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Mass Effect 3’s Omega or No Thanks!

Posted in News with tags , , , , , on November 28, 2012 by Rabidgames

So, one of the world’s most-hated couples, Bioware and EA, have released Mass Effect 3’s latest DLC, Omega. Awesome, isn’t it? No, it isn’t. (By the way, if anyone sees any value in Omega, please feel free to share your thoughts and to nullify this rant.)

Mind you, Rabidgames has not bought Omega and here’s why:
1200 MS points for a couple of hours of nothing more but another collection of the same linear corridors and more of the same shoot-outs?
No thanks!

There are reasons the gaming world has loved, or rather once loved Bioware:
Stories. Characters. Lore.

Throw in Omega, a Mass Effect 3 DLC focusing on combat alone and allegedly neglecting all of the above, and you get a precise definition of Bioware’s new shiny but dull image: The sad descent from the RPG throne to a mere provider of quick-cash services in any way the pimpish mother company sees fit. True, Omega is neither the reason nor the origin (no pun intended here) of Bioware’s downfall, but if we get a loveless DLC where we cannot even revisit Omega after completing it (remember being able to revisit the base after completing Lair of the Shadow Broker?), and then Aria allegedly sitting in her comfy seat in the Purgatory once again afterwards, Omega might be a sure sign of Bioware’s omega – the exodus of the company’s founders surely not the first sign of decline.

As of now, Bioware is on 2 strikes in Rabidgames’ book of gaming violations: First strike was the incredible lazy level design and the absence of almost anything RPG in Dragon Age 2. Second strike was the clusterfuck called Mass Effect 3 – the good (Tuchanka, Rannoch, EDI) and the bad (MP effecting SP, that ending, Priorities Earth & Thessia, most events reduced to mere numbers) almost outweighing each other – but the scale has been tipped by this lame, lazy and loveless piece of DLC. Rabidgames does not even takes into account that Old Republic disaster, and that fucking Command & Conquer F2P travesty to come shall be forgotten, too. But remember, Bioware. 1 more strike, and you’re out!

Rabidgames is sad: Bioware fucked up big time with some decisions for Mass Effect 3. They tried to behave with the Extended Cut, and Leviathan was a tiny, tiny baby step in the right direction. But then we get a costly DLC with nothing but the same linear battles, and worst of all, Omega adds nothing to the game in any way – lore, a new hub, new characters, you name it. It’s a shame how this once beloved company has fallen.

Mass Effect and its incomplete Trilogy bullshittery

Posted in News with tags , , , , , on November 2, 2012 by Rabidgames

Oh boy, it’s Mass Effect time again, which means, EA and Bioware have rightfully deserved another rant from yours truly.

What happened this time?
The greedy bastards have announced the “Mass Effect Trilogy” – you can buy all 3 games at once. So, is it just like another GOTY/Classic/Complete/all-in-one edition, you know, including DLC?

Mind you, we’re talking about BiowarEA here. The very same guys who introduced a reaperfucking Prothean in an expensive (and by no means expansive) DLC pack, who chose to implement multiplayer (including micro-transaction crap) into a singleplayer franchise which influenced our beloved singleplayer experience, and who created a bullshit ending which obviously was the result of some delirious brainstorming of a 12-year old on the crapper.

Anyway, long story short, the Mass Effect Trilogy will contain … well, the 3 core games. DLC? Forget it. IGN has a nice list which shows what each version gets … You’Re done comparing? Yep, 360 gamers are fucked the hardest. No Overlord, no Kasumi, no goddamn Shadow Broker … PS3 gamers can look forward to the irony they’ll get all story DLCs of Mass Effect 2 – except the most important story-related one, Arrival. How the fuck does this even make sense? On another obvious note, Mass Effect 3’s From Ashes won’t be included in any version. What did you expect?

But here’s Rabidgames’ real raging point: That Mass Effect Trilogy will most likely cost the same price on 360 and PS3 – but then, PS3 gamers will get several hours more content. Or if you translate it into money: if 360 gamers want to buy all the DLC packs, they have to shell out additional 2240 Microsoft Points … almost 20 pounds more!
Of course, everyone might end up buying stuff such as Arrival, From Ashes, Leviathan, Omega and so on … It’s safe to say while it’s a good chance for PS3 gamers to finally play the original Mass Effect, PC and 360 gamers should stay away from that daylight robbery.

Then again, you might say, BiowarEA need the money … after all, we live in hard times, we all suffer a financial crisis, don’t we all have bills to pay, and the bosses might need golden swimming pools … But wait a minute! If EA really needs our money that bad, aren’t they shit at planning then?

Just look at The Witcher 2: An independent studio can manage to release a game on PC, release it for the 360 a year later, including free(!) DLC, and the PC gamers get the updates and DLC for free(!) as well. How on earth can they pull it off? If a small Polish developer can pull this off without going out of business, why can’t the big dogs?

Rabidgames rages: Seriously, fuck Mass Effect. BiowarEA have managed to collect more negativity around the series in 2012 than everyone thought was ever possible. And they’re still going on and on. And the worst thing is, there are still people out there – gamers, not PR cunts – who fucking defend EA for greedy bullshit like this! That’s the worst of it! Expect many copies of the Trilogy rip-off to be sold.

Mass Effect taught us one lesson: If you are looking for mature and responsible customers, don’t bother looking at gamers. It seems the likes of EA, Activision and Ubisoft have brought up a generation of brainless moronic drones who drool over shelling ever more money for stuff that should have been included from the beginning in the first place. And there is no end in sight!