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Remember Me – Innovation or Stagnation?

Posted in News with tags on February 9, 2013 by Rabidgames

Capcom’s Remember Me surely follows an intriguing idea: Walk around the world (a dystopian New Paris), find your prey, and alter the memories. Altering or “remixing” memories will be a puzzle sequence in someone’s brain (sounds a bit like Inception) where you have to fulfil a certain task, which when fulfilled makes people go nuts. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take a look for yourself:

Looks good, seems interesting, and there’s some stealth and climbing buildings included.  Now, it would be interesting to know if Remember Me features an open world, a semi-open world à la Dishonored, or if it is a strictly linear game. Also, it would be amazing if there were different ways to remix memories …

However, you can also take a look at the one thing Remember Me does not need in a video from VG24/7 – a combat system:

Why? Why oh why does each and every game has to have a fucking combat system? Why not making it an adventure instead? Remember Me does not need a combat system, and dear Ubisoft, I want to be able to finish Watch Dogs without firing a single shot, please. Some settings simply don’t need combat! Back to the Arkham-like combat in Remember Me … alright, building your own combos can be interesting, agreed. We’ll soon see how combat, stealth, climbing, gathering information and remixing memories come together.

Rabidgames remembers: This game seems to be under the radar of many players, and honestly, it could go either way: It might be a stale repica of Assassin’s Creed mixed with some Inception sequences, or it manages to combine those two influences to enhance gameplay. Oh, and a good story would be great, too. We’ll see if Remember Me will live up to its name…