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Diablo 3’s Necromancer – Overpriced Body-Stripping or Bone-ripping Fun?

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Well, if the Necromancer has just been the class you’ve been waiting for in Diablo 3 and you enjoy nothing more than tearing a screen full of enemies to shreds with exploding bodies, it’s hard to answer that question objectively of course.

Sure, 15€/12£ for one character sounds fucking expensive, but it’s nothing unheard of – look at all the fighting games or shooters where you shell out 10 quid for a map or two. Just as an example, there are DLC characters in Injustice 2, each costing 5 quid. Any outrage there? But to be fair to Blizzard, it’s not just the Necromancer, his character models and animation, balancing and voice overs being implemented into Diablo 3, it’s also the unique sets and set dungeons that come into play.

Besides, Blizzard has been very generous since abandoning their failed auction house and always-online shenanigans of the failed launch of Diablo 3 – from the PS4’s launch onwards, there have been quite a few free updates giving us bonus dungeons, Greater Rifts and now Challenge Rifts, the Horadric artefact Kanai’s Cube, seasons and more. Always for free.

Plus, the Necromancer is one of the best classes to quickly rise through levels and to quickly raze enemy hordes. It is deadly early on and you can easily switch to Torment from level 50 onwards. It is also one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 3; you can play it as the lord of the undead, telling your minions who to attack – and here’s the big difference to the Witch Doctor, who cannot order his minions around – you walk around dressed in a Bone Armour throwing around Bone Spears or you spend your own life force to create deadly explosions while you replenish your HP by devouring corpses (every slain enemy leaves a corpse). Oh, and you can also temporarily raise up to 10 Skeleton Mages attacking enemies …

But the real beauty is what you do with corpses (not THAT, you perv!) – will you devour them or revive them? Or detonate them? You can. But the most fun is having sharp bones ripped out of corpses flying and destroying everything on screen in a heartbeat! Corpse Lance is surely one of the best skills in Diablo 3 – if there wasn’t a problem on higher difficulties: Sometimes, there are no corpses lying around, and they’re never enough. Until you get skills that create corpses for you or an item that makes sure your golem shits a corpse each second … well, it doesn’t say it literally …

So, is the Necromancer worth it? Let’s have a look at it from this angle: For speed-runs, be it in a season or (Greater) Rifts, they’re very viable characters with the right skill set and items. Even without that, reaching level 70 is a breeze as especially the first 40 or so levels can be slow grinding with other classes, e.g. monks, whereas the Necromancer can summon an army early on. So objectively, the Necromancer is a decent addition to Diablo 3. Subjectively though, well, who knows? Read about the class or watch some videos. Some classes might not be for you, others are perfect for you. But hell, who doesn’t like exploding bodies across the screen, right?

Rabidgames raises his thumb: Right off the bat, the Necromancer is now Rabidgames’ 2nd favourite class. Wizard is still running supreme, especially after finding that awesome Firedbird’s Finery set that makes everything burn within seconds, especially bosses! Oh, anyway, Necromancer is already a close second though! At least here, it was 12 pounds well spent for .

Who let Diablo 3 off the hook?

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Let’s face it – the launch of Diablo 3 was a disaster:

Servers down, technical hick-ups preventing you from starting to play or just throwing you back to a point you’ve been before, game-breaking and lesser bugs, and yet, where is the shitstorm?

Remember Skyrim on the PS3? That was a shitstorm!
Remember the Mass Effect 3 ending shitstorm?
Don’t get Rabidgames wrong, both examples clearly show that publishers publish games thinking they can get away with it since we’re all just dumb nerds in basements who swallow everything – so yes, it was about time for a shitstorm!
But media and gamers simply let Blizzard off the hook – within days.

What happened there?
After all, didn’t Blizzard have all time in the world to prepare for the launch of Diablo 3?
Didn’t they have the pre-order numbers?
So why weren’t they prepared?

And even worse, remember how they have delayed Diablo 3 again and again because of “quality” issues?
So, how comes the game seems to be riddled with bugs? What was done during all the months of beta testing?
How comes Blizzard can release a semi-broken game … yet no one gives a fuck?

Rabidgames doesn’t know.
Maybe it’s just the Blizzard fanboys outnumbering the rest of us, maybe Blizzard has tons of street cred (for whatever reason they should have any left eludes Rabidgames), maybe 12 years of work are an excuse for a fucked-up delivery (except Duke Nukem Forever begs to differ), maybe it’s more of the same “why would magazines bite the hands which feed them” … who knows?

But one thing is for sure:
If Blizzard can get away with not properly preparing for launch and using paying customers as second generation beta testers – why wouldn’t other companies have a close look and think “hey, let’s do the same! As long as we babble on about how great our fans are and how perfect the game will eventually be we might get away with every shit we throw at them!” … and why shouldn’t they? If we keep on buying blindly, we don’t deserve better.

Rabidgames shudders: Fellow gamers, what the fuck happened there? Do you really believe Blizzard is better than EA or Activision (you do know Activision owns Blizzard, don’t you)? It’s bad enough you’re celebrating a dumbed down and casualised version of Diablo 2, but please, don’t let lazy devs get away with wasting 12 years of whatever-they-did to produce that half-baked game!

Diablo 3 … Does anyone care?

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Rabidgames admits: He doesn’t give a crap about Diablo 3 – for several reasons:

  1. It is PC only for now. Without a gaming PC, it doesn’t matter anyway.
  2. You have to be online all the time. No thanks. Rabidgames chooses when he wants to be online.
  3. Real-money transactions instead of eBay pawning. Seriously, fuck off you greedy cunts!
  4. Diablo 3 is a pure hack’n’slay now – the RPG parts Diablo 2 featured have been stripped down for some idiotic reasons. Why would anybody choose how to develop his character himself?

As a matter of fact, Rabidgames won’t even buy Diablo 3 if it is release for the 360.
It’s just too much bollocks.

Rabidgames boycotts: This abomination of the Diablo franchise is the perfect example for what is wrong with the gaming industry nowadays: Huge corporations only think about ever-milking their customers, effectively allowing fraud – so the abuse of Chinese children is official now. Well done, Blizzard. Furthermore, what use is leveling up when there is nothing to decide? Good riddance, Diablo.