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New Dead Island 2 Trailer Shows a Rather Red California … And Gameplay!

Posted in News with tags , , on August 11, 2014 by Rabidgames

We all remember the infamous trailer for the first Dead Island. True, it had nothing to do with the atmosphere of the game and the actual gameplay, which was less emotional and more visceral, but what the hell, it was well done – at least if there was some fire involved …

The very first trailer for Dead Island 2 seemed rather spot-on now, didn’t it?

But since seeing this trailer and since knowing we have to free the entire “island” of California from the undead meat bags in Dead Island 2, we have been wondering about the gameplay … Would it be as bloody and gory? With shinier graphics? Well, judging from the latest trailer, there will be even more blood and violence, gore and carnage, sunshine and slaughter, or in short, fun to be had soon:

Rabidgames is prepared:  Comes spring 2015, it’ll be time to take back California from the undead! Dead Island 2 looks even sillier, bloodier and more violent than its predecessors, and there seem to be even more options to freeze, fry or electrocute the zombie masses – of course, let’s not forget there’s still the old-fashioned slash ‘n smash!