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The Annual E3 Hype

Posted in News with tags , , , , on June 3, 2012 by Rabidgames

Here we are again: It’s E3 around the door, and everyone’s expecting to get to see … well, everything.
Same business as every year.

But remember last year: Was it that great? Microsoft trying to sell Kinect, Sony showcasing the Vita … the best performance surely was done by Nintendo, showing off a new console by only portraying the controller.

So what about E3 2012? Here are Rabidgames’ predictions:

  • Microsoft will Kinect the shit out of us again. No new console.
  • Sony will try to breathe life into the Vita (probably with PS3 cross-games). No new console.
  • Nintendo will tell us how awesome their Wii U is without actually telling us anything about it.

That leaves the publishers.

We already know some new Gears of War is in the making, Dead Space 3 will be officially announced, and maybe Valve will finally unveil Half-Life 3. So that might be the more interesting part then.

Rabidgames is bored: Live streams, news on each gaming sites, all for shit bits of information, that’s the E3 for you. Maybe 2012 will be different but why would anyone assume? Let’s get surprised … or bored …