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WTF Is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon?

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a mystery. A big one. Ubisoft hints at it here and there, but we know not much about it. But now, we have a video with in-game action. Yes, dragons shooting lasers from their eyes just sounds like a drugged dream, so maybe it is just Jason dreaming he’s a 80’s action star … Anyway, here’s a video showcasing the madness in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon:

Ubisoft seems to be hellbent on deleting all versions of this video, so watching it could be a race against time.

Rabidgames wonders: Why Far Cry 3 in the title? There seems to be no connection at all. But hey, the video suggests the game is a Saints Row version of Crysis, so that’s a hell yeah!

Rabidgames’ Guide to Good Endings

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Since this article is about endings, you can expect spoilers.

No, Rabidgames does not mean happy endings. They are not necessary. However, Rabidgames would love to see endings which make sense, fit the plot and above all, don’t feel like a brainstorming result. Mind you, Rabidgames is not talking about confusing endings like Dragon’s Dogma, where you see the ending after the ending and then something new once more after a second playthrough, nor is Rabidgames talking about some lame crap like Max Payne 3, nor about obvious plot twist endings like in Dishonored. Rabidgames is talking about serious fucking insane shit! So let’s have a look at what went wrong – and how to avoid it:

Case file No. 1: Mass Effect 3

Yeah, we know all about it. There is no use in going into detail once more. It has been done a million times. It’s the bigger picture we have to look at: If a bunch of gamers grasping at straw cans make as much sense as the official first ending, well, that just means it fucking sucks. Simple as that. Yes, your artistic integrity sucks donkeys’ balls. Let’s be honest for a minute: What we witnessed was either incredible stupidity or ridiculous mismanagement – how could anyone seriously think that travesty was anything but a nuked trainwreck? And how could anyone in his sane mind think we would swallow that pile of multi-coloured shit? And sorry to say it again, but the worst thing is … it happened to fucking Bioware – to Bioware of all developers! How the mighty have fallen … To be fair, it is not just about the ending – it seems ten different writers wrote different parts of Mass Effect 3 – just compare the greatness of Rannoch with the stale disappointment of Thessia. Yet sadly, the worst writer wrote the ending. Please bring back Drew Karpyshyn!

Lesson to learn: Write an ending and read to at least three more persons. It helps. It really does.

Case file No. 2: Assassin’s Creed 3

Again, we have had a big story stretching across many games and now we were promised an ending, and closure to Desmond’s story … let’s face it, the ending was disappointing beyond all time periods. Both endings, actually: Connor’s ending was lame (why wasn’t Haytham the last Templar standing? why wasn’t the Homestead actually attacked? and why the fuck does Connor still help Washington after all?), and Desmond’s even lamer (don’t show us a choice and then deny it). What makes this particular Dea ex machina finale even worse than Mass Effect 3’s Starbrat is the fact the ending is just there to prepare us for Assassin’s Creed 4. Seriously, fuck off! And no, if you end a trilogy, you don’t end it with a cliffhanger the size of an interstellar cock!

Lesson to learn: Never ever should a PR team to be allowed near dev teams. Never! Again! Please!

Case file No.3: Far Cry 3

So far we have had artistic integrity and PR ingenuity, but Far Cry 3 added artsy twattery: If your plot and especially your ending make no fucking sense whatsoever, don’t start babbling about artsy fartsy shit and a bigger picture hidden for those who seek. Dear author, relax, lie back and reflect: If no fucking person on this goddamn planet is able to decipher your plot full of Alice in Wonderland clues and wild drug fantasies, maybe, just maybe it is because you fucking failed to spell…it…out! And then, that ‘bad’ ending … you die, but you’re magically still alive after the credits. Holy crap!

Lesson to learn: If one person doesn’t get your ideas he might be a dumb person. Fair enough. But if one million people don’t get it, you failed to bring across your point. Yes, YOU and only YOU are to blame, Mr Yohalem!

Rabidgames ponders: Maybe 2012 was an exception. Maybe game endings have always been bad and we haven’t realised. Fuck knows. But while Far Cry 3 suffered only from delusional writing and ivory tower symptom, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 are worse example because they suffer from terrible writing with no hidden meaning whatsoever, and probably short-term decisions, be it to satisfy an ego, be it to maximise profits – and if this trend is a sign of things to come, we are doomed.

And one more thing: A bad ending doesn’t ruin a game, that’s true. But it ruins our perception of a game. Forever.

Far Cry 3 or Fun, Choices and Insanity

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Expect some crazy spoilers here.

Okay, ending rage (2012’s motto it seems) aside, Far Cry 3 is definitely a solid shooter where the fun and gun parts are a big plus. The insanity however, is only partly voluntary …

The first thing you should know if you want to have fun with Far Cry 3 – it’s not an ordinary shooter in the veins of Corridors of Duty, it is primarily an open world game. So please don’t expect a story-driven, linear experience – instead, be prepared the real protagonist of Far Cry 3 is its open and vivid world. With that in mind, Ubisoft itself is to blame for high expectations in storytelling – don’t advertise a game as a drama to explore depths of human minds, etc. etc. when it’s all about exploration and funny ways of killing after all.

That in mind, Far Cry 3 succeeds on a gameplay level. The story missions and side missions are varied, hunting down animals with specific weapons is sometimes challenging, sometimes pure chaos, and finding all relics and letters of the lost (which tell the story of Japanese forces in WW II; spoilers: it did not end too well) require you to explore caves, to fly on hilltops with ruins or to dive into the shark-inhabited seas. You have to finish off enemy “bosses” with a knife in assassination missions, which ranges from cool (if they battle with your allies) to boring (most of the time). Furthermore, there are your usual mini-games such as poker, sharpshooting and throwing knives. That’s all good. Not that good are the completely misplaced racing challenges with no story basis and the pointless online challenges (some are alright, some are boring as hell). While you can do a lot of stuff or ignore it, you’ll tend to ignore it since the connections to anything else are thinner than any golden thread.

But hey, fuck missions, the open world is where the fun in Far Cry 3 is: If you want to take on an enemy patrol or an outpost, there are many options to choose from: Do you feel like playing Rambo, shooting them up with RPGs, machine gun fire and grenades? Do you want to rush in there with a jeep and its machine gun or do you prefer to attack from the sea? Do you want to set fire to the surrounding woods to roast them? Do you want to eliminate them from afar with your sniper or your awesome bow (easily the best weapon of the game)? Do you want to take them down via brutal melee takedowns (which can later be combined)? or, if you’re special, what about leading a tiger or a bear to the enemy? All of the above is possible in Far Cry 3, and it’s all fun. Above all – stealth actually works great. If you hide in bushes, enemies won’t easily spot you as long as you don’t do something like, well, shooting them. Be aware of dogs though. If you get spotted, you can easily run away and hide somewhere else. Enemies know your general location, but you can outsmart them easily.

As seen, choice is an elemental aspect of Far Cry 3’s open world, which also comes into play if you upgrade your arsenal: By “repairing” radio towers, you get almost all guns for free (you could also buy them, but why would you?), you can buy weapon upgrades, and after hunting animals, you get upgrades for your wallet, more weapons slots, more ammunition, and so on. Sadly, that’s where the pacing of Far Cry 3 is off: If there are two islands, why are we allowed to unlock everything but a few weapons on the first island? This makes no sense whatsoever. Exploration on the second island is rather pointless unless you’re a completionist.

Now, let’s talk about insanity: As Rabidgames mentioned, don’t expect a serious, down-to-earth drama from Far Cry 3. But still, a spoilt, annyoing, useless brat turns into Rambo within mere minutes? Just because of some magical tattoos? Dear Ubisoft, try to find the middle between your rushed characater development in Far Cry 3 (good for gameplay’s sake, bad for immersion) and the looooooong tutorial in Assassin’s Creed 3 (bad for the gameplay, good for immersion and that nice twist). It can’t be that hard.
Then, Far Cry 3 is another victim of the villain-dies-early disease: Just as in Saints Row The Third, trailers, the beginning and the plot are focussed on the one main villain … who dies halfway through. Seriously, what the holy fuck? This is insane!

The story … well, it seems as if important chunks are missing here and there: Abduction, liberation, boy-becomes-warrior-and-finds-his-meaning-in-life-or-so-he-thinks, Vaas, something else, Hoyt, and then the most insane twist ever … the ending is simply insane. But let’s put the story into a fair perspective here: First, it’s well done for most parts (let’s forget heavily scripted scenes and QTE boss battles for a minute). But second, it could have been done ten times better. Yes, it is an open world game, and yes, Just Cause 2 is fun despite having virtually no story at all, but that doesn’t always work. With Far Cry 3, Jason’s decisive moments are not fleshed out, his friends remain spoilt douche bags who should have been sold to slavers or killed and no one would have given a tiger’s left ball, and Vaas, Becker and Hoyt should have been featured more in the game. Don’t get Rabidgames wrong, the story is okay, but it’s not great, it’s a tale of wasted potential.

Now, let’s talk about scripted scenes: Remember the open world and choices? Well, forget about them in one third of the story missions of Far Cry 3. It’s either sneaking or run ‘n’ gun. Worse, many levels are strictly linear: one way in, one way out. Even worse, some are scripted – granted if you like Uncharted and timers ticking down, you won’t have a problem with it but if you don’t … you’re sometimes fucked.

And then, let’s rage: That ending. First of all, it’s insane. Well, choose if you think it’s insanely awesome or insanely awful, but it only makes sense in a mind full of drugs. So, after you are the hero of the islands and a worthy Rakyat leader, your allies abduct your friends and gently ask you to sacrifice them in order to literally sever your ties to the past. Alright, yeah … But that’s not even worth the ending rage. That one starts when you choose the bad ending, which tells you why the French associate orgasm and death. But hold on, Jason is Jesus! After the credits, Jason is alive again! Halleluja. Seriously, Ubisoft, first you dictate which ending is supposed to be good and which one is deemed bad by treating us like naughty boys, and then you resurrect a dead protagonist? Fuck off! Oh, and if you want to see what happens when you choose the other ending – bad luck, mate. Just play the last couple of missions again, which are a collection of long interactive cutscenes, a ridiculous QTE fight, one shoot-out, an airborne rails mission and some more interactive cutscenes, culminating in you making your choice. Yes, the only available auto-save is AFTER all this stuff. Oh, and forget about manual saving. Goddamn it, that fucking ending!

By the way, Rabidgames might be a bit harsh on Far Cry 3. After all, Yahtzee likes it. And is it insane if someone thinks he’s a banana?

A banana. Seriously?

Rabidgames draws his bow: For once, Ubisoft listened to the fans: Virtually all negative points of Far Cry 2 have been eliminated. That’s a good thing, of course. Plus, Far Cry 3 IS fun. Hunting pirates with your bow and explosive arrows is basically the definition of fun! And yet, what could have been great is just good once more. Sometimes, fun is a good thing, but you know, sometimes there’s more to life than a hedonistic life style … which ironically is also one of Far Cry 3’s lessons.

That Fucking Far Cry 3 QTE Boss Fight … And A Solution

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Obvious bossy spoilers ahead!

Boy, what did Ubisoft think? Why taking the fun out of Far Cry 3 in such an important moment?
QTE boss fights while dreaming/high on all drugs that exist are shit. Utter shit. Well, it’s mostly that fucking QTE part which stinks (yes, Lollipop Chainsaw, Rabidgames spits at you).

Anyway, the Vaas fight was alright, but that Hoyt fight is QTE fucking galore. One mistake, you’re fucked. It makes you want to break your Far Cry 3 copy into smithereens! But don’t panic, Rabidgames has the solution.

Here’s the button combinations you have to press when QTEing Hoyt to death (/ indicating some chatter. Oh, the Y is optional):

There’s even a youtube video, just in case you’re still overwhelmed by those flashy buttons blinking too quickly (the QTE relevant stuff starts after 5 minutes):

Rabidgames spits: To be fair, that fucking stupid QTE battle does not ruin Far Cry 3. But it’s utter bullshit. There is this Tony Montana lookalike and his huge compound … the perfect ingredients for an epic battle against hundreds of goons – and then you get to the big boss himself who greets you with his little friends … But no, instead we are punished with some fucking QTEs … Seriously, the next game with QTE boss battles should get castrated!

Oh, and then, there’s that ending … but let’s vent our unholy wrath on that another time …

Give Rabidgames Far Cry 3 already!

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So, the first reviews are out, and as it seems, Far Cry 3 is getting universal praise. Here’s the thing though – why are the reviews a whole week ahead of release (mind you, NA launch will be later than EU and AU launch this time)?

It seems cruel, especially given the fact Far Cry 3 looks amazing, has a beautiful open world full of fun things to do (from starting fires to fighting sharks, from Assassin’s Creed-like stealth to over-the-top firefights and explosions, from finding collectibles to drugged hallucinations), a story filled with sex, drugs and violence, an awesome antagonist, some RPG elements … damn, why do we have to wait one more week?

Yes, Rabidgames might not be impartial after having played and enjoyed Far Cry 3 at the Eurogamer Expo a couple of times … but this game could be each sandbox games lover’s dream come true … and we have to wait one more damn week (we as in we Europeans, sorry, our North American pals, you’re late this time)!

If you’re not sure what Rabidgames is rambling on about, just check out this awesome trailer:

Rabidgames sharpens the blade: Far Cry 3 could well become the surprise of 2012. The reviews are positive, the game looks good, the gameplay is fine – looks like we found our Skyrim with guns! If – and that’s a weighty if – if Ubisoft does not pull another Assassin’s Creed 3 bugs galore again! Remember, no fucking review mentioned how bug-ridden Ubisoft’s big one would end up … but hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s rather look forward to punching sharks in the face underwater … next week!

The Eurogamer Expo 2012

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Yes, Rabidgames was there once more. And yes, the hall was more crowded, the queues were ever longer, but hey, the games were still interesting. Oh, and some proper organisation would be good. How is it possible that a press pass is sufficient to avoid the queue on Saturday, yet on Sunday, it ain’t, so Rabidgames had to join the plebs to queue for entry? Come on!

Unfortunately, Rabidgames didn’t make it to any Developer Sessions in 2012. Queuing one hour to get in seems a bit excessive (last year, 20 minutes was alright). Also, Rabidgames gave a flying fuck about all multiplayer demos, or over-hyped popcorn titles likes Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, or basically all beat ’em ups … because they’re not Mortal Kombat.
Whatever, here are Rabidgames’ highlights – and some downlights – of the Eurogamer Expo 2012:

Assassin’s Creed III
Thankfully, it was a proper singleplayer demo this year. Or rather, two different demos. The first one was your usual Assassin’s Creed stuff – infiltrate a structure, sneak around, fight a bit, escape. It’s more of the same, nothing special, yet definitely refined. However, the second demo featured the naval warfare which will make a debut in Assassin’s Creed 3. And boy, is it fun! Steering a ship through the waves, navigating into the correct position to sink ships … hell yeah!

Borderlands 2
Actually, Rabidgames didn’t play it at the Eurogamer Expo. It’s just the game is simply amazing which can’t be stressed out often enough. Buy it, play it,

Devil May Cry aka DmC (for whatever hip reason)
Well, to tell the plain truth, the gameplay is boring as shit. It’s your ordinary h’n’s stuff as you’ve seen it bazillions of times. However, the concept of the hostile city (or whatever it is) which tries to kill you, and the many fighting options at your disposal are interesting. But then again, who wants to play as a Twilight rip-off emo?

This game looks amazing. Tons of possibilities, from sneaking to sending swarms of rats to possessing enemies to the good old-fashioned shoot-out. Yet somehow, Dishonored feels like a Victorian Hitman game. Is that bad? Not necessarily.

Doom 3
You could test the remake in 3D. It’s interesting. The 3D. Doom 3 was, and still is a bland shooter. If you like it, fine. Rabidgames doesn’t.

Fable: The Journey
Who wants to be the controller? Not only does it look retarded when you do stuff in public, try something like mimicking to cast spells for more than 2 minutes, and guaranteed, you’d be exhausted after one hour of doing the same movements again and again and again and over and over again. Meh.

Far Cry 3
Technically, it’s a sandbox survival shooter. And most definitely, it’s a strong GOTY contender. Think of Just Cause’s tropical setting (although a tad smaller) and the survival mechanisms of Red Dead Redemption. Breed them. Far Cry 3 would be the smart yet extremely violent kid. The demo highlighted the many tools, vehicles and possibilities the game will offer. Hunting deer with a crossbow (you can even attach a grenade to the arrow), skinning animals, flying around in a glider, liberating outposts, crafting a shitload of stuff … or just good old plain yet pleasantly crisp shooting – comes the end of November, Far Cry 3 will offer all of the above – and more. For hours.

Hell Yeah!
An undead rabbit who happens to be a prince of hell, insane killing moves and tons of fun. What’s not to like?

Hitman Absolution
It’s tough. As expected. And folks, Hitman never was – and probably never will be – a shooter. Don’t even try to play it like that. Then again, it’s fun to watch you die. Please continue.

Metal Gear Revengeance
Yikes. This abomination looks like an ugly bastard breed between Final Fantasy XIII’s fighting system and some slightly more testosterone Bayonetta on crack. It defiles the legend, the iconic name Metal Gear. In terms of hack’n’slay, Devil May Cry is way better. Yikes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
It almost feels like the glorious Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Almost. The new defense system (copied from FIFA) is not really Rabidgames’ cup of tea, but what can you do. oh, and please Konami, goalkeepers. You must know about it. FIX THEM!!!

Tokyo Jungle
This insane rollercoaster ride of awesomeness alone is a reason to buy a PS3! Seriously! If you’re not convinced, check out this animalistic trailer:

Young Lara is the protagonist of a survival adventure now. Thank fuck! Gone are the days of the boring old Tomb Raider system (copied to death by Uncharted & Co.). Will it be enough? We’ll see. It’s a good fresh reboot at least.

XCom: Enemy Unknown
Fuck yeah, X-Com is back. Plus, this game is the living proof turn-based strategy games are alive – and they can work on consoles!

All of a sudden, Nintendo welcomes adults. Ha! This game  peaked Rabidgames’ interest. Although playing it was testing Rabidgames’ patience. Queing for 20 minutes to join another queue for an hour to queue for another 15 minutes … Nintendo, you’re awful. How comes there were only 5 consoles with ZombiU? Oh yeah, the game itself. Actually, it’s rather underwhelming. If you’re proud of your motion control, how comes you can hack at zombies one way only (up down, up down etc.)? Have you ever played Dead Island? And that bulky (though light) tablet controller hybrid thing? Give Rabidgames a break! You use the touchscreen for sorting inventory (which can be done faster by using a standard controller). You can also use it to look around – but, why pressing L1 to move the tablet controller around “realistically” when moving the right analogue stick would do the same trick? Good question. Does anyone know the answer? And then, why do we have to use the touchscreen to fire a sniper rifle? Why using a fucking sniper rifle on a small screen when you have a fucking huge one as well? Fuck knows. While the London after a zombie apocalypse setting of ZombiU might sound interesting (although it’s hardly original), the gameplay is rather stale, and the tablet iseems to bei nothing more but an expensive gimmick indeed. Shame!

Rabidgames deems: Apart from the obvious GOTY contenders, you know, the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, Borderlands 2 Dishonored, two surprises stand out: XCom is amazing (and craps into Syndicate’s face when it comes to the revival of a beloved series from the past). And Far Cry 3 is incredible. Also, the next couple of months will be expensive. There are too many games, not enough money, and worst – how are we supposed to have time to play all the great coming games? Till next time, Eurogamer Expo!

Take Earth Back Trailer, part 2

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So, here we are.
The Reapers attack Earth itself. Well, we’ve known if for some time, but now, we have CGI footage!

Bioware’s and EA’s new trailer shows how they’re going to do it in Mass Effect 3.
You can have a look at it here, if you have been somewhere else today:

But actually, that’s a part of the trailer for Mass Effect 3.
Last week, EA announced the trailer and gave us a trailer for this trailer.
Today, EA gave us the short version of the trailer as it was shown in some US TV channels.
Tomorrow, we will get the complete trailer.

Does this make any sense to anyone? It surely does not to Rabidgames!
But even worse, Ubisoft has done the same with Far Cry 3. Why on earth, why?
Have those companies maybe forgotten what a “trailer” is?

According to some dictionary, that’s what we commonly call a trailer:

“a series of short scenes from a film/movie or television programme, shown in advance to advertise it”

So let’s agree you use a trailer to advertise a medium (in this case Mass Effect 3). Fine.
But why having an ad for an incomplete ad followed by the full ad later on – all for the same game?
Again, does making an epic CGI action-to-the-brim trailer trilogy sense to anybody out there?

Rabidgames is confused and has to go to bed to sleep now.