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When Sony Won!

Posted in News with tags , , , , on June 11, 2013 by Rabidgames

Remember Microsoft’s E3 presentation, when they were avoiding all questions regarding their Big Brother Xbox One?

Well, Sony answered some pressing questions – and everyone loved some answers in particular:

That hurts, Microsoft (or rather Microsmart), doesn’t it? To rub it in, Sony even published a video stating the difficult and technically sophisticated process of borrowing games to your friends:

Rabidgames relaxes: If Sony was telling then truth, the war is already over. Without spying on you, forcing you to authenticate your games each 24 hours and putting restrictions on your right to sell stuff you fucking own, it was an easy win for Sony. Nonetheless, it seems to pay off to listen to us, the customers, not to greedy publishers.

Thank you Sony.

The PS4 Presentation Aftermath

Posted in News with tags , , , , on February 21, 2013 by Rabidgames

First of all, it is interesting to see that a live stream form a company which has been big on streaming services lately is not able to give many a stable stream … guess it ain’t time for that kind of technology yet, is it?

Anyway. In a nutshell, it was a conference with mixed emotions: The good, the bad and the useless.

The Good

But anyway, let’s start with the good news. The best news definitely is Sony’s answer to Eurogamer’s question about blocking used games: It was a million-fold gasp of relief around the world uttered by gamers (and the likes of Gamestop and CEX, of course): We will be able to sell our finished or bad (think about the fraud fiasco involving Aliens: Colonial Marines) PS4 games. Phew.

Remember Nintendo’s disastrous E3 presentation – tech demos, confusion and basically no games shown? Sony delivered here full-scale. And the following games are just the ones announced – think of the rumoured Battlefield 4 or The Last Guardian, which is also in the pipeline … Ubisoft highly anticipated open world hack’n’shoot Watch Dogs looks still impressive, and it looks even better in the gameplay department:

A real surprise was the presentation of a previously unkonwn fantasy game called Deep Down. It looks good, yes. But it also has potential to cream some pants – could it be Dragon’s Dogma 2? There are some similarities to be found when watching the trailer:

There’s more, of course: A race game called Drive Club, the action-platformer Knack, a new Infamous game, the Myst-like open world adventure The Witness, the rather controversial Diablo 3 including 4 player split screen (cheer) and probably the auction milking barn (boo), Bungie’s MMO shooter Destiny and a new Killzone which admittedly looks stunning (just look at how far you can see!):

The Bad

From the looks of it, the PS4 controller has improved – a tiny bit. The analogue sticks look improved. However, those triggers … no Sony, your design is worse than that of the 360 triggers. GET IT! And then, a touchscreen. Why oh why? Let’s hope it can be turned off.

Sadly, no footage of The Last Guardian was shown. The absence of Battlefield 4 did not pain Rabidgames though. But a word of advice to Square Enix: If you have nothing to say or show, stay the fuck away from the stage! Don’t show us some old shit no ones cares about.

The Unnecessary

One word: Move. This motion control crap which has plagued this generation will also plague the next one. Sigh. Even worse, the controller will now have some built-in Move sensors. Sony, why? But even worse, that Kinect rip-off camera thing … Let’s call it Sauron’s, pardon, Sony Eye. What for? “Player identification”? Living room measurements? What the fuck is wrong with both manufacturers? Are there any gamers who want to be watched when playing games? Let’s just hope this CCTV Orwellian big corporate dream is just an optional nightmare.

And now to Sony’s dumbest move. Yeah, let’s eradicate the START and SELECT button. We have a touch screen, after all, haven’t we? But you know … what the gaming world needs is a SHARE button! Seriously Sony, FUCK OFF! Sharing some dumb gameplay videos is deemed more important than pausing a game, and therefore, it deserves a button? Someone there must have lost it completely!

Rabidgames puts aside some money: Yes, there are some terrible flaws which can be seen in the PS4: Touchscreen crap, motion control shit, social media nonsense … But at its gaming core, the PS4 seems to be able to give us what we want: Games. The lineup presented by Sony also shows a diverse mix of games – and some new franchises as well. It is safe to say that Microsoft is on its guard now, and it is even safer that those new games pose a more than serious threat to Nintendo. In all likelihood, the Wii U won’t be able to technically deal with next gen games, and the PS4 line-up looks several times stronger than the Wii U line-up NOW!