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Borderlands 2 or Guns, Guns, Guns

Posted in Played & Explained with tags , on October 29, 2012 by Rabidgames

Yep, it’s all about guns in Borderlands 2. Yeah, there’s also different characters and various skills some vehicles and a chunk of story and some other gear, but at the end of a long Pandorian day, it’s all about the guns you find.

The biggest surprise is … there’s a proper story in Borderlands 2! True story. It’s nothing thought-provoking or ground-breaking, of course, but it kept Rabidgames entertained. Mind you, Borderlands 1 lost Rabidgames halfway through because the novelty of shooting yet another of the same enemy in the face faded off quickly … but back to the story of Borderlands 2. There, we find one fucking hell of a plot twist in there which is awesome – and in hindsight, it was foreshadowed. Good to see Gearbox eradicated the weakest spot of Borderland 2’s predecessor.

Borderlands 2 is populated with insane over-the-top characters once more. Among them are the 4 characters from the first game – they’re alright yet there are no real surprises in that department. Others return as well – Scooter, Ned, Moxxi etc. Unfortunately, Borderlands 2 walks down the road Saints Row The Third had also travelled – it’s just about crazy characters, not about credibility or even depth. The lowlight surely is Tiny Tina – think of a prepubescent Jar-jar Binks, and you got the picture. The antagonist, Hyperion’s fearless leader Handsome Jack, belongs to the same category – while the story about his diamond-laden butt stallion might be funny, his monologues becoming boring and annoying after some time.

The gameplay is basically the same again, with some twists. There are artifacts and class mods now, and grenades play a greater role. Weapons in general have more diversity to them. Vehicles are to be driven in Borderlands 2 again, and still, there below the industry’s standards. The levels (let’s just call those huge open worldish sectors levels) are way more diverse now – there’s everything from ice deserts to sand deserts, from a half-finished city to caustic pits, name it, it’s there. Bosses are bigger and badder this time around, and some might require some strategy (the final boss can be exploited easily btw).

Of course, Borderlands 2 ain’t perfect. The quest difficulty seems off sometimes: When a “tough” mission is easier than stealing candy from a Skag whelp yet a “trivial” mission turns out to be a battle to the last bullet – including a couple of hasty retreats – Gearbox might think about those difficulty advisers again. Let’s talk about a waste of time in Borderlands 2: time sensitive missions – come on, this is a shooter RPG, not a racer! And one more thing: If you expect Rabidgames to race against fucking time, please provide vehicle controls that make it possible.

Another issue is the spawn rate of decent weapon which is close to 0.2%. If a game such as Borderlands 2 revolves around loot, give us some fucking great loot! Rabidgames managed to loot 2 (two) golden items in one fucking 50 hours playthrough – and one of those is a shield! Yes, the infinity gun is awesome and stuff, but the drop rate is a bad fucking joke. Come on, reward players. And no, Rabidgames does not want to be forced to play co-op to get better loot, goddamnit!

One last thing is the new trend of worldwide censorship to appease the Australian and German video game fascist bureaucracies. Borderlands 2 is a victim of this as well. Remember the hilarious and gruesome death animations when you sprayed an enemy with elemental bullets in Borderlands 1? Or exploding heads after a clean sniper rifle hit? Good times, but past times. At least partially. enemies still explode into healthy chunks, and you find some limbs here or there, but the funny animations are completely gone. Admittedly, Gearbox has a point though: Violence does not make a game better. True. But reducing violence when trumpeting about releasing Borderlands 2 “uncensored” … that is a blatant lie. Just because you censor your games yourself instead of it being censored by old farts who have no clue what’s going on – and hell, maybe even if you have a point – don’t call it uncensored. Please! Borderlands 2 is censored.

Rabidgames keeps on looting: Even if your chances are slim, you still want to check the next area, the next boss or the next chest for some awesome gun which will kill everything in sight. Plus, there are four more characters, not just Axton. And if you’re still not satisfied, there also the rather tough True Vault Hunter mode, where you’re constantly underleveled and enemies are meaner and stronger. That’s precisely what we call value for money, innit?