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Dear Rockstar: A Friendly Intervention

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , , , , , , on June 7, 2018 by Rabidgames

We have been good friends for a long time, haven’t we?

Remember how our good times started? Remember the fun we had with the original Grand Theft Auto, GTA London, GTA 2 … Oh yes, we’ve had good times on the PS1. Although back then, it was still well-behaved and tame, wasn’t it?

But then we became best buddies, man. And times got wilder. You know how GTA III happened? Boom, that open 3-D world, us getting lost there, getting drunk, crashing cars? Man, we loved that shit back then! But you gave us even more with Vice City and the awesome 80s feeling, and EVEN MORE with the massive world of San Andreas. Holy crap, it felt like re-inventing the rules! But we share more fond PS2 memories, don’t we? The Warriors, Red Dead Revolver, Max motherfucking Payne, and of course the very awesome yet underrated memory of the amazing Bully (man, what a nice small world!). Sure, you were a bit weird with manhunt but still, good times, buddy, good times.

Sure, GTA IV was a bit of a drag because of the annoying relatives and the return to only a single city, and oh, Max Payne 3, well, we all mistakes, so you’re forgiven. But hey, we had fun with simply the best Western game ever, Red Dead Redemption, with the detective novel L.A. Noire and with the sprawling world and of course Trevor’s erratic behaviours in GTA V.

And man, we’ve loooved your stories. Your caricatures, your satire, your humour, you have made these things work on quite some levels. From the Wild West to urban centres, from small towns to Brazilian favelas, storytelling was your damn strength, dude! You’ve mixed fiction and the real world like no other, and you managed to simply piss everyone off! Like South Park, just more interactive.

But then, something happened … Let’s be honest here, okay? Let’s talk straight! You lost sight of our goals, buddy. In recent years, you’ve lost it, bud. Was it the money? The fame? The temptation of another quick fix? Whatever it was, how to put this, but man, you need to get a grip. We really miss your stories! Recently, you went AWOL on us to spend time in that modern online world. But dude, we’re still here. We’ve thought you’d care more about us than the fucking jocks from EA and Activision, you know. But lately, and please, don’t get this the wrong way, but lately you’ve behaved just like those dorks!

See, let me give you some examples here. We’re not dissing you, we’re telling you. You know, making GTA Online a grind, luring us in there with free money (come on, half a million is fuck nothing in your overpriced economy and you know it), ditching all plans for any campaign story add-ons after making promises … man, that one has hurt the most! Have you really forgotten your roots, man? Your roots, and the good times we’ve shared?

And now, man, we want to play Red Dead Redemption 2, we really, really, really want to buy the game. And we want to like it and look forward to it. Really, really! But DUDE! What the fuck are you doing? Why does it have to be shitloads of different editions? Even with “exclusive” missions? Fuck that shit, man! Why should we pre-order to get some fucking online cash for another fucking game? Come on man, stop partying with the frat boys from EA!!! Stop believing the sweet yet treacherous words from that Activision dude!

But let’s calm down for now, okay? After all, we’ve been friends for a long, long time. Shit, you could say decades! So see, because it’s you, we want to give you a last chance. Please, please prove you still care. Please show us you still can tell great stories, and you still have it in you to tell a long, meaningful story. But hey, look away from your phone! No exclusive crap! No more DLC shit! No fucking micro-transactions! Can you try to do that for us pretty please? Can you?

And make no mistake, Rockstar. This is your last chance. If you disappoint us again and you feel like treating the story just as a tutorial for your oh-so-beloved new online hobby, we’re done. Because frankly, right now, we don’t believe you and your talks anymore. It’s time for action. So comes October, we’ll see. So please, old friend, please don’t disappoint us! Or it’s farewell. Forever.

Dragon’s Dogma is Part of Rabidgames’ Exclusive 1000/1000 Club!

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , on January 20, 2013 by Rabidgames

Finally! After 200 hours, completing the game two times, more than 10 millions of gold spent, almost 100 pawns rented, close to 400 different pieces of equipment collected and more than 150 enhanced, and last but definitely not least, all of those damn quests for “The Hero” finally done, Rabidgames has ‘completed’ Dragon’s Dogma: All 1000 GS points are his.

And yet, as you might well know, there is Hard Mode waiting, and Dark Arisen is on the horizon as well. So yeah, Rabidgames is not finished with Dragon’s Dogma yet.

Now Rabidgames can see some people asking “why?” – after unlocking all achievements, why continuing? After all, is there any thrill left after the last achievement has popped? It seems one concept has been abandoned by gamers this generation: a good game is still a good game when you play it again. And again. And again. And so on. Yes, in an age where games are 5 hours short, where they are bought, completed (sometimes just for achievements/trophies) and sold within weeks or maybe even days (Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind), in such an age, the concept of playing a game more than once seems to have become obsolete. Well, to be fair, most games are not that interesting, too …

Interestingly, there are only 3 games where Rabidgames has 1000/1000: Dragon’s Dogma, Bully and The Godfather 2. Dragon’s Dogma was the only game there which required two playthroughs to get all achievements – and neither any online achievements. Ironically, all those games are played again and again – not necessarily completed, just played. Why? Because they are damn fun to play! Actually, Rabidgames has just started a new vendetta in The Godfather 2 … but more on that later. Anyway, there are many more games, such as Just Cause 2, Red Dead Redemption or Saints Row 2, which receive playtime once a year at least. Or, back in the PS2 era … GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Freedom Fighters, Mercenaries, Summoner … the list goes on.

Actually, the PS2 era list of replayable games is way longer. But why is that? Is it really just us gamers and our tendency to have to buy all 20 blockbuster games each months? Or are the publishers responsible as well? What do they do to guarantee longevity? They attach DLC (well, some of it can be excellent, see Bethesda type expansion DLCs) or MP (just look at the upcoming Tomb Raider) to get us hooked long-term – and then, there is MP DLC, the biggest travesty of all! But most games themselves have become shorter, more linear, more accessible (aka you know everything there is to know after 20 minutes) and short-lived. Why make one huge and refined Assassin’s Creed in two years when you can have make one smaller and buggy game each year?

Anyway, please forgive Rabidgames’ derailing thought process. As long as there are still huge games such as Dragon’s Dogma, it’s all fine. Achievements, tacked on multiplayer or DLC clobbering might enhance those games, true, but the core game should be sufficient as well. Whatever, back into the Everfall even without achievements, there are victories to achieve yet!