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Saints Row goes Musical … Featuring Johnny Gat!

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Well, not many words needed here. Just watch!

Saints Row IV or More Insanity, More Fun?

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From the newbie in a small-time gang to the president of the US of Asskickers … Saints Row seems to be the embodiment of the wildest American dreams … After the first hour of Saints Row IV, you’ll have kicked a dozen terrorist butts, witnessed an alien invasion, broke free of the matrix to be cast into another matrix, and you’ve obtained super powers.

Yes, Saints Row IV, is way more insane and over-the-top than Saints Row The Third, but because of the Matrix back story, it works way better. If you have a simulation instead of the real world, there’s no need to raise an eyebrow because of illogical situations (remember attacking the weapons depot, stealing tons of weapons via helicopter and then hiding all of that within a small flat without anybody realising?), which means everything is possible – and will be done! One of the things Saints Row IV does best is making gentle fun of everything – be it The Matrix (the setting, of course), Mass Effect 3 (you have “romance options”, loyalty missions and two ridiculously stupid coloured choices at one point), Men in Black (a nice little weapon), various stealth games … oh, and the Saints Row franchise itself.

Thanks to popular demand, Shaundi is back in Saints Row IV – you know, the fun-loving dreadlock Shaundi, not her fucking yuppie self (although she’s still there, too). Then there’s Keith David, who now stars as himself – and is well aware of the fact he also voiced that traitor Julius and Captain Anderson in Mass Effect. Oh, and there are rumours Johnny Gat might be back from the dead …

So, how about the gameplay fun? Well, after the amazing set of opening missions and arriving in Stilwater, you acquire your first super powers, and Steelport is your sandbox to wreak havoc and mayhem in. Oh, and super means super in Saints Row IV – if you have a night out with three of your homies with super powers (gained via loyalty missions), no one stands a chance against your powers, which can be combined and upgraded. Well, maybe bosses can. Sadly, boss battles are nothing but wars of attrition – you have to repeat the same action over and over again, especially against shielded enemies. Also, the new system is crap: Because a Warden (an alien boss monster) appears as soon as you reach the maximum level, all-out wars are a thing of the past. If you defeat it, everything gets set to zero. Sucks.

Thanks to your super powers, cars, and to lesser degree, flying things, are now a thing of the past. Why use them if you can jump or sprint quicker? That makes car customisation basically useless. Even piloting a flying saucer is not that much quicker anymore …

Main missions are fun and vary a great deal (recruiting your friends in unique ways – wait until you see Asha’s nod to Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex & Co., while Pierce’s involves a massive load of Saints Flow …), while side missions are confined to loyalty missions and the combination of activities coupled with a nice extra as incentive. While the annoying activities such as Escort or Snatch are thankfully out, there are now way too many platforming acitvities in Saints Row IV – and if you happen to hate platforming, like Rabidgames does, you’re not too happy with it.

To sum it up, is full price for Saints Row IV justified? Well, it’s the same world, same engine, same cars (then again, look at FIFA, the WWE games or the decade-old Call of Duty engine). On the other hand, there are refined super powers, new weapons, nice ideas and two Shaundis! At the end of the day, it’s all about fun, and there’s plenty of that to be had in Zinyak’s Steelport.

Just one thing: Do not expect anything like GTA anymore. Saints Row IV is basically a Prototype/Crackdown/Matrix/Mass Effect (and then some) love child – but no one knows who the father was … In a nutshell, it’s the Naked Gun of video games.

Rabidgames relaxes: After Saints Row The Third’s shallow, lifeless world and at times dull story, Saints Row IV strikes back with a narrative that allows illogical events and outlandish ideas. And it works perfectly fine. The characters seem to be more than the templates in the predecessor, and even the world feels more alive, mostly thanks to the added verticality.

Proof Saints Row IV IS The Better!

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You know, there were people a bit disappointed with Saints Row The Third. You know, the sandbox felt empty, characters were rather dull and one-dimensional, customisation was two steps back … and there was not much to explore in Steelport. And you know, people were worried about Saints Row IV

But calm down, this video proves Saints Row is back – and it packs a punch! On release day (well, at least in NA), gamers have already found an easter egg – a rather tiny one, but hey, does size really matter:

Only time will tell what awaits us in virtual Steelport …

Rabidgames rejoices: It’s stuff like this why we used to love the Saints Row franchise. And even if it has become more outlandish and beyond-the-top, we can hope the fourth game goes back to the roots – at least some steps … But even if it all looks amazing and good, the shadow of GTA V is already looming … will Saints Row IV have the chance to withstand this giant?

Saints Row IV … In The ’50s

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What’s the worst nightmare of the Saints boss? Being trapped in the conservative and clean 1950’s, encaged with trivial chatter and chores – and a boring wife, of course! And oh gosh, no swearing!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Yes, Volition released a video which shows this will happen in Saints Row IV!

One thing’s for sure – Saints Row IV knows neither shame nor boundaries.

Rabidgames shakes his head: There are no words to describe this … situation. No, there ain’t. Or maybe … the game looks like Matrix gone wild!

Independence Day Trailer Shows More Saints Row 4 Insanity

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THQ, pardon, Deep Silver has released a so-called Independence Day Trailer for the upcoming over-the-top rollercoaster Saints Row 4. If you don’t mind interstellar baddies, space battles, tons of violence, some explicit swearing and German subtitles, take a look:

Rabidgames sighs: Damn it, if you want to convince yourself Saints Row 4 won’t be that great you get an awesome trailer like this! Afterwards, the tenor becomes a simple “fuck story, fuck depth, fuck characterisation … just gimme a gun to kill whatever is on the screen”. Mission accomplished, Deep Silver. You bastards!

Another Saints Row IV Trailer, Another Worry Raised

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Well, to make it short, there’s a video from PAX which highlights some of the new stuff in Saints Row IV:

Yes, monster trucks are back in Saints Row IV, and the guitaRPG looks awesome. But unfortunately, that’s about it.

Seriously, it’s too much of everything. That mess is not Saints Row anymore. Superpowers and that focus on melee stuff just looks like the bastard child of Prototype and Crackdown with a postnatal Matrix injection. And worst of all, it all seems terribly random. And really … a dubstep gun? It’s not funny anymore, and it’s not 2012 anymore.

It really seems we’ll get the Saints Row The Third expansion Enter the Dominatrix as full priced game. Great.

Rabidgames is disillusioned: Well, that doesn’t look like the Saints Row we used to love. It looks like a silly montage of reanimated slapstick humour, repeated over and over again. Saints Row IV might willingly pave the way for GTA V to reclaim the sandbox throne – without even putting up much of a fight.

Saints Row IV and the Announcement Trailer

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We’ll be able to delve deep into a world of insane action and over-the-top borderline infantile jokes with Saints Row IV on 23 August! Hooray. All hail the purple dildo!

But … wait a minute. After THQ’s demise, the Saints Row franchise got hawked to Deep Silver. Now, you might have wondered “will Volition be allowed to go ass crazy again” or will Saints Row IV be a tame, politically correct open world adventure where getting the high score means guiding old ladies across busy streets? The answer is – well, check for yourselves:

Phew. It’s still fucking crazy. Sex, drugs, violence, violence and some more violence. The good old Saints Row formula.

But … remember Saints Row The Third. Yes, it was fun. Yes, the gameplay improved vastly. But in terms of story and characters, it was incredibly shallow. Customization was ten steps back from the glorious Saints Row 2. And Steelport felt lifeless and generic. Above all, the thought of the fucking “40 weeks of DLC” still makes Rabidgames mad. Let’s hope Volition adds some depth to the Saints formula. But then again, a good portion of Saints Row IV will probably consist of the canned add-on Enter the Dominatrix, clearly designed for Saints Row The Third. Only time will tell if the same engine and the same base principles allow for a decent experience beyond mere over-the-top action and dick jokes – although there’s nothing wrong with that per se.

One more thought: Is it coincidence Saints Row IV is to be released one month shy of GTA V? Clearly, closer to GTA V would have been a bad idea, and later in the year, with the pending release of the next generation of consoles, worse idea. So maybe summer is the perfect time for Saints Row IV to be released. Let’s just hope the game is finished by then – and please Deep Silver, complete! No more 40 weeks of DLC aka thinly veiled micro-transactions which would have been unlockable rewards in Saints Row 2!

Rabidgames analyses: Saints Row The Third was fun. But it also was a victory of style over substance. Let’s hope Saints Row IV can not only win our hearts and risible muscles, but also our brains.