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WTF, Sony?

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , on July 27, 2012 by Rabidgames

Alright, here’s the thing: After having fun with a borrowed PS2, Rabidgames thought “hey, let’s buy one” – just to find out it is impossible to buy a PlayStation 2 cheap:

New: 100 pounds.
Used: 30-50 pounds.

Those prices are just naked PlayStation 2 consoles with ordinary cables and one controller, nothing special.
Yes, Rabidgames is shocked. And he will stay without a PS2 for now … even if all those precious games are now crying in their cases …

At least, it is pretty obvious now why the small PS2 tends to break down after 2 or 3 years. That way, Sony generates regular income on a console which is more than 10 years old. Apparently, that’s how capitalism works.

Rabidgames rants: Seriously, what the fuck is going on? Why is a console that is fucking ancient almost more expensive than its successor? Why would I want to spend that much money for an outdated machine? What’s wrong with you Sony?

Rabidgames’ Week of PlayStation 2 – The Conclusion

Posted in Blast from the past with tags , , , on July 24, 2012 by Rabidgames

Alright, the week is over, and Rabidgames has delved into the past to throw a glance at the PlayStation 2 era.
Yes, the games were different. And not just the games. Just take a look at the PS2 Memory Card – 8MB and pretty huge – and we were happy about it. Anyway, let’s examine the games Rabidgames has played:

Final Fantasy XII: Yes, that’s the last decent RPG from Square Enix. Quite ironically, the feedback from parts of the fan base led to the abysmally linear and outright boring Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a shame, the Gambit system, the huge open world, the adult story about  politics and free will were 10 times better, that’s for sure.

Freedom Fighters: As said before, it’s a classic. Simple as that.

Mercenaries: The subtitle “Playground of Destruction” says it all. Never before – and never again.

NHL 2K5: Well, it’s an ice hockey game. It’s fun and easy to get into – way easier than later ice hockey simulations.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6: It still is the best football game ever. Period.

Smackdown: Here comes the Pain: While it feels way to arcadey these days, the season mode is still the best ever.

True Crime: New York City: It’s one of those games where you don’t care about stories or missions. Simply cruising around, solving random crimes or frisking pedestrians was enough for the most part.

There are countless other classics which ask to be considered next time: Dark Chronicle, Final Fantasy X, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Suikoden V, and of course, Metal Gear Solid. Next time.

Rabidgames deems: While gaming was different, it’s hard to say it was better. For once, animations and graphics have aged rather badly. On the other hand, games were complete back then. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you play a good game on a PS2 or a PS3; Rabidgames can enjoy Mercenaries or Freedom Fighters as well as Dragon’s Dogma or Just Cause 2.

Rabidgames’ Week of PlayStation 2

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , on July 15, 2012 by Rabidgames

Rabidgames will stay away from his Xbox 360 for a week. Instead, he will remove dust from his PlayStation 2 to have a close look if gaming was better 10 years ago.
Of course, graphics weren’t but who gives a shit? It’s about games.

One thing is for sure though: If you bought a game back then, you got a complete game. No DLC bullshit deals. Good times, good times.

Anyway, Rabidgames plans to play the following games:

  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Ico
  • Mercenaries
  • Metal Gear Solid 1 (not exactly PS2 stuff, but who cares?)
  • Smackdown Here comes the Pain
  • True Crime New York

Bear in mind, this just a plan. Maybe Rabidgames won’t play much, maybe different games. We’ll see.

Rabidgames is looking forward to one week of PS2.