look at Watch Dog’s latest trailer here … makes you wonder if there’ll be a CM Punk easter egg in the game …

Rabidgames hopes: Chances are Watch Dogs becomes a graphic yet hollow beauty with no fun beneath the shiny looks. However, knowing Ubisoft’s ingenuity to give us worlds full of life, enemies and several approaches to take enemies’ lives (or money), chances are good Watch Dogs becomes a masterpeice in sandbox gameplay as well. Rabidgames cannot wait to arrive in Chicago, that’s for sure!

Rabidgames is Weak … and bought South Park: The Stick of Truth

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Shame on Rabidgames!

Previously, Rabidgames complained about Ubisoft’s a******ing “marketing” decision to censor South Park: The Stick of Truth … we know there are two god**** possible reasons (the Germans can be left out since they have their own scandal revolving around the game): Either it’s ******* laziness (instead of giving the Australians an extra version, we all get f***ing censored), or it’s a marketing stunt to p*** off the American market, especially the Christian mother******* at Fox when they realise they have abortion mini-games in the U.S. – we’ll see …

Oh, if you want to know what exactly is censored in the d***ed down PAL versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth, look here:

So, why did Rabidgames cave in and bought  The Stick of Truth? Well, we can talk about conflicting principles: NOT SUPPORTING voluntary censorship (to save some money probably) or SUPPORTING a crude, violent and hilariously st**** game full of swear words and political correctness shoved up the a** of every moralist c***! Plus, whenever you watch or hear about a scene from the game, it makes every South Park fan want to insta-buy it. Let’s see … fighting as dwarves between a copulating couple. Or you just fart (right analog stick up) at every person you see and listen to the hilarious comments. Hint: Try farting in front of Cartman’s mum! ’nuff said, right?

You see, Rabidgames simply could not resist that sweet temptation anymore … and so far, it has been worth it for sure!

On a side note: South Park: The Stick of Truth is the first full-priced game Rabidgames bought from on demand … because it simply is 40 quid – same price as, and cheaper than f***ing GAME. Now we’re talking, folks.

Rabidgames cannot stop laughing his a** off: Yes, there’s the censorship issue. But then again, there’s jokes, insiders and nods to games and culture literally everywhere in the game, and it’s a game which is simply fun – well, if you happen to like South Park’s humour at least.

Disclaimer: Due to marketing reasons, this post was f***ing censored.

World of Tanks or Fuck That Matchmaking

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Remember when Rabidgames wondered about the longevity of World of Tanks? Well, yours truly is close to a tipping point!

Why? Here we go!

1. Incredibly stupid team members. Seriously, even Thief’s dumb AI would be smarter than some numbfucks in World of Tanks! Basically, you know you’ll lose if your own team starts shooting houses or the air after two seconds! Hint: Enemy artillery can see you … More often than not, the first 2 minutes give you a prediction about the outcome of the match.
You might as well drive down a cliff …

2. The wrong map for the wrong tank. Seriously, we can’t we choose any fucking map? It’s 20fucking14!

3. The servers. Yes guys, it is F2P, but disconnections or horrible lags in every third match at times? Come on! And why do us Europeans end up on some NA servers?

4. That fucking matchmaking! So, here we are, Rabidgames with his brand-new level 3 Marder II Tank Destroyer. Let’s roll – but what’s that? Level 5 tanks ALL THE FUCKING TIME? You scratch them, they one-hit kill you. Nice. If everything else on the battlefield hits harder, sees farther and moves faster than you, you might as well put down the controller. Seriously, how fucked can the matchmaking be?

Rabidgames swears: Well, fucking bullshit describes it very well. If the most fun is to be had in level 1 and 2 battles, we have a serious problem on our hands. 80% of the time, you either kill off the opposition quickly or you are killed off quickly. While there is some fun in winning, of course, it has nothing to do with strategy or skill … pure luck of the matchmaking is hardly motivating …