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Shots fired: Battlefield 1, Call of Duty 0

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , , , on May 8, 2016 by Rabidgames

Yes, it’s Activision vs EA, which means it’s better to go for the devil AND the deep blue sea before choosing one of them, but credit where credit is due – EA’s new Battlefield trailer won the internet, and the timing was impeccable!

So in case you’ve been hiding under a rock this week, here’s the new Call of Duty trailer to the upcoming futuristic Infinite Warfare (how original, right? Imagine the meeting where they came up with that name):

Now, why exactly there are only 230.000 likes but 750.000 dislikes, probably only the CODrones know. After all, Infinite Warfare seems to have proper space battles! Then again, the fans were crying for something not futuristic, because you have Titanfall, Battlefront (well, it might not be our future but who cares), Battleborn, Overwatch, the last couple of COD games, etc. set in the future. Too many futuristic shooting people in the face it seems. So the internet wasn’t happy about the new Call of Duty, let’s put it that way.

Ironically, the new Battlefield comes along now, and instead of following the trend to go back to the future, Dice goes back to the past, and to a fresh scenario even – World War 1, hence the game is named Battlefield 1. Well, that doesn’t really make sense as that war was neither the first war ever nor is this the first Battlefield game, but let’s not split hairs here.

Anyway, this trailer has a whopping 670.000 likes and mere 13.000 dislikes. How comes?


Well, Battlefield 1 looks cool, but so does the Infinite Warfare trailer, let’s be honest. Yes, riding horses, more focus on melee and flying iconic biplanes sounds and looks pretty damn cool, admittedly. And yes, World War 1 is a setting that hasn’t been done to death.

Most of it is because of that timing – both games have been in development for years, and the reveals have probably been planned months in advance, too … but that fucking timing, man! Just when gamers yell “stop the futuristic Call of Duty train”, Battlefield 1 invites you into the past.

But let’s face it – while this is some awesome free publicity for EA, both games will sell massively as always. Nothing will change. Both games will focus on the multiplayer, flying biplanes will probably not feel authentic, neither will the space battles, and the campaigns will be 5 hours short. EA isn’t the good guy now, and Activision are … well, neither. Fans arguing which milking machine is better feels like Chelsea and Manchester City fans arguing why their club is better, while the rest of the world knows they’re the villains anyway.

Rabidgames wonders: Well, actually both games look interesting, and yet, both games will have castrated campaigns because everyone is in those series for the multiplayer, so it’s just a tacked-on excuse to sell annual games in a new setting for the full price. Shame for the potential though.




Star Wars Battlefront or Yoda, Where’s my Content?

Posted in Gaming these days ..., Hands On with tags , , , , on October 11, 2015 by Rabidgames

So, finally, the Beta for Star Wars Battlefront has arrived from a galaxy far, far away … After the creative decision to not integrate any campaign or even the once awesome Galactic Conquest mode, many had the feeling the new Battlefront would be just in for the quick interstellar buck.

And judging from the Beta, they are right. What do we have? First, there are Survival Missions – 4 rather small co-op maps in total, one in the Beta – and these small maps feel just like a Beta version of Mass Effect 3’s amazing co-op multiplayer. Where Mass Effect 3 managed to sine with the innovative use of powers and races and actually made us want to unlock yet another race – or finally the Asari Adept – Battlefront is just plain boring wave after wave of the same enemies with minor variations attacking you. Walkers are extremely boring – after figuring out it is incredibly easy to do some damage do an AT-ST, fleeing around a corner, recovering health and then rinse & repeat, it’ll make you want to fall asleep.

Dropzone is a team-based capture-the-flag variation with up to 16 players. It plays like any other similar multiplayer – fast-paced, a bit reliant on luck where the pod lands, but all in all, pretty boring. We’ve seen it before. A billion times.

Last but finally worthy, the Walker Assault on Hoth – and this where Battlefront finally plays and feels like a Battlefront game! A massive, epic 20 vs 20 battle where you can control X-wings, TIE fighters, walkers, turrets or maybe Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader – here is where the fun is. True, it’s easier for the Empire to win here, but the reason may well be the tactical expertise and firepower of the Imperial forces over the rebel scum. In terms of fun, it’s hard to imagine most of us will enjoy this map more than a few times a day though – unless you love seeing Luke crushed to death cruelly:

Sure, stomping around Hoth in a massive AT-AT is truly fun, but with regards to the whole game … there is only a total of 7 (seven!!!) multiplayer maps, each with its own mode. That’s it. Clearly, what we see here is that the new Star Wars Battlefront offers exactly zero longevity. There is some customisation to be had, but judging from the demo, it is nothing to write home about.

Battlefront essentially feels like a Battlefield game with a few tacked-on Star Wars gimmicks (they are bombastic and cool admittedly though). While this alone could still be fun, the lack of different modes is the one thing that really hurts the game most though. And with the lack of a campaign or a galactic conquest mode to enhance the game, there isn’t much to do but these well-trodden multiplayer battles. Coincidentally though, we know there will be DLC reinforcements arriving when the The Force Awakens … honestly, had Palpatine that blunt with getting control of the galaxy, he would have failed.

Rabidgames uses the force: Surely, Yoda AND Palpatine disapprove. This incarnation of Battlefron is an empty husk, trying to cash in on the good name. There is no innovation, there is nothing but fine gameplay and shiny graphics … pretty much Destiny all over! Worth a tenner? Yes. Worth full price? For the Emperor’s sake, hell no!