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E3 2018 – Rabidgames’ Winners & Losers

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This year’s E3 was better than expected. Game-wise. Let’s forget about the presentations, especially Nintendo’s Smash wank fest and Sony’s weird time-planning  though … Anyway, in terms of games, there’s some good shit coming our ways – and some not so great crap as well, unfortunately …


Cyberpunk 2077

THE obvious winner of this year’s E3, and we haven’t even seen much of the game! But what we’ve seen, read and heard, is very promising. Even if it is just Deus Ex in a GTA world, we’d take it, right?

The Last of Us 2

Well, what can you say? The game looks great, the animations look great, and it’s quite funny how a bit of girl-on-girl action can lead to morons foaming from their mouths …

Just Cause 4

When it was announced, Rabidgames was rather “meh”. Just Cause 3 was 2 leagues below the great Just Cause2, and it had some plain idiotic design choices (locking cool things behind boring challenges being the worst). And it also will feature different climate zones again – jungle, plains, desert and snowy mountains are confirmed – yay! But judging from this fooling around, Just Cause 4 might focus on the one thing that made the second game so awesome – fun.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

While the game looks nice, and the infos sound promising, there are two things that don’t feel too great: Why call a game Origins – and then go back in time??? And while Greece with its plenty of city states might be interesting, how could it ever compare with the pyramids, the deserts and the clash of 3 cultures in Egypt? Odyssey might become a good game, sure, but will it be a good Assassin’s Creed?

Rage 2

It looks pretty crazy, sure. But – it looks exactly like a mix of the shooting of Doom and then the worlds of Borderlands and Mad Max, and perhaps some Saints Row (all that pink!) thrown in-between. So far, we haven’t seen too much of an identity. Let’s just hope all the nice gadgets from the original Rage will make it into the game …


Fallout 76

Awful, awful, awful. A fucking MMO light without any NPCs or any useful single-player. Fuck this Destiny clone shit! If Bethesda doesn’t improve this thing a lot, it’ll be nothing but a fucking turd! And they know it, why else would they announce The Elder Scrolls VI when it’s still years away?


Well, pretty much the same. Yet another Destiny clone, probably also as unfinished and shallow, and probably Bioware’s demise, although this one will have NPCs! Hooray? Fuck no!


Dragon’s Dogma 2

Honestly, it is about time for a sequel. And please, no online crap! Give us a refined Pawn system, bigger and badder spells and a new world to discover as yet another Arisen already!

Half-Life 3

Just kidding …

Rabdigames’ verdict: A few surprises and a few nice reveals notwithstanding, there wasn’t THAT much to get excited about. It may be that a new console generation is already lurking in the background, it might be that the big hits (CYBERPUNK!!!) are still miles away, or it might be that Rockstar is still not willing to reveal Red Dead Redemptions 2 …

E3 2015 should be renamed E-Gasm

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In recent years, the E3 was a lukewarm events with maybe Sony poking fun at Microsoft’s thwarted attempt to cripple second hand gaming, or just a couple of games we already knew about anyway. So why would 2015 be different? Or so we thought …

But then, Bethesda started off with the news that Fallout 4 – including building settlements and a crafting system – will be released in November 2015. BOOM! And Dishonored 2 got announced, almost as a side note!

Microsoft was then smart enough to rectify past E3 shenanigans by announcing backwards compatibility, something precious to people like Rabidgames who own 150 or more 360 games. Just the thought of playing Dragon’s Dogma on the One …

So what could Sony offer afterwards? Not much, right? Except announcing Final Fantasy VII – the REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The internet exploded. And announcing Shenmue 3 made the explosions even bigger! By the way, the much anticipated yet presumed lost The Last Guardian was mentioned again as well … Furthermore, No Man’s Sky and the action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn should also be on our watch list.

And then Square … Nier 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Final Fantasy XV, the Final Fantasy VII remake, a new Hitman, a bit of Deus Ex and last but definitely not least, chaotic Just Cause 3 in December!!!

Well, against this power, the likes of EA (well, they told us more about Mirror’s Edge and had Pelé on stage for some inexplicable reason), Ubisoft (a new South Park sounds good admittedly) or Nintendo (erm, Amiibo yay) could only lose out. And they did.

To sum it up, Microsoft is the biggest winner, followed by Sony and Bethesda. But hold on … with all these new games coming out, it’s actually US who win the most. We win because we can finally get to play 360 games on the ONE without having to pay for them again (hint, Sony), and we can choose from a shitload of games across all genres. In the end, gamers, all of us, win. Thanks E3.

As for the rest of the year, we have Batman, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 to look forward to. Now, we just need the time to play them all …

Rabidgames [DISCLAIMER: Content redacted due to indecent mostly mental images which could be disturbing to the readership.]

The E3 Winner is: Watch Dogs

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Sometimes, miracles happen. Between gimmicks and endless sequels, we witnessed the first sign of life from Watch Dogs. And it seems amazing. An open world where you can hack, control and manipulate each and every electronic device? Where you can get information on each civilian you encounter? Please Ubisoft, please take Rabidgames’ money already!

For those of you who don’t know what Watch Dogs is, here’s the E3 trailer:

Sure, Watch Dogs looks like a bastard of GTA, Hitman and Deus Ex, but hey, bastards can be great as well.

The only thing Rabidgames did not really like was the shooting and the car chase near the end.

There should be more subtle options to eliminate a target. Why not tailing him and manipulating traffic lights when a lorry comes along? Or what about sabotaging the engine of the target’s car somehow?

Rabidgames is just nitpicking here: Watch Dogs looks great – and hopefully, it’ll bring some new ideas to the stale world of AAA games. It could be the evolution from sandbox to toolbox. Fingers crossed.

South Park: The Stick of Truth – truly sounds fun

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OK, Rabidgames won’t mention the rest of the crapfest that Microsoft’s annual E3 wanking – now with Kinect! – was. But South Park: The Stick of Truth is alive and kicking balls! Even more, we know the release date now: 5 March 2012.
Rabidgames can’t wait to explore the dungeons of South Park … and probably beat up some ginger kids, too …

Here’s the E3 trailer for this potentially awesome game:

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been the best piece of news so far. Sadly, Obsidian does not shy away from pre-order bullshit deals and 360 DLC exclusivity sell-outs – what’s wrong with the gaming world of today? Is all this crap really necessary?

Rabidgames expects: A South Park RPG surely is a dream come true – let’s hope it’ll be a good one. Oh, and graphics will quite likely be shit but who gives a fuck?

The Annual E3 Hype

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Here we are again: It’s E3 around the door, and everyone’s expecting to get to see … well, everything.
Same business as every year.

But remember last year: Was it that great? Microsoft trying to sell Kinect, Sony showcasing the Vita … the best performance surely was done by Nintendo, showing off a new console by only portraying the controller.

So what about E3 2012? Here are Rabidgames’ predictions:

  • Microsoft will Kinect the shit out of us again. No new console.
  • Sony will try to breathe life into the Vita (probably with PS3 cross-games). No new console.
  • Nintendo will tell us how awesome their Wii U is without actually telling us anything about it.

That leaves the publishers.

We already know some new Gears of War is in the making, Dead Space 3 will be officially announced, and maybe Valve will finally unveil Half-Life 3. So that might be the more interesting part then.

Rabidgames is bored: Live streams, news on each gaming sites, all for shit bits of information, that’s the E3 for you. Maybe 2012 will be different but why would anyone assume? Let’s get surprised … or bored …