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The Games Industry: More than Lies, Corruption and Quick Bucks?

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , on February 14, 2013 by Rabidgames

Enough is enough.

Again, we have been lied to. And this time, it’s not about tiny details such as DLC on discs à la Capcom, multiplayer affecting singleplayer the Mass Effect way or comparable trivial odds and ends; this time, it is about the core experience: A game itself.

Of course, Rabidgames is talking about the biggest fuck-up since, well, Duke Nukem ForeverAliens: Colonial Marines.Thankfully, Gearbox and Sega find themselves in the middle of a massive shitstorm, and this time, the media have joined gamers in asking what the fucking hell went wrong at some point in development of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

At the centre of the raging shitstorm is the fact that the demo of Aliens: Colonial Marines shown to journalists looked and played roughly ten times better than the actual game. See for yourself:

Of course, everyone is playing the blame game; perhaps this disgruntled former Gearbox employee is telling the truth, maybe Timegate fucke dup their part, maybe Gearbox didn’t care, maybe Sega just wanted to finally release Aliens: Colonial Marine. Probably, we will never get to know what happened.

But whatever the truth be, it doesn’t, or at least shouldn’t, matter. Gearbox and Sega lied to us, and even worse, they deceived us by showing us data FROM A DIFFERENT GAME. Honestly, everyone who pre-odered or bought the game due to the hype should be allowed to return it, and above all, Gearbox and Sega should be dragged into court and they should get a damn hefty fine for fucking fraud!

Well, that won’t happen. But anyway, we (as in gamers, journalists and the industry alike) should learn from this. We gamers should be more careful before pre-ordering or buying – sure, we can still sell turds like this one, but in the end, there was reason for doubt regarding Aliens: Colonial Marine. Plus, Gearbox earned its second strike! What about boycotting companies like Gearbox (or any other company which is out there to milk us dry)? Journalists should not succumb to the hype -although in this case, they were cheated and deceived. But think about Mass Effect 3, where all reviews failed to mention the ending debacle. The industry … well, stop playing games and get serious (just metaphorically, of course)! Stop spreading misinformation, lies and tell us the truth!

Rabidgames is tired: Seriously, gaming has become a tiring hobby. Too many times, a promising outlook gets wiped out after release, and way too often gaming media keep quiet about it. Too many times, we are made to pay ten times for one game. Too many times, we are lied to and deceived by companies whose only purpose seems to be to satisfy their shareholders. But dear industry, there is a risk to that strategy: Disappoint one too many times, and your customers leave. Mind you, we are not forced to buy your products. We can choose with our wallets. And it’ about fucking time we finally DO!