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That Fucking Far Cry 3 QTE Boss Fight … And A Solution

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , , on December 12, 2012 by Rabidgames

Obvious bossy spoilers ahead!

Boy, what did Ubisoft think? Why taking the fun out of Far Cry 3 in such an important moment?
QTE boss fights while dreaming/high on all drugs that exist are shit. Utter shit. Well, it’s mostly that fucking QTE part which stinks (yes, Lollipop Chainsaw, Rabidgames spits at you).

Anyway, the Vaas fight was alright, but that Hoyt fight is QTE fucking galore. One mistake, you’re fucked. It makes you want to break your Far Cry 3 copy into smithereens! But don’t panic, Rabidgames has the solution.

Here’s the button combinations you have to press when QTEing Hoyt to death (/ indicating some chatter. Oh, the Y is optional):

There’s even a youtube video, just in case you’re still overwhelmed by those flashy buttons blinking too quickly (the QTE relevant stuff starts after 5 minutes):

Rabidgames spits: To be fair, that fucking stupid QTE battle does not ruin Far Cry 3. But it’s utter bullshit. There is this Tony Montana lookalike and his huge compound … the perfect ingredients for an epic battle against hundreds of goons – and then you get to the big boss himself who greets you with his little friends … But no, instead we are punished with some fucking QTEs … Seriously, the next game with QTE boss battles should get castrated!

Oh, and then, there’s that ending … but let’s vent our unholy wrath on that another time …