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Capcom’s Re-releasing Strategy is missing One Game …

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , , on February 25, 2016 by Rabidgames

So, Capcom announced they’re going to re-release yet more Resident Evil games … but for fuck’s sake Capcom, who cares, especially about the “fan favourites” 5 and 6?

You know Capcom, you have one gem in your inventory, one diamond that has just been released for PC … you know that one game that made people believe in you again?

Yes, Rabidgames is talking about Dragon’s Dogma, which was a rough diamond as we all know; beneath technical imperfections lay tons of innovative and addictive gameplay. So Capcom, for the love of the Arisen, learn from the fact the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma made you a shitload of money, and re-release it for the PS4 and the Xbox One already!

It’s a win-win situation for all involved – you make money, we get Dragon’s Dogma 2 – deal?

Rabidgames hopes: Here’s hoping Capcom puts one and one together and we get a Dragon’s Dogma release on current consoles a game that runs fluently and without glitches. But furthermore, a game that will be as much fun as it was last generation! The pawns are waiting, Capcom … now MAKE IT HAPPEN!


An open letter to Capcom

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , on March 1, 2015 by Rabidgames

Dear Capcom,

you utterly disgust Rabidgames! 28 “Add-Ons” for Resident Evil Revelations 2 part 1? 28 packs off DLC that was cut out of the game? That alone puts Rabidgames off buying it, thanks. Who wants to play a hollowed-out version of a short game? How can anyone in the world with a sane mind think twenty-fucking-eight DLC for one part of an episodic game is a good idea? For our sake, we must stop a) buying these hollow games in general b) buying such DLC rip-offs c) buying Capcom games it seems.

On top of that, Revelations 2 doesn’t even look interesting. Yes, it seems to be better than the Call of Duty clone that was Resident Evil 6, but a PS3 game upgraded to the PS4 yet the graphics staying the same, and yet the same co-op mechanics again (and not even local co-op on the PC) … meh. Not good enough. Try harder, Capcom, for your own sake!

Fucking hell, it really seems Dragon’s Dogma will stay your only relevant game since ages and until forever …

Sincerely not yours,
A former fan

The Resident Evil 6 Demo or That’s It?

Posted in Played & Explained with tags , , , , on July 7, 2012 by Rabidgames

Alright, Rabidgames gave in to the temptation and gave the demo for Capcom’s upcoming action zombie game Resident Evil 6 a try. Capcom actually felt quite generous and gave us three different scenarios which can also be played online with a friend. But let’s cut down to the decisive question what will the future of Resident Evil hold – a survival horror experience or just an trite shooter?

Let’s have a look at the scenarios:

Leon. His demo campaign seems to be good old fashioned Resident Evil. Lots of navigating (sometimes you’re only allowed to walk slowly yet nothing happens) through dark corridors in a hotel, some shock effects – and yet, it is nothing special whatsoever. And linear. Incredibly linear. For some obnoxious reason, Leon is not able to move a fallen chair out of the way – or to simply jump over it! What the hell? Also, when he meets an obviously infected girl, he simply waits until she dies, turns into a zombie and kills her father. Guess he has learnt nothing …
Oh, the atmosphere. If you’ve played two survival horror games in your life or if you’ve watched two horror movies, nothing will shock you in Resident Evil 6 (at least in the demo). It’s all obvious and, quite frankly, boring.

Chris. He can jump. That’s quite something. His demo campaign focusses on shooting bad guys. Unfortunately, Gears of Resident Evil 6 is a rather blank bad shooter. You can take cover yet you can’t shoot from cover. Why this? Mind you, the shooting is not necessarily bad, but it’s far from good as well. You can give your team mate instructions, too. However, he’ll decides to tell you “not right now” most of the time. Weird decision.
The weirdest you’ll see in Resident Evil 6 is zombies handling guns. When did this happen? Surely, there must be zombie laws, and surely, Zombie Commandment No. 1 reads “Thou shalt not use guns”.

Jake. In his demo campaign, you run away and fight a powerful boss. Rabidgames tried meleeing enemies which turns out to be more fun than shooting them. Somehow, this part was more about mastering the imprecise controls of Resident Evil 6 than actually fighting the boss. If you die during the boss fight you can be revived by our partner – thankfully.

One more thing. If you die the Resident Evil 6 demo is over. While you can easily die as Jake yet hardly as Chris, Leon has a stupid QTE out of nowhere after walking through the empty hotel for 20 minutes – fail that QTE and it is Game Over. Seriously, Capcom? Are you fucking kidding?

Rabidgames confirms: No, Resident Evil 6 is not classic Resident Evil. It’s a Call of Duty/Gears of War copycat shooter with some Resident Evil leftovers to simply disguise it is nothing more than popcorn action, garnished with QTE. The only thing that could save Resident Evil 6 from mediocrity could be a decent story. But so far, it drowns in the sea of run-of-the-mill shooters. Without the Resident Evil tag, no one would even be trying to keep it afloat.

Dragon’s Dogma’s Patch 1.02 includes Resident Evil 6 Demo – on 360 Only for Now!

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Capcom has released the patch 1.02 for the surprisingly good RPG gem Dragon’s Dogma.
Strangely, patch notes are nowhere to be found yet so it’s anyone’s guess what has changed. Only one thing is for sure though: Xbox 360 gamers and Dragon’s Dogma owners can now play the Resident Evil 6 demo – if they want … PS3 gamers will have to wait until the beginning of September to be able to see if Resident Evil has truly and finally become a mere shooter.

Anyway, some guys on gamefaqs have gathered some information about the patch 1.02, and some of it is just hilarious. Who would have thought you include jiggle mechanics into a patch?

“Carrots no longer sold in infinite quantities in Cassardis.

“Fixed” jiggle mechanics. (Yes, you read that right.)
Elaboration: As far as we can tell so far, there are now three levels of jiggle. When wearing heavy armour, there will be little to no jiggle. With moderate armour, like leathers, the jiggle will be noticeable. With light or no armour on, the jiggle will be all up in your face.

Ranger pawns use all skills at their disposal.(Yup, tenfold arrow baby!)
Elaboration: Prior to this patch, certain skills (namely Heptad Shot and Sixfold Shot, along with both their upgraded versions) tended not to be used by rangers pawns. Some say they used them few and far between, while others claim that they simply were unable to use these skills because of some coding error. Regardless, it’s certainly agreed that prior to this patch the skills were used very little to not at all by pawns. Now rangers will employ all their skills appropriately.”

Rabidgames is undecided: While continuing to play Dragon’s Dogma is a no-brainer, Rabidgames is not sure if he cares enough for Resident Evil 6 to actually give the demo a try.