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Dragon’s Dogma’s Nemesis Slain or Fuck the Ur-Dragon

Posted in Played & Explained with tags , on January 15, 2013 by Rabidgames

Boasting time.

Finally, Rabidgames has done it. He slayed the Ur-Dragon, the most powerful fiend in Dragon’s Dogma. After 150 hours. Well, technically, Rabidgames has only slain the second toughest boss: He killed the Ur-Dragon offline. So, yeah, it’s rather a meek boasting. A level 90 assassin (called Shadowbane), 2 ranger pawns and a mage main pawn did the trick (although the party was far from perfect and the rangers were more occupied with running around and dying than actually fighting and hitting the hearts).

It was also proof focussing on magick early on is not the way to go in Dragon’s Dogma; Shadowbane has terrible offensive stats other than magic and the same can be said for defense. That’s why slaying the Ur-Dragon took a whopping 150 minutes, almost the length of The Hobbit.

At least, Rabidgames found a neat trick to destroy the two hearts at the Ur-Dragon’s wings (climbing and Hundred Kisses won’t work there): Equipping yourself with Blast Arrows is the easiest and quickest way to make those damn hearts stop glowing.

Rabidgames sighs: Well, that was step one. Step two, the online Ur-Dragon. But first, a bit of levelling up seems like a good idea. Damn you Dragon’s Dogma, you adamant thief of time! It’s a good thing it’ll be a while until the next wave of new games hits home …