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Rebel Galaxy or A Solo Space Adventure

Posted in Hands On with tags , , on February 6, 2016 by Rabidgames

Imagine you’re Han Solo before getting entangled in that nasty civil war. And imagine there’s no Chewie which is a shame. If you can live without a wookie friend, Rebel Galaxy is your kind of game!

You start out as a rather ignorant nobody in a galaxy far, far away, and at the beginning, you have no clue what’s going on. There are many ship types, lots of different weapons and equipment from the beginning, and the first system alone is vast – and there are a dozen systems in Rebel Galaxy! But pretty soon you get the hang of things, some cash flows in through missions or random encounters in space – you might even want to study the economy in a system and get rich that way – and you get in a nice rhythm of upgrading the ship, completing missions, a bit of mining, and simply cruising around.

From fast frigates to massive dreadnoughts, Rebel Galaxy offers tons of ships for different playstyles. The battles feel like proper sci-fi battles, and while it is weird at first you fire broadsides like in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and you can only navigate in 2D (although fighters can fly in 3D), you’ll get quickly used to it. And as you can see, the space battles looks awesome:

Sure, the gameplay gets a bit repetitive after a while, and you’ll need to quite a few side missions and quite a bit of grinding to afford all the upgrades, and the game is prone to crash at times (here’s hoping for a patch soon), but Rebel Galaxy is the perfect game to relax after one prolonged trip to the Commonwealth or a few rather depressing hours with This War of Mine. It’s a relaxing game after all, and just cruising around exploring space alone can be fun.

Rabidgames rejoices: Rebel Galaxy is a gem out of nowhere and the first positive surprise of the year, and weirdly enough, there has been zero advertising. On consoles, there are hardly any space sims to choose from, so a bit of marketing would have been smarter than just releasing the game quietly. But word of mouth should make sure potential Han Solos find their way into this Rebel Galaxy far, far away …