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The Insane March Gaming Crunch of 2017

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Usually, we see tons of games released from October to December. But this year, Match seems to be the new November, with quite a few promising titles lined up on the grid. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

March will start with the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn where set in the future, fighting robot animals and mechanic dinosaurs to survive is humanity’s task. Scope and depth are hard to judge for now, but the future past (or past future?) is surely an interesting setting as you can see for yourself.

One week later, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will hit the stores. As Rabidgames has pointed out, Wildlands will be a day 1 purchase because of the beta impressions, so no need to go into detail about the symbiosis of Phantom Pain, Mercenaries, Just Cause and Narcos. Chances are there will also be an open beta shortly before launch!

A few days later, Nier: Automata will arrive. The demo you should totally play promised quite a few interesting things, and the mix of RPG, 2D and 3D brawling and shooting coupled with typical Japanese storytelling surely is intriguing. If for whatever reason (like maybe you don’t have a PS4) you can’t play the demo, that’s what it looks like:

You’re still hungry for games? Well, how about some RPG action, or more precisely, Mass Effect Andromeda? Now we don’t know much about exploring our neighbour galaxy yet apart from our squad, the bad guys and a vague story, and it could well be that Andromeda is more shine than substance, but hey, who can say to have no interest in another Mass Effect? Although the interests of some people are rather weird

For completeness’ sake, Dark Souls 3’s add-on The Ringed City should also be mentioned here. After all, there might be a few of you masochistic souls out there who want to die many times once more.

If you’re in for some delicious swearing, better have South Park: The Fractured But Whole on your radar! If you pre-order, you can also get the hilarious successor The Stick of Truth. But be careful, some retailers give it to you in the box so you get it only by release, not as a download code as soon as you pre-order!

Technically not Match any more, but on 4 April, Persona 5 will ask you to revisit school, but as usual, there will be quite a few extracurricular activities of the RPG realm type. If there’s some time or money left …

Rabidgames wonders: Not only are these plenty of games, no, they all are time-consuming games as well! It’s probably one of the biggest first world problem injustices; either you’re a student and have plenty of time but hardly the money to buy the games you want to play, or you have the cash to buy them but never enough time to play them.

Rabidgames is Weak … and bought South Park: The Stick of Truth

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Shame on Rabidgames!

Previously, Rabidgames complained about Ubisoft’s a******ing “marketing” decision to censor South Park: The Stick of Truth … we know there are two god**** possible reasons (the Germans can be left out since they have their own scandal revolving around the game): Either it’s ******* laziness (instead of giving the Australians an extra version, we all get f***ing censored), or it’s a marketing stunt to p*** off the American market, especially the Christian mother******* at Fox when they realise they have abortion mini-games in the U.S. – we’ll see …

Oh, if you want to know what exactly is censored in the d***ed down PAL versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth, look here:

So, why did Rabidgames cave in and bought  The Stick of Truth? Well, we can talk about conflicting principles: NOT SUPPORTING voluntary censorship (to save some money probably) or SUPPORTING a crude, violent and hilariously st**** game full of swear words and political correctness shoved up the a** of every moralist c***! Plus, whenever you watch or hear about a scene from the game, it makes every South Park fan want to insta-buy it. Let’s see … fighting as dwarves between a copulating couple. Or you just fart (right analog stick up) at every person you see and listen to the hilarious comments. Hint: Try farting in front of Cartman’s mum! ’nuff said, right?

You see, Rabidgames simply could not resist that sweet temptation anymore … and so far, it has been worth it for sure!

On a side note: South Park: The Stick of Truth is the first full-priced game Rabidgames bought from on demand … because it simply is 40 quid – same price as, and cheaper than f***ing GAME. Now we’re talking, folks.

Rabidgames cannot stop laughing his a** off: Yes, there’s the censorship issue. But then again, there’s jokes, insiders and nods to games and culture literally everywhere in the game, and it’s a game which is simply fun – well, if you happen to like South Park’s humour at least.

Disclaimer: Due to marketing reasons, this post was f***ing censored.

South Park: The Stick of Truth CENSORED or Fuck Off, You Sell-Out Cunts

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As might know by now, South Park: The Stick of Truth has been censored in Europe. Why? Well, Ubisoft, and the glorious South Park makers bowed and stripped down to the German (and Australian) nazi-like censorship laws and just censored the game for all PAL regions. The official reason? Well, it seems “this was a market decision.”

Censorship includes, according to Eurogamer:

  • A mini-game in which the doctor is performing an abortion on the player.

  • A mini-game in which the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.

  • Five anal probing scenes involving someone actively being probed. The scenes play out as normal before and after the active probing sequences.

Well, Rabidgames’ official answer to this chickenshit move is “from day 1 purchase to 2nd hand purchase”. If you pussies decide to give up integrity just to save some money and to appease some fascist censorship authorities, Rabidgames decides to show the middlefinger and keep his money in his wallet for now.

Rabidgames demands: People, gamers of the world, unite! Let’s vote with our wallets! If some pussies back down because of marketing fears, let’s not buy the inferior product South Park: The Limp Dock of Cowardice will be for us Europeans and fellow PAL sufferers. Let them suffer. Artistic integrity … Ubisoft’s ass!

The First 13 Minutes of South Park: The Stick of Truth

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Finally, we get to see some gameplay, some mechanics and a plethora of jokes of Obsidian’s and Ubisoft’s long awaited RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth! You can watch the Jew in action here:

Rabidgames laughs: RPG enough? Check. Interesting fighting system? Check. Original graphics? Check. Hilarious South Park humour? Check. Day one purchase? Check.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Delay Hurts … Cause It Looks Awesome!

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As we all know, the ambitious RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth, aka Skyrim with swearwords, bad graphics and jews, has been delayed until March 2014. Shame, but if it’s about a bug free game, all the better.

However, the issue is South Park: The Stick of Truth looks fucking amazing. The game is full of awesome ideas, and it looks like great fun with a South Park twist, as the following seven minutes of hilarity prove:

Rabidgames laughs: Damn, that looks fun. Let’s hope four more months of waiting will result in a polished ride to South Park.

R.I.P. – Rest In Pieces, THQ

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Look at them vultures, hacking out the tastiest chunks of meat from THQ’s fresh corpse. Well, that might be a bleak view, but let’s face it: Hundreds of people are going to join the dole queue soon – including those working for Darksiders dev Vigil Games. Yep, it’s a shame, especially because most people affected by THQ’s bust are not even remotely to blame for it … thanks to our share holder driven free markets, it’s always the poor who get to bite the dust while the fat cats responsible for the mess keep drinking their finest wines in their châteaus …

Alright, alright, let’s slowly walk away from Rabidgames’ socialist agenda … back to THQ and the repercussions of the official funeral party; first, there is a silver lining beyonf the tombstone – neither Activision nor EA will probably get their greedy fingers on promising series!

The big winners aka the most saturated vultures seem to be two big players: Ubisoft managed to acquire South Park: The Stick of Truth, Obsidian’s upcoming dungeon ‘n jews RPG as well as the rights for rather unkown titles such as 1666 and Underdogs (formerly developed by THQ Montreal). Take Two bought the rights to a shooter nicknamed Evolve – and if the rumours are true, also the lucrative WWE games licence (WWE ’15 by 2K does not sound too shabby now, doesn’t it?). Another winner is Koch Media; the publisher most known for the Anno series and the critically underrated Dead Island managed to buy the franchises Metro and Saints Row!Yes, Saints Row went to a rather unknown publisher. That’s interesting, isn’t it? You would have thought the big guns would be more interested in THQ’s flagship …

Oh yeah, the internal record sum of $26.6 mio. was paid by Sega for the games from developer Relic, probably the coming Company of Heroes 2 was responsible for the steep price – but it could have been the Warhammer licence, too. Crytek bought Homefront 2, a game they are already developing. Sadly, Vigil Games and the Darksiders series did not find a buyer although Platinum Games seem to be interested to turn Darksiders into another Bayonetta clone.

Rabidgames wonders: Now, what does all of this mean? Fuck knows! Maybe some games will be late, maybe some series will be canned or heavily altered. Who knows. And one more question: What about hibernating franchises such as Destroy all Humans, Red Faction, and of course, Summoner? At the end of the day, it’s still a shame to see THQ torn to pieces. There are many fond memories of days spent with your games. Farewell, dear old friend.

The Stick of Truth Hurts

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At least those with a politically correct mind.

If you’re not, you’ll enjoy that insanely hilarious new trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth, THQ’s and Obsidian’s RPG adventure in Colorado’s most famous town:

As it seems, the weird story of seems to be about a simple stick humans and elves have been fighting for since the dawn of time … or something.

We can also choose between the following classes in South Park: The Stick of Truth: Warrior, Paladin, Princess Kenny, Fat Grand Wizard … and High Jew Elf! Sadly, we don’t get to see any gameplay material.

Rabidgames prepares some spells: If it is done right, South Park: The Stick of Truth could become an amazing RPG which combines Lord of the Rings, South Park and maybe even some Star Trek … if THQ gets it right. Please, we want the complete game at launch, not 40 biblical weeks of DLC crap!