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Shenmue or Why some Glitches Should Stay …

Posted in Commentary, Gaming these days ... with tags , , on September 13, 2018 by Rabidgames

You’ve probably heard about the Shenmue remaster, that transports a game to this generation that is stuff of legends. Back then, the open world of Shenmue wasn’t famous for its size but for its continuity. No markers, you had to follow signs or what people told you. You couldn’t even fast-forward time all the time, so you had to find things to do to pass the time. And sadly, Shenmue also introduced, or at least popularised, a prime scourge of gaming. No, not micro-transactions, those came way, way later. Quick time events. Those fucking excuses for gameplay.

And these days, Shenmue is a sometimes burdensome but mostly wonderful anachronism. And more. It feels like the blueprint for Yakuza, yes. And yeah, sadly quick time events. Urgh. Anyway, the main thing about Shenmue is its deceleration. In this, it is pretty similar to Life is Strange. Why be in a rush? Sometimes, you just take your time. And sit back to look at things. Just breathe.

Oh, and the remaster isn’t without glitches though, which is a shame. But, Shenmue also offers an amazing audio glitch. Or perhaps this street really is haunted …

Let’s find out by playing the game, shall we?

Shenmue in HD – Thank you!

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Usually, HD Collections resemble rip-offs rather than presents. But Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 will be different.

First, let’s have a look at the usual suspects:
The Metal Gear Solid collection lacks part 1 which basically kicked off the success. Same goes for the Silent Hill HD pack – the best game is missing.

Especially Sony seems to like making gamers pay for the same games twice:
Remember when they got rid off PS2 backwards compatibility because it was deemed too expensive and the fans might not even want it? 5 years later, Sony enhances the very same games with the letters H and D, and gamers have to buy games a second time. Sounds pretty much like a dick move, doesn’t it?

Plus, as soon as gamers might get something really worth the money, companies such as Konami backs out by stating a HD version of MGS would be too expensive and difficult … so if it is cheap for publishers we are supposed to shell out OUR money for simple ports, yet if it was Konami’s term to make the fans really happy by putting some effort into a complete HD remake of an iconic gaming franchise it’s not worth it? Welcome to 2012, folks.

But there’s hope since Shenmue is different: Who still has a Dreamcast these days? Here, a HD remake makes sense.

This particular HD collection really seems to be a present worth the money. Games should be fan service, not fan exploitation. Of course, even this DH collection comes with a price. Allegedly, Sega has been sitting on its HD remakes of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 for a year now, waiting for something great to happen. What has been going on there?

For those of you who have never heard of Shenmue, watch this trailer:

In short, Shenmue is the virtual father of both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain – except Shenmue is bigger in scale and actually focused on gameplay. It was also one of the first true sandbox titles, giving players lots of time to do whatever they wanted in a big environment. Unfortunately, Shenmue also “invented” the most annoying festering gaming disease as it is known today: QTE!

We might find out soon if Shenmue can still stand the test of time …

Rabidgames wants: Back in the day, Shenmue was a pretty unique experience. It doesn’t matter what you think about HD collections in general, it doesn’t matter why Sega felt the need to hold back the games – bottom line is we will all be glad to be able to play them once more!