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The secret squad mate controversy

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , , , , , , on February 24, 2012 by Rabidgames


OK, so you’ve been warned. And oh yeah, RANT WARNING, too.

Has anyone counted how many times Bioware has disappointed lately? Let’s have a look: The pre-order scam with Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age 2, “no multiplayer in Mass Effect 3” to “some multiplayer in Mass Effect 3“, the erstwhile RPG kings developing a RPG where story and choices are optional and so on …

The latest letdown involves the now-not-so-secret-anymore hidden additional team member of Mass Effect 3. We all know by now it is going to be a Prothean. Rabidgames can hear you say “Holy mother of shit! A Prothean. Weren’t they supposed to be extinct? And we can talk to it?” – and yes, it sounds pretty awesome.

There is even a first image of our dear Prothean squad mate (from the Xbox LIVE page that promoted the “From Ashes” DLC):

Also, there is rumour that even the demo of Mass Effect 3 contains some lines from the Prothean – although Rabidgames thinks his Prothean accent might sound a bit odd – but hear for yourselves:

But where’s the letdown? Well, for once, the Prothean is part of the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3 – everyone else will have to pay for it. Nice way to advertise a fucking Day 1 DLC, isn’t it?

And instead of admitting “it’s just for money” or maybe holding their tongue for once, they keep feeding us shit like “certification processes” and the DLC was made after the certification of Mass Effect 3 – when at the same time, the DLC is included for free in the Collectors Edition. So why even mention certification then?

Also, if the Prothean DLC was really made in 2012, how comes his audio files are allegedly to be found in the demo – and how comes he was part of the leaked script as well? Pretty strange now, isn’t it?

Bioware also stated that this piece of DLC was “optional” … just as virtually every DLC in the Mass Effect series so far – except maybe Arrival. Fact is, you won’t understand the beginning of the demo without having played Arrival.  And Lair of the Shadow Broker was quite importan for the Mass Effect lore as well if Rabidgames remembers correctly. And now, Bioware dares to tell us that the chance to talk to an actual fucking Prothean is optional? Hell, the whole series revolves around Protheans! Another Zaeed, another weapon, another armour would have been purely optional, yes – but a living Prothean?

Rabidgames grumbles: As much as many of us are indeed looking forward to get the chance to witness a living Prothean, many still hate the fact we have to pay 8 fucking quids for this “privilege” (unless we ordered the expensive Collectors Edition). Oce again, it is ovious: DLC is a fucking disease and this sympton reeks worse year by year. It’s no wonder many people these days consider Bioware no more as the cool company that loves its customers but rather as EA’s willing slut who will just do anything for money.