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Dying Light’s last mission that killed an otherwise great game

Posted in Gaming these days ..., Hands On with tags on April 1, 2015 by Rabidgames

So, Dying Light is a sandbox game. You know, massive open world, lots of options to kill zombies, freedom to traverse horizontally and vertically, simply put, a sandbox of undead fun. It’s all about freedom, your choice in your own sandbox.

Until the very last mission. Yes, the last mission of Dying Light is a linear toilet party with a brown creamy QTE finish, it is a boot stamping in a human face forever. WHY??? Who in their right minds can have such a fucking stupid idea, and who on fucking earth would greenlight such stupidity? Honestly, Rabidgames tried, but after a couple of tries of idiotic suicide zombies appearing out of fucking nowhere, even more idiotic checkpoints in the middle of nowhere, involving minutes of repeated boring fighting hordes of zombies … and then the most idiotic thing, a QTE boss fight – enough is enough!

Plug pulled, Dying Light dead for the time being. Seriously, Techland, fire that incompetent moron who came up with this shitty excuse for a final mission. To put it into words, Dying Light’s last mission is as bad as Mass Effect 3’s star brat – out of nowhere, everything is turned around, the gameplay of the hours spent on it become irrelevant, and the design of the finale betrays the rest of the game. Well, Mass Effect 3 still could pull of deus ex machina while Dying Light’s ending is rather … well, it is pure shit! Deus ex excrementis so to speak.

Such a shame a great game must end on such a low note. Mind you, the missions before were partially linear, but we had a least options, where the final mission of Dying Light is purely linear, scripted and full of Call of Duty popcorn action that belittles and shames Techland and their capabilities.

Rabidgames is disgusted: Yes, Dying Light is still a good game – but such a fucking terrible and unfitting ending can ruin a game. It’s possible. After all, Breaking Bad didn’t end with Brock Lesnar suplexing Walter White out of existence …

Dying Light or The Sandbox of the Undead

Posted in Gaming these days ..., Hands On with tags , on March 23, 2015 by Rabidgames

At first sight, Dying Light is just a hybrid of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge, zombie bashing/slicing combined with first person parcours. But when the light dies, it becomes a different game altogether …

Let’s disregard the rather lame beginning of the story (American guy has to help dark-skinned people during a zombie outbreak, yawn … but yes, it gets better) and let’s talk about the gameplay – there’s lots of it in Dying Light, and most of it is awesome.

The parcours part of Dying Light is well done – it’s fun to jump and climb around the city of Harran, and 99% of the time, the controls are precise. Occasionally, there not and you fall to your death without knowing why (hint: most likely a glitch). Dying Light is certainly not worse than Mirror’s Edge when it comes to parcours, and that means something having in mind the reputation that game has.

The zombie killing in Dying Light is similar to Dead Island although sadly without precise analogue stick controls. In the beginning, you are pretty weak and mostly rely on kicking zombies, but from mid-game onwards slicing zombies in half is fun – and you can still slice off zombies limb by limb, or multiple limbs, or sometimes just the face. Anyway, the gore effect is the same, you need stamina for attacks, and there are also blueprints for rather extravagant but deadlier weapons with elemental effects (exploding ninja stars are one of Rabidgames’ favourites). Weapons are even less durable than in Dead Island, and this time, you can only repair them a few times. Oh, and kicking is back again, kicking which uses no stamina. Stomping time! Shooting is fun although not en par with your classic shooters, but still okay. So far so Dead Island.

But there’s more to Dying Light – you can activate or even create different kinds of traps to kill zombies, which is always fun. And the world feels more alive, not least because there are certain events in the game that can unlock or destroy save havens, and there are a few really good side quests that are more than “kill this, fetch that”. Fighting humans is also quite a challenge, because these bastards can dodge and block, and they always do it.

There’s also the obvious moral question “are humans even less human than zombies during an outbreak” … as usual, the answer is yes. But we ain’t here for the story, eh? Although it still has to be said that you actually meet some characters you care about – and some events are way more emotional than you might expect from a game such as Dying Light. Needless to say not all your friends make it …

And then, there’s the night. During the day, you can easily kill of zombies. Unless you’re overwhelmed, they’re fodder for your weapons. Comes night though, YOU are prey to the volatiles, brutal zombies who can one-hit you, alert their mates and hunt you down quickly after discovering you (they are relatively easy to avoid as you see their field of vision thanks to Metal Gear Solid-like cones). While easy in latter stages (volatiles can be killed easily if you’re levelled up), the first nights are a nightmare in Dying Light, and surviving really felt like an accomplishment. Of course, it helps you can blind them with UV lights …

Even during the day, stealth is part of Dying Light – tons of zombies around? Throw in some firecrackers and they’re distracted! Shooting a gun is a bad idea though in general since it’ll attract every zombie a mile around, fast or slow … But during the night, stealth is even more crucial. You earn more EXP at night, and you can kill the biggest and baddest zombies at night, too.

So far, we’ve established the parts fit together nicely in Dying Light, but what about the game as a game? Well, it’s awesome! Dying Light is an amazing sandbox experience where it is almost entirely up to you (only a handful missions MUST be accomplished at night) if you want to dropkick zombies to death, if you walk around casually by day or want to feel the thrill of getting hunted by a volatile only to fry it in an electric fence trap after a chase. There are also some overpowered skills to be found in Dying Light – the grappling hook which can get you out of every hopeless pinch, or Camouflage where you splatter yourself with zombie blood so they think you’re one of them – but hey, you don’t have to use them. Another nice addition is – there is basically no fast travel. You always have to walk, always running the risk of dying. Dying Light offers you many toys, and it’s up to you to use them creatively.

Content-wise, there are shitloads of things to do in Dying Light – the main story, which is engaging, tons of side quests (some with multiple objectives, and some nicely peppered with dark humour), minor missions and challenges, random events – and of course, two big maps for you to explore – the slums with lots of open spaces, and Old Town, the urban centre with high buildings – including easter eggs, of course.

It’s safe to say Dying Light is one of the first next-gen sandboxes – and most likely the most beautiful one as well. The graphics are absolutely stunning, the audio is near perfection (especially at night), and you can see dozens of zombies running around at times – without a hitch for the engine. Technically, there are some flaws and glitches, but nothing game-breaking so far.

Rabidgames wades through zombie blood with a grin on his face: Yes, Dying Light was worth the wait for the boxed version. The mix between parcours and fighting works, and the addition of survival horror and the day/night mix make Dying Light an awesome sandbox experience. After the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor and the awesome graphics in GTA V, Dying Light might be the third game that really deserves the title next gen game. Also, it lightens up the rather stale zombie genre with new ideas – sometimes, quite literally.

Of Dying Light And Inflated Digital Prices…

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , on February 1, 2015 by Rabidgames

This post could have been about experiencing sunsets in Dying Island, erm Dying Light
Well, it was scheduled at least.

But no physical copy of Dying Light equals no purchase from Rabidgames.
Sorry folks, you fucked up.

And let’s face it, we don’t need to give a shit who fucked up; be it Techland, be it Warner Bros., you fucked up.

How on earth is it possible to not get the disc version of Dying Light ready on time – in 2015?
And how comes North fucking America HAS the disc version, but the PAL regions haven’t?

Something stinks, and it’s not the decaying zombie flesh of Dying Light.
But hey, who needs a physical copy when we can buy the game digitally – including an inflated price!
If you’re fucking willing to shell out 15 pounds more, be Rabidgames’ guest (actually, if you want to, you can as well send Rabidgames 15 pounds)!

Speaking of digital, who the fuck thought it’d be a great idea to let us pay more for less
Physical disc, we have the disc, a case and the option to play whenever we want, wherever we want.
Digital, we have nothing. We have to download the game, and if we delete it, there’s no guarantee it won’t be taken down from the servers, and if you feel like playing a specific game but your internet is down or slow, well, fuck you, life’s a bitch.
Again, why the fuck do we pay more for less?

It doesn’t make sense on many levels, and if publishers want us to feel good about the seemingly fucking inevitable transition from phyiscal to digital, then they have to give us something … something worthwhile.

Rabidgames wonders: Maybe there’s a connection between us not having the option to buy day 1 phyical copies and inflated digital prices. Who knows? Let’s see if more publishers follow suit and try to push overpriced digital versions on us …