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5 Reasons Why Dragon’s Dogma Is Still One of the Best Games Ever

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Do you think this sounds a bit much? Well, it doesn’t. No one knows hoe Capcom of all people ended up producing such an innovative, deep and lovingly created gem such as Dragon’s Dogma, but they did.

And console gamers can now play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – all DLCs included – for 20 quid in a better version than last gen. Sure, the 60 FPS support from PC didn’t make it over for some reason, but the game now runs like it should have been years ago. But in case you wonder what makes this game so great, well, you’ll find 5 solid reasons below:


5. The night is dark and full of terrors

The first night out is not a great experience for most in Dragon’s Dogma – at night, there are more and deadlier enemies about, and if you are foolish enough to forget your lantern and some oil, you won’t even see them coming. Bear in mind though that the lantern only shines light on your immediate surroundings – many an Arisen have fallen prey to dragon attacks from out of the sky in certain parts of Gransys. And then there’s the ever dark dungeon from Dark Arisen, where Death haunts you – literally.


4. The sheer depth of customisation

For many, GTA or Saints Row are the holy grail of customisation, but Dragon’s Dogma has lots to offer in this regard – and since you’re creating both your Arisen AND your Pawn, you’ll have twice the fun. From hobbits to lumbering giants, from Danny Trejo’s Machete or Gandalf to Sandor Clegane or Lara Croft, you can create them all. And even more, height and weight also have an effect on your stamina, and rumour has it that there are some holes only very tiny Arisen can enter …

Oh, and equipment? The fact there is a trophy for having obtained 350 pieces of weapons and armour says all about that – and that trophy hails from pre-Dark Arisen days …


3. The diversity of the vocations

Speaking of equipment – it makes sense there’s lots of them as your Arisen can choose from 9 different vocations (the classes in Dragon’s Dogma) while your Pawn chooses from 6; do you like fighting with sword and shield or a twohanded hammer? Or do you prefer nimble attacks with daggers? What about sneak attacks with bow and arrow from afar? Or are you a sorcerer at heart who prefers to have comets rain down from the skies or a massive whirlwind tearing through enemies? Well, you can do all of the above, and you can also mix arrows and magic!

While you don’t have to invest into each and every vocation on the road to level 200, you still should play each one for a bit as you unlock useful augments (passive skills) that can afterwards be bought and equipped regardless of your vocation. Oh, and of course, you and your Pawn level up both so you can decide on a completely different path for your Pawn.


2. Epic battles

Remember when you confront Alduin, the World Eater (not to be confused with the wrestler Bray Wyatt, the Eater of Worlds), in Skyrim? Man, that battle turned out to be lame. Dragon’s Dogma is one hell of a different story here! Remember dragons attacking out of the blue? This can happen. Or a Chimera is lurking behind the corner and you think “uh-oh” before lightning hits you! How epic battles can be? Well, that’s entirely up to you. There’s a fine line between being underleveled and shredded to bits and having a challenging, long fight, but when you hit the sweet spot in Dragon’s Dogma, you can have epic battles! Imagine fighting that damn dragon from before for 90 long minutes, including reviving your Pawns, frantically searching the surrounding area for healing items because you’re knocking at death’s door, before you manage to bring the beast down! And that is just an ordinary dragon, not the final boss or the Ur Dragon, a massive and dangerous super boss that all players worldwide tackle together, everyone helping to bring its hitpoints down.

And that’s not the end of the epicness! How about you crawl onto the dragon while it takes flight, knowing falling will kill you so you punch it in the heart until it crashes back down to earth? Or how about conjuring the right spell at the right time, bringing down half a health bar in seconds?


1. Pawns

Your trusty A.I. comrades should be hailed a revolution in gaming, but it seems no one who hasn’t played Dragon’s Dogma even noticed how the great the system can be – if properly understood. You see, the thing with Pawns is you have to raise them properly – they learn in many ways – by mirroring your behaviour, by following commands, by being rented by others and gaining knowledge there and by drinking potions that change their inclination (the name for their character traits in Dragon’s Dogma). So if you start playing the game with your Pawn being pretty useless, and if the two Pawns you rent are useless as well (there can be numerous reasons for it), the game will suck. But if you get the party combination right, sometimes all you need to do is watch your Pawns tear apart the opposition.

Knowledge plays a major role for Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma as Pawns can learn how to fight enemies – sure, you can burn an enemy who’s weak to fire, but if he is doused in oil, he’ll burn more. And guess what, show it to your Pawns, and they will remember! If you’re stuck on a quest, rented Pawns or maybe your Pawn have done the quest before, and they will give you often useful advice on how to proceed.

And of course, there’s Pawn banter: From useful tips such as “wolves hunt in packs” or “to tis weak to fire”, and quips such as “even in numbers, a weakling is a weakling still” or the kind of contradictory “strength in numbers, Arisen”, to unforgettable lines like “it bears the head of a cock” or “it seems all roads lead to Gran Soren” (sometimes said when in the middle of nowhere with no road in sight), there are plenty of funny one-liners. You want to hear less? Tell your Pawn.

Rabidgames goes back to Gransys: What’s more to say? Dragon’s Dogma is one of those precious games that is so much more than its parts, it is unique and fun once you’ve really understood how the systems work together.So without further ado, go play it! See you on the perilous roads of Gransys!

One random day’s events in Dragon’s Dogma

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It is true, Dragon’s Dogma is one of those rare games where anything can happen and each player tells a different story.

One fine and sunny day, Rabidgames and his Dragon’s Dogma squad hit the road from Gran Soren westward. Past the Ancient Quarry with its dangerous Ogres, a Pawn mentioned an abbey somewhere in the vicinity.

So the party headed further west, meeting some bandits and invisible and rather strong Sulfur Saurians. Eventually, Rabidgames reached a certain hideout (no spoilers here) and venturing onward into the dark night, the party met fierce resistance from undead, Phantoms, a suddenly appearing Chimera – and eventually a perilous Wight. Those undead sorcerers are a true blight in Dragon’s Dogma, being quite generous with silencing and hurting parties. Suddenly, the whole party was infected with Poison, Silence and Blindless. But it wasn’t the Wight, it was the treacherous waters where this undead bastard led Rabidgames’ party. After spending a desperate minute running around aimlessly, one Pawn mentioned the poisoned waters. Afterwards and back on the safe shores, it was child’s play finishing off the Wight with some holy enchantments when dawn finally broke …

This was an eventful yet rather typical day in Dragon’s Dogma.

Rabidgames is addicted: Damn you Capcom. How dare you of all publishers release such an intriguing game! And even worse, it is impossible not to explore each and every corner of Gransys. There goes the time thought for Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2 or maybe the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection …

Dragon’s Dogma and an Ingenious Pawn System

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First off: Sometimes you have to advertise … and today Rabidgames does this: Please rent RabidgamesDragon’s Dogma Pawn.
By the way, gamertag is Rabidgames  and the pawn is a very old and snarky fighter named Cohen (some of you might get the hint) … Thanks.

OK, with that out of our way, the Pawn system definitely is one of the best achievements of Dragon’s Dogma.
Without a doubt, it is a unique way of finding a mix between co-op and NPCs. Not only can you choose your appearance and class, you can also teach your main pawn how to behave in and outside of battle (do it at inns at “knowledge chairs”). Please do it. It’s really useful, especially for mages.

And erm, why are many players keen on showing off really small, child-like looking female pawns with raunchy clothes? What’s going on there, guys?

Rabidgames smiles: Dragon’s Dogma just feeds the adventurer in us gamers. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and kill whoever you want – unless it kills you. The challenge is part of the game.