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Dragon’s Dogma is Part of Rabidgames’ Exclusive 1000/1000 Club!

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , on January 20, 2013 by Rabidgames

Finally! After 200 hours, completing the game two times, more than 10 millions of gold spent, almost 100 pawns rented, close to 400 different pieces of equipment collected and more than 150 enhanced, and last but definitely not least, all of those damn quests for “The Hero” finally done, Rabidgames has ‘completed’ Dragon’s Dogma: All 1000 GS points are his.

And yet, as you might well know, there is Hard Mode waiting, and Dark Arisen is on the horizon as well. So yeah, Rabidgames is not finished with Dragon’s Dogma yet.

Now Rabidgames can see some people asking “why?” – after unlocking all achievements, why continuing? After all, is there any thrill left after the last achievement has popped? It seems one concept has been abandoned by gamers this generation: a good game is still a good game when you play it again. And again. And again. And so on. Yes, in an age where games are 5 hours short, where they are bought, completed (sometimes just for achievements/trophies) and sold within weeks or maybe even days (Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind), in such an age, the concept of playing a game more than once seems to have become obsolete. Well, to be fair, most games are not that interesting, too …

Interestingly, there are only 3 games where Rabidgames has 1000/1000: Dragon’s Dogma, Bully and The Godfather 2. Dragon’s Dogma was the only game there which required two playthroughs to get all achievements – and neither any online achievements. Ironically, all those games are played again and again – not necessarily completed, just played. Why? Because they are damn fun to play! Actually, Rabidgames has just started a new vendetta in The Godfather 2 … but more on that later. Anyway, there are many more games, such as Just Cause 2, Red Dead Redemption or Saints Row 2, which receive playtime once a year at least. Or, back in the PS2 era … GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Freedom Fighters, Mercenaries, Summoner … the list goes on.

Actually, the PS2 era list of replayable games is way longer. But why is that? Is it really just us gamers and our tendency to have to buy all 20 blockbuster games each months? Or are the publishers responsible as well? What do they do to guarantee longevity? They attach DLC (well, some of it can be excellent, see Bethesda type expansion DLCs) or MP (just look at the upcoming Tomb Raider) to get us hooked long-term – and then, there is MP DLC, the biggest travesty of all! But most games themselves have become shorter, more linear, more accessible (aka you know everything there is to know after 20 minutes) and short-lived. Why make one huge and refined Assassin’s Creed in two years when you can have make one smaller and buggy game each year?

Anyway, please forgive Rabidgames’ derailing thought process. As long as there are still huge games such as Dragon’s Dogma, it’s all fine. Achievements, tacked on multiplayer or DLC clobbering might enhance those games, true, but the core game should be sufficient as well. Whatever, back into the Everfall even without achievements, there are victories to achieve yet!