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Rabidgames’ Guide to Good Endings

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Since this article is about endings, you can expect spoilers.

No, Rabidgames does not mean happy endings. They are not necessary. However, Rabidgames would love to see endings which make sense, fit the plot and above all, don’t feel like a brainstorming result. Mind you, Rabidgames is not talking about confusing endings like Dragon’s Dogma, where you see the ending after the ending and then something new once more after a second playthrough, nor is Rabidgames talking about some lame crap like Max Payne 3, nor about obvious plot twist endings like in Dishonored. Rabidgames is talking about serious fucking insane shit! So let’s have a look at what went wrong – and how to avoid it:

Case file No. 1: Mass Effect 3

Yeah, we know all about it. There is no use in going into detail once more. It has been done a million times. It’s the bigger picture we have to look at: If a bunch of gamers grasping at straw cans make as much sense as the official first ending, well, that just means it fucking sucks. Simple as that. Yes, your artistic integrity sucks donkeys’ balls. Let’s be honest for a minute: What we witnessed was either incredible stupidity or ridiculous mismanagement – how could anyone seriously think that travesty was anything but a nuked trainwreck? And how could anyone in his sane mind think we would swallow that pile of multi-coloured shit? And sorry to say it again, but the worst thing is … it happened to fucking Bioware – to Bioware of all developers! How the mighty have fallen … To be fair, it is not just about the ending – it seems ten different writers wrote different parts of Mass Effect 3 – just compare the greatness of Rannoch with the stale disappointment of Thessia. Yet sadly, the worst writer wrote the ending. Please bring back Drew Karpyshyn!

Lesson to learn: Write an ending and read to at least three more persons. It helps. It really does.

Case file No. 2: Assassin’s Creed 3

Again, we have had a big story stretching across many games and now we were promised an ending, and closure to Desmond’s story … let’s face it, the ending was disappointing beyond all time periods. Both endings, actually: Connor’s ending was lame (why wasn’t Haytham the last Templar standing? why wasn’t the Homestead actually attacked? and why the fuck does Connor still help Washington after all?), and Desmond’s even lamer (don’t show us a choice and then deny it). What makes this particular Dea ex machina finale even worse than Mass Effect 3’s Starbrat is the fact the ending is just there to prepare us for Assassin’s Creed 4. Seriously, fuck off! And no, if you end a trilogy, you don’t end it with a cliffhanger the size of an interstellar cock!

Lesson to learn: Never ever should a PR team to be allowed near dev teams. Never! Again! Please!

Case file No.3: Far Cry 3

So far we have had artistic integrity and PR ingenuity, but Far Cry 3 added artsy twattery: If your plot and especially your ending make no fucking sense whatsoever, don’t start babbling about artsy fartsy shit and a bigger picture hidden for those who seek. Dear author, relax, lie back and reflect: If no fucking person on this goddamn planet is able to decipher your plot full of Alice in Wonderland clues and wild drug fantasies, maybe, just maybe it is because you fucking failed to spell…it…out! And then, that ‘bad’ ending … you die, but you’re magically still alive after the credits. Holy crap!

Lesson to learn: If one person doesn’t get your ideas he might be a dumb person. Fair enough. But if one million people don’t get it, you failed to bring across your point. Yes, YOU and only YOU are to blame, Mr Yohalem!

Rabidgames ponders: Maybe 2012 was an exception. Maybe game endings have always been bad and we haven’t realised. Fuck knows. But while Far Cry 3 suffered only from delusional writing and ivory tower symptom, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 are worse example because they suffer from terrible writing with no hidden meaning whatsoever, and probably short-term decisions, be it to satisfy an ego, be it to maximise profits – and if this trend is a sign of things to come, we are doomed.

And one more thing: A bad ending doesn’t ruin a game, that’s true. But it ruins our perception of a game. Forever.


Assassin’s Creed 3 or Of Unfinished Greatness

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[Careful, many spoilers ahead! Oh, and in the game itself …]

Okay, Rabidgames has finally finished Assassin’s Creed 3. Now is not the time to talk about the bugs or some gameplay details (be they good or bad); this has already been done. This time, we’ll talk about some of the achievements and some of the integral shortcomings of Assassin’s Creed 3.

First of all, Rabidgames lied. Assassin’s Creed 3 is not finished yet. Yes, the main story is finished, Desmond’s story has come to a questionable end, and yet, while the clock is at 51 hours, the completion display stubbornly says 85%. Even now, there’s still a ton of stuff to do: 100% synching of all missions (although this is a no thanks from Rabidgames), collecting the last almanacs, completing deliveries, the fight and hunting clubs, hunting down some of the amazing pivots, and more. In terms of content, Ubisoft delivered – not exactly a matter of course in today’s gaming world. Mind you, the multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed 3 is still untouched, and with the possible exception of the promising cooperative Wolfpack mode, it’ll quite likely stay that way (unless the MP storyline is worth trudging).

Thankfully, the story of Assassin’s Creed 3 returns to the moral grey areas of the first Assassin’s Creed game: Are the Assassins really right, and are the Templars really that bad? What is more important – freedom or order? And why can’t we have both? And finally, we get to witness some irony in both times: Connor has been fighting for freedom, but what freedom did he end up with? While Connor chose freedom, Desmond chose order. Both come at a price. Most amazingly, the epilogue clearly shows that even if the Patriots were striving for freedom, it was just theirs, not freedom in general. Poor Connor. And on a grander scale, Assassin’s Creed 3 is satisfying as well: The Patriots are not solely depicted as noble gentlemen, the British and the Loyalists not as tyrants. On the contrary, both groups (and the French, of course) are hinted the be greedy white men who want to take the land from the Indians. Thank you, Ubisoft, for speaking out the truth Rabidgames once had feared would not be addressed.

Sadly, Assassin’s Creed 3’s dense story seems too twisted for its own good at times; if Haytham has known before that Washington gave the order to attack Connor’s village – why the hell did Haytham not tell Connor when he tried to seduce him to the dark side? And even worse, Washington is responsible for killing Connor’s mother, but Connor still supports him? Come on!!!! And then, there are amazingly good details to be found in Assassin’s Creed 3 (just go to Achilles’ grave and read the name of his son), but there are also stupid stories like that one: Achilles tells Connor he could pass as a Spaniard when walking throughout Boston – erm, a Spaniard with the name of Connor, dressed in Indian garb? Really? And honestly, how on earth is Connor supposed to be walking around town unnoticed in a classical fucking Assassin gown anyway – in 1770? It’s moments like these when Assassin’s Creed 3 loses immersion and credibility – it seems the scale was just too big, and some obvious details might have been taken care of if someone had taken just a step back and taken a good look at some of the trees in the woods …

The Desmond situation, joy … His sequences feel rushed – especially putting an end and to Vidic and disrupting Abstergo definitely felt rushed and bring sup the next question: Why sneaking and searching through Abstergo HQ instead of just using the Apple all the fucking time? And then, that Assassin’s Creed trilogy ending. Granted, it is not as abysmal as that Mass Effect 3 disgrace, but come on – another dea ex machina? And then Juno and Minerva are trying to convince Desmond to do what they want. And while we get to see exactly what happens if Minerva gets her way, what about Juno’s way? Nothing? No explanation, no premonition, just a muttered warning! And for fuck’s sake, give us a fucking choice (hint: Desmond is an idiot)! And honestly, Ubisoft, what about that “we bring Desmond’s story to an end”? Technically, you do – but seriously, another huge cliffhanger? Have you ever heard of the word “closure”? Look it up, please. Sorry, an ending which has only been designed to be a cliffhanger for the next game is pure bullshit, and definitely not worthy of the story arc and the artistic integrity of the games (yep, our favourite word is back once more).

Then again on the upside, there is a huge mystery: The end game of Assassin’s Creed 3. You collect some pivots (which was fun), and all of a sudden, “you’re (as in your gamertag) synchronized with the cloud” and you overhear some conversation outside the Animus. Also, there’s the sequence 5523C2302553. And the best part … no one knows what it means. Sure, the pivots main function is to unlock cheats and such, but is there more to it (remember you must be online in order to get that message)? Is it Desmond’s consciousness, somehow thrown into the Animus similar to Subject 16 aka Clay? Or have we just played a video game within a video game within a video game now (remember, there is no game over when Desmond dies, it’s just like when Connor gets desynchronised)? Or is it some organisation hacking into the Animus? And why?

Another dispitable issue are the characters. There are way too many characters in Assassin’s Creed 3, and the game has a terrible way of introducing most of them briefly (“hi, that’s my uncle’s father’s second grade nephew from Liverpool) and then neglecting them altogether for the next 10 hours – until they return out of the blue, leaving you wondering “so, who’s that guy again … let’s check in the ADB”. Then, there are guys like LaFayette – you talk to him (around sequence 9) and wonder “who is that guy now?”, checking faces with French names in the database. Speaking of the database: rarely has Rabidgames seen a game ruining itself by fucking up spoilers big time. Don’t read stuff turning up, please don’t. Except the existing database doesn’t make any sense if you don’t use it, but then again, if it contains a motherload of spoilers, you shouldn’t …

In terms of gameplay, it is surely a good thing we have much freedom in general, but why on earth is there basically no freedom in the story missions anymore? Remember the first game where you could really plan your assassinations? Speaking of them, why is a game called Assassin’s Creed, but then, not only play the Assassins and the Order a minor role in Assassin’s Creed 3, there are only a handful of proper assassinations to plan and execute. For fuck’s sake, what about meaningful assassinations sidequests (those 5 walking targets in New York don’t qualify, dear Ubisoft) at least? Why do you neglect the assassin in Assassin’s Creed? It’s where the fun is!

Yes, we should not forget the historical setting; assassins in the classical sense have kind of gone out of style, and freedom must be limited in the Animus since we’re not free to change history (well, we couldn’t anyway – remember, we’re reliving memories). While this might explain all the historical setting stuff and bonus objectives and such can be seen as “this is how it happened” – it is no excuse for a linear level design. Why is there only one single way, one linear corridor to reach the target unnoticed? Remember Assassin’s Creed 1 – granted, it was the same stuff 9 times all over, but the assassination missions granted you many different options and choices.

Let’s talk about fun (after all, fun is the most important thing in games): Again, a double-edged sword. Some missions in Assassin’s Creed 3 are plain boring. Yes, Rabidgames looks at you, you turkeyfucking chase missions. First, they are frustrating, second, they are boring, and third, they are frustrating AND boring. There is only one way to reach your goal, and it’s all about trial & error. In an open world game, such blatantly lame trial & error chores should be a big no-go area. Another funkiller looms as well; it’s the sort of  the “dramatic” Ubisoft threw in sequence 12: You’re hurt, so you can only walk painfully slowly. Well, except you can run and fight all of a sudden again for no reason, but then it’s back to limping again. But the point is: It sucks. It sucks to be forced to need a fucking minute to reach a fucking house in order to progreess. That’s not drama, and reaching a climax does not mean slowing down mere seconds before you reach it. Okay dramatic stuff and artistic integrity aside, the missions vary from “this is awesome” (huge naval battles, brawls, duels, shooting cannons) to “fuck off, you fucking piece of shit game, die, all of you” (scripted missions requiring the fucked up stealth system, or battles with and unlimited amount of soldiers, and, last and definitely least, those fucking chases).

Main missions aside, Assassin’s Creed 3 offers tons upon tons of optional content: Building your homestead and the accompanying missions are mostly fun, the economical factor is amazing in theory yet lacklustre in execution: You only need a handful of recipes, and sending convoys with that botched interface is a huge pain deep in the ass. Assassin recruits are back in Assassin’s Creed 3, but they have to be on a top level to be useful. Their special abilities come in handy here and there, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, the amazing Mediterranen Defense minigame (by far the best thing in Revelations) is gone, and you simply send your Assassins on completely irrelevant and insignificant missions to gather stuff, money and XP. Sad.

We were talking about fun, right? The most fun to be had in Assassin’s Creed 3 is the sandbox part. In cities, it means thinking of creative ways how to send your Assassins into battle most effectively, creating huge fights: At one point, it was 6 Assassins plus Connor against 30 redcoats. Connor won. In the Frontier, hunting down enemy patrols is fun as well (free-running in trees is what makes it really great), but the true destiny there is hunting. Stalking prey or suddenly becoming prey is by far the best gameplay experience in Assassin’s Creed 3. It’s a shame there are only a couple of hunting missions, too.

Rabidgames despairs: Assassin’s Creed 3 is rollercoaster lucky bag – you never know if the game will make you laugh or cry in the next 5 minutes. Then, you have a story which stumbles upon itself a couple of times, and the irony that a game about freedom does not grant you much of it in its main missions … But that’s not even the worst part; the worst part is: Despite its many achievements and the fun to be had dispatching guards and animals, despite succeeding in telling a morally ambiguous story in a mature way, Assassin’s Creed 3 is stuck in a cloud of arbitrariness:
In the battle between art and commerce, art loses in the end. All greatness is compromised by marketing constraints – not too much freedom so players can’t get lost, the release of an unfinished game (look at them bugs and glitches!), logical loopholes the size of a mass relay, no conclusion to the story so the sequel stays hot, … it’s a shame. Assassin’s Creed 3 could have become an amazing game, a figurehead next to Red Dead Redemption that gaming can cross its boundaries; but the way it has turned out, it is just another good game which raises some philosophical questions here and there, but it won’t be remembered for much more – as opposed to Red Dead Redemption. Maybe the next Assassin’s Creed will have left puberty.

Assassin’s Creed 3 or The Good, The Bad and The Bugs

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Patience is a virtue they say. If you play Assassin’s Creed 3, this virtue will be tested. A lot. And beyond lots. Yes, Assassin’s Creed 3 is strong GOTY material, but it also makes you want to furiously smash your controller, your copy, your console and at the screen almost at the same time. At times, it is a schizophrenic clusterfuck of good intentions, weird ideas and horrible execution (you can change those 6 variables in any way you like and you’d always be right):

The Good

On many, many levels, Assassin’s Creed 3 is a good game. One thing which stands out is the fact Ubisoft did not shy away from portraying the French, the British and the American as greedy white men all the same, only united in their zest to rob the Native Americans of their land. This might not go down well with patriots in all three countries, but in this case, all the talk about artistic integrity would mean something for once. Speaking of art, Assassin’s Creed has managed to tell a complex story of different shades of grey (in the past as well as in the present), and Assassin’s Creed 3 is no exception. It’s hard to distinguish the good guys from the bad ones, and you know, that one twist at the end of sequence 3 was amazing – Rabidgames did not see it coming.

Ubisoft did not rest and just tweaked the movement and fighting system a tiny little bit, it has been rehauled completely. It takes you some time to get used to it at first, but the number of deaths by jumping for no reason at all has been reduced drastically. Mission accomplished. The controls of Assassin’s Creed 3 feel a bit streamlined, yes, but since they’re more precise and intuitive for the most part, that’s fine with Rabidgames. Also, diversity is key – not only do we have different cities and environments, there are countless ways to spend your time – try to find collectibles such as feathers, trinkets, flying pages and chests (they all serve a purpose), or what about hunting legendary enemies or trying to find out what Bigfoot really is? You can do it – and the Frontiersmen missions, which ask you to solve a myth, are some of the best and funniest missions ever! Another cool addition, maybe stolen from Arkham City, is looking for clues; this feature is used for finding animals as well as in some missions, and it does a decent job of mixing up the gameplay.

The real star of Assassin’s Creed 3 is neither Desmond nor Connor though – it’s the game’s world. Boston and New York are different from Rome or Constantinople (thank fuck for that) and filled with amazing details (pet animals, conversations – sometimes even in German, tons of Redcoats patrolling the streets, the amazing tunnel system etc.), the homestead is interesting, but the Frontier is where Assassin’s Creed 3 really shines! Climbing cliffs and mountains is just the overture for climbing mountains and traversing through the world from treetop to treetop (well, not literally treetop but who cares?), stalking prey. And then, the hunting … if you want to shoot some mammal with your bow (do that) or a rifle (don’t do that), if you want to lay a bait and a snare, or if you lurk in some safe hideaway, waiting for your prey – it’s all fun, great fun to be had. Of course, Ubisoft had to ruin it with the scourge of modern gaming times:

The Bad

Oh boy, QTEs. This fucking disease almost ruinsthe otherwise perfect hunting experience in Assassin’s Creed 3. Why the fucking hell are melee fights against animals QTEs? Red Dead Redemption managed to do it way better – by incorporating those fights into the gameplay. When you kill a cougar in Assassin’S Creed 3, you’ve done so by pushing randoms buttons. Boofuckinghoo. In red Dead Redemption, killing a cougar meant something. You’ve vanquished a lethal beast in an epic battle, you prevailed against the primal rage of a predator by skill, not just by quickly pressing random buttons which have nothing to do with their normally assigned function – and so on, you get it. QTEs are shite. Let’s get rid of them for good!

Apart from that spreading cancer, Assassin’s Creed 3 has more issues: Remember when Ubisoft was proud of their huge battles? Yes, they’re alright, but they glanced at Call of Duty – there is an infinite amount of enemies sometimes so there’s no use aiding your comrades at all … shame. Generally speaking, while the missions are diverse and fun, they feel compartmentalised and way too linear; there is one way or maybe a second one, but that’s about it – and for a game which waves the flag of freedom, that ain’t a compliment. And then, there is the most boring form of video game entertainment ever – picking locks. Come on! It was boring before, it is boring now, and it will always be fucking boring! Enough! Oh, and the idiotic system of using both analogue sticks AND RT might be good for training some finger flexibility, but honestly, why? Who thought that’d be a good idea?

Assassin’s Creed 3 also suffers from some half-baked ideas – the in-game economy with you producing shitloads of stuff on your homestead sounds like a good idea – but there’s no point to it. Money ain’t that hard to come by without it, navigating through the menus is a pain, and half the items are useless and dealing with it is a massive waste of time. So yeah, what’s up with that? Even worse, the assassins … fucking hell, they are virtually useless in Assassin’s Creed 3! Send one of those moronic, inbred dipshits to fight 3 or 4 regulars … he dies. While the enemy AI ain’t the best, you’re assassins are driven by AS (Artificial Stupidity)! Fuck, they don’t dserve to be called assassins. And while it is alright we can send them on missions, those missions are ten steps back from Revelations’ refined Mediterranean Defense system – appointing den leaders, sending assassins to watch over a city, training new ones – all gone. Instead, there are only 6 assassins with randoms hints of a weak personality who can’t fight better than a week old kitty. But hey, they come with some rather useless special ability … such as inciting riots, shooting from afar (not a new ability, by the way) or bodyguard (no use with AS) … O yes, Rabidgames misses his dozens of assassins, who actually were useful.

The Bugs

Assassin’s Creed 3 is a big feast for those little critters. It’s hard to play 2 missions without ever encountering either a minor glitch, an annoying but minor bug or a big fucking bug queen who forces you to abandon the mission, starting it from the beginning once more. Sometimes you simply can’t proceed because a trigger is dead, sometimes you kill your target without the game realising your deed, sometimes you have to do a liberation mission which is neither displayed on the map nor activated as a mission in any way. Oh, and missions sometimes end without any notification whatsoever. Quite frankly, it’s a fucking disgrace – and one of the reasons why Assassin’s Creed 3 can only be tolerated in small doses – restarting a missions over and over again because some triggers are missing over and over again, yep, that’ll break motivation. Mind you, we’re not talking about some ambitious Molyneuxesque indie experiment, we’re talking about a motherfucking AAA+ game with a million dollar budget – such bugs, and the amount of such bugs, are simply inexcusable. What about QA? And what about Microsoft and Sony – have they ever tested Assassin’s Creed 3? Are their standards worth anything these days?

Rabidgames sighs: What a clusterfuck! On the one hand, Assassin’s Creed 3 delivers – a huge world, many options, exploration, a good story. On the other hand, there are some flawed design decisions (assassins, economy, QTE), way too linear missions and a terrible AI. And those bugs and glitches which ruin the game … But damn, you always go back to it! Yes, it is great, and yes, it is fun. It’s just a huge fucking shame Ubisoft failed to make Assassin’s Creed 3 perfect. The game is a precious rough diamond, but honestly, someone should have wiped it clean from all that horseshit before opening the exhibition!

The Eurogamer Expo 2012

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Yes, Rabidgames was there once more. And yes, the hall was more crowded, the queues were ever longer, but hey, the games were still interesting. Oh, and some proper organisation would be good. How is it possible that a press pass is sufficient to avoid the queue on Saturday, yet on Sunday, it ain’t, so Rabidgames had to join the plebs to queue for entry? Come on!

Unfortunately, Rabidgames didn’t make it to any Developer Sessions in 2012. Queuing one hour to get in seems a bit excessive (last year, 20 minutes was alright). Also, Rabidgames gave a flying fuck about all multiplayer demos, or over-hyped popcorn titles likes Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, or basically all beat ’em ups … because they’re not Mortal Kombat.
Whatever, here are Rabidgames’ highlights – and some downlights – of the Eurogamer Expo 2012:

Assassin’s Creed III
Thankfully, it was a proper singleplayer demo this year. Or rather, two different demos. The first one was your usual Assassin’s Creed stuff – infiltrate a structure, sneak around, fight a bit, escape. It’s more of the same, nothing special, yet definitely refined. However, the second demo featured the naval warfare which will make a debut in Assassin’s Creed 3. And boy, is it fun! Steering a ship through the waves, navigating into the correct position to sink ships … hell yeah!

Borderlands 2
Actually, Rabidgames didn’t play it at the Eurogamer Expo. It’s just the game is simply amazing which can’t be stressed out often enough. Buy it, play it,

Devil May Cry aka DmC (for whatever hip reason)
Well, to tell the plain truth, the gameplay is boring as shit. It’s your ordinary h’n’s stuff as you’ve seen it bazillions of times. However, the concept of the hostile city (or whatever it is) which tries to kill you, and the many fighting options at your disposal are interesting. But then again, who wants to play as a Twilight rip-off emo?

This game looks amazing. Tons of possibilities, from sneaking to sending swarms of rats to possessing enemies to the good old-fashioned shoot-out. Yet somehow, Dishonored feels like a Victorian Hitman game. Is that bad? Not necessarily.

Doom 3
You could test the remake in 3D. It’s interesting. The 3D. Doom 3 was, and still is a bland shooter. If you like it, fine. Rabidgames doesn’t.

Fable: The Journey
Who wants to be the controller? Not only does it look retarded when you do stuff in public, try something like mimicking to cast spells for more than 2 minutes, and guaranteed, you’d be exhausted after one hour of doing the same movements again and again and again and over and over again. Meh.

Far Cry 3
Technically, it’s a sandbox survival shooter. And most definitely, it’s a strong GOTY contender. Think of Just Cause’s tropical setting (although a tad smaller) and the survival mechanisms of Red Dead Redemption. Breed them. Far Cry 3 would be the smart yet extremely violent kid. The demo highlighted the many tools, vehicles and possibilities the game will offer. Hunting deer with a crossbow (you can even attach a grenade to the arrow), skinning animals, flying around in a glider, liberating outposts, crafting a shitload of stuff … or just good old plain yet pleasantly crisp shooting – comes the end of November, Far Cry 3 will offer all of the above – and more. For hours.

Hell Yeah!
An undead rabbit who happens to be a prince of hell, insane killing moves and tons of fun. What’s not to like?

Hitman Absolution
It’s tough. As expected. And folks, Hitman never was – and probably never will be – a shooter. Don’t even try to play it like that. Then again, it’s fun to watch you die. Please continue.

Metal Gear Revengeance
Yikes. This abomination looks like an ugly bastard breed between Final Fantasy XIII’s fighting system and some slightly more testosterone Bayonetta on crack. It defiles the legend, the iconic name Metal Gear. In terms of hack’n’slay, Devil May Cry is way better. Yikes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
It almost feels like the glorious Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Almost. The new defense system (copied from FIFA) is not really Rabidgames’ cup of tea, but what can you do. oh, and please Konami, goalkeepers. You must know about it. FIX THEM!!!

Tokyo Jungle
This insane rollercoaster ride of awesomeness alone is a reason to buy a PS3! Seriously! If you’re not convinced, check out this animalistic trailer:

Young Lara is the protagonist of a survival adventure now. Thank fuck! Gone are the days of the boring old Tomb Raider system (copied to death by Uncharted & Co.). Will it be enough? We’ll see. It’s a good fresh reboot at least.

XCom: Enemy Unknown
Fuck yeah, X-Com is back. Plus, this game is the living proof turn-based strategy games are alive – and they can work on consoles!

All of a sudden, Nintendo welcomes adults. Ha! This game  peaked Rabidgames’ interest. Although playing it was testing Rabidgames’ patience. Queing for 20 minutes to join another queue for an hour to queue for another 15 minutes … Nintendo, you’re awful. How comes there were only 5 consoles with ZombiU? Oh yeah, the game itself. Actually, it’s rather underwhelming. If you’re proud of your motion control, how comes you can hack at zombies one way only (up down, up down etc.)? Have you ever played Dead Island? And that bulky (though light) tablet controller hybrid thing? Give Rabidgames a break! You use the touchscreen for sorting inventory (which can be done faster by using a standard controller). You can also use it to look around – but, why pressing L1 to move the tablet controller around “realistically” when moving the right analogue stick would do the same trick? Good question. Does anyone know the answer? And then, why do we have to use the touchscreen to fire a sniper rifle? Why using a fucking sniper rifle on a small screen when you have a fucking huge one as well? Fuck knows. While the London after a zombie apocalypse setting of ZombiU might sound interesting (although it’s hardly original), the gameplay is rather stale, and the tablet iseems to bei nothing more but an expensive gimmick indeed. Shame!

Rabidgames deems: Apart from the obvious GOTY contenders, you know, the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, Borderlands 2 Dishonored, two surprises stand out: XCom is amazing (and craps into Syndicate’s face when it comes to the revival of a beloved series from the past). And Far Cry 3 is incredible. Also, the next couple of months will be expensive. There are too many games, not enough money, and worst – how are we supposed to have time to play all the great coming games? Till next time, Eurogamer Expo!

Assassin’s Creed 3 is now Part of the Bullshit Game

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Remember Rabidgames’ Dishonored rant?Well, Ubisoft decided to top that one with some Assassin’s Creed 3 bullshit of the highest order.

What did they do?
Apparently, PS3 players get one extra mission with one hour extra playtime.

Where is the problem?
Apparently, Xbox 360 players have to pay the same price, but they get less content.

Let’s not forget Sony is well-known for this exclusive fuckfest moves, while Microsoft have turned out to be just small cunts by buying time-exclusive DLC packs – which is bad. However, shutting out other platforms from fucking content forever is worse (just look at Red Dead Redemption, that one hideout is still exclusive for PS3 players).

Worse than the pre-order DLC galore.
Worse than the Day 1 DLC rip-offs (yes, Rabidgames looks at you, Mass Effect 3).
Worse than changing the definition from DownLoadable Content to Disc-Locked Content.
And certainly worse than time-exclusive DLC.

But all this shit combined brings up one question: Why on earth are publishers hellbent on scaring away their customers? Why don’t they follow the shining example of The Witcher 2, where we Xbox 360 gamers got bonus stuff for free – and the PC veterans as well? Have publishers really become cheap whores who’d do anything for a bit of money?

Rabidgames wants to puke: Certainly, while gaming has gone to financial highs, it’s at its low for us gamers; Recycled games all over, the relentless DLC machine polluting the world, and we end up paying more for less. And the worst thing of all: We are too dumb to realise it.

But what to do? What about waiting for GOTY editions? Yes, it’s a long wait, but if we’re start being smart we might be able to change the downfall of a dream: Buying a game means purchasing a whole experience.

Assassin’s Creed 3 will have Cooperative “Wolf Pack” Fun

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According to Eurogamer (among other sources), we’ll have a new multiplayer game mode in Assassin’s Creed 3: The cooperative Wolf Pack mode. Up to four virtual assassins will have to combine their skills to hunt down and take out targets. As usual, stealth kills will grant more points than brute force. Ubisoft speaks of 25 waves with rising difficulty.

Ubisoft has also revealed a stunning trailer which reveals gameplay footage of the campaign. This time, we get to visit Boston:

Wow. Assassin’s Creed 3 surely looks amazing. Awesome. And it’s not just the graphics, the gameplay and tools look great as well.

Rabidgames rejoices: Yes, Ubisoft seems to be doing a great job. Whenever they reveal tidbits about Assassin’s Creed 3, Rabidgames just wants to throw his money at them. Come on! Release it. Now!!! Can’t … wait …

First Assassin’s Creed 3 Gameplay Footage … Holy Shit!

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Yep, Ubisoft promised a trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3 and Ubisoft delivered one … and boy, what a trailer it is!
Battlefields, bears, tons of action … and lots of dead Brits … and RUNNING INSIDE BUILDINGS?

It looks simply amazing – Rabidgames is not sure if Assassin’s Creed 3 is not in development for the Xbox 720 or the PS4 …
Also, the bragging it’s all “Pre Alpha” footage makes you wonder what might follow …

Rabidgames drools: Ubisoft, for all your wrongs you’ve done – please take Rabidgames’ money! You are forgiven.