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Scientific Thougths about Mass Effect 3 … An Excuse For The Ending?

Posted in Gaming these days ... with tags , , , , , on May 4, 2013 by Rabidgames

Rabidgames has found this rather interesting article.Yes, discussions about that Mass Effect 3 ending are so 2012, but whatever.

One guy explains the story of Mass Effect 3 quite sciencey with the Kardashev scale and the Drake Equation … wait what? Just read the article, damn it! Or, well, just listen to this rather amazing definition of the latter by Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper:

Got it? Back to the article. He might have a point. In a nutshell: Whatever happens in any galaxy, there will inevitably be war between someone and someone else’s buddy. Our real lives are proof enough of this theory (still Type 0), the Mass Effect story proves it as well (the space faring races are Type 1, the Reapers Type 2, The Crucible Type 3). Of course, the assumption is that all sentient species developing technologies are aggressive as humans could be flawed from the beginning but let’s not concern ourselves with puny details. Maybe Mass Effect 3 is built on this theory.

Apart from all the fascinating science, there is also plenty of talk about the well-known issues of Mass Effect 3’s plot, but he also clarifies some misconceptions (IT supporters might disagree there). Well, it’s not as interesting as the scientific theories, but it’s still a good read.

Rabidgames mumbles: It’s an interesting theory, that’s for sure. If you believe the ending might have something to do with science … well, one or two writers might have something in mind, yes, but when facing the convoluted mess the ending still is, it’s rather unlikely – why should one theory replace another?