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Bulletstorm will be Back – And the Duke is on Board!

Posted in News with tags , , , on April 3, 2017 by Rabidgames

2017 has already brought forth a plethora of great games – from RPGs to sandboxes, from Zelda to Horizon Zero Dawn. Sadly though, there’s neither time nor money to play them all! And yet, the Bulletstorm remake might be exactly what you need if you’re in for some fast-paced, easy-going entertainment!

To sum up Bulletstorm, imagine playing Doom while getting rewarded for killing enemies creatively. There are countless ways to kill them – well, that’s a lie, there are “only” 131 so-called skillshots, including gems like “Kill an enemy by flinging them into a cactus.” or “Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass.”

As usual, the Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition will include all previous DLC packs, but there will also be something pretty special, sadly only as pre-order bonus or at least perhaps included in the day 1 edition: You can play the entire game as the most obnoxious and hilarious hero of gaming – Duke Nukem himself! And not just that, there’ll be an entire script just for playing as the Duke!

Rabidgames grins: Bulletstorm and the Duke – that’s a wet dream cum true, a marriage forged in hellfire! And as Doom has proven, there is still room for arcade shooting in today’s gaming. And as fast-paced and gory as Doom was, Bulletstorm has even more sadistic pleasures and bodily explosions in stock! See you soon, and may the bullets fly!


Mass Effect Andromeda – The Best Comedy Game?

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , on March 19, 2017 by Rabidgames

So, we’ve heard and read a lot about Mass Effect Andromeda, right? And after digesting all the bad face animations, the bugs and glitches and the bad dialogues, many are still on the fence. But perhaps we’re all looking at it the wrong way. Perhaps the game is comedy. Just watch the video, and you’ll see it could very well be true:

Seriously now, what the fuck? This is pure comedy gold! Andromeda might not work as a traditional Bioware game, but maybe it’ll work just fine as a Mass Effect parody!

Rabidgames has decided: Pre-ordered! For the laughs.


Mass Effect Andromeda or Bioware’s (Titan)Fall?

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , on February 25, 2017 by Rabidgames

The more news come in about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, the less Rabidgames likes it. Coming from someone who has the collectors edition of the entire Mass Effect trilogy, it says a lot.

Take this Eurogamer article for example: It’s all about dynamic fighting, jumping and quick and painless exploration now it seems. Even worse, EA (Bioware seems only remotely responsible for Andromeda) even removed the power wheel!

So what’s left? A fast-paced, potentially brainless shooter with small and probably linear areas, and sex with aliens because that’s what Mass Effect is all about, right? Fucking hell, Bioware, be at least decent enough to call this game “Sexy Aliens & Titanfall’s Effect“!

From the looks of it, Andromeda could still well be an interesting and good game, but rather a good shooter than a good RPG. After all, what’s left that made Mass Effect 1 great? Not much it seems. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 already went down Shooter Lane anyway. It really seems Inquisition was Bioware’s farewell, and mind you, even Inquisition is just a mere shadow compared to the gleaming success and deep RPG mechanics of The Witcher 3 now.

Rabidgames puts the money back in this pocket: Relationships evolve. Bioware devolves. Maybe Andromeda manages to define itself in the new direction of the studio, but new directions have destroyed many relationships. Comes end of March, we’ll see if there are still enough sparks left to rekindle the fire in our hearts.

The Insane March Gaming Crunch of 2017

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 10, 2017 by Rabidgames

Usually, we see tons of games released from October to December. But this year, Match seems to be the new November, with quite a few promising titles lined up on the grid. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

March will start with the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn where set in the future, fighting robot animals and mechanic dinosaurs to survive is humanity’s task. Scope and depth are hard to judge for now, but the future past (or past future?) is surely an interesting setting as you can see for yourself.

One week later, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will hit the stores. As Rabidgames has pointed out, Wildlands will be a day 1 purchase because of the beta impressions, so no need to go into detail about the symbiosis of Phantom Pain, Mercenaries, Just Cause and Narcos. Chances are there will also be an open beta shortly before launch!

A few days later, Nier: Automata will arrive. The demo you should totally play promised quite a few interesting things, and the mix of RPG, 2D and 3D brawling and shooting coupled with typical Japanese storytelling surely is intriguing. If for whatever reason (like maybe you don’t have a PS4) you can’t play the demo, that’s what it looks like:

You’re still hungry for games? Well, how about some RPG action, or more precisely, Mass Effect Andromeda? Now we don’t know much about exploring our neighbour galaxy yet apart from our squad, the bad guys and a vague story, and it could well be that Andromeda is more shine than substance, but hey, who can say to have no interest in another Mass Effect? Although the interests of some people are rather weird

For completeness’ sake, Dark Souls 3’s add-on The Ringed City should also be mentioned here. After all, there might be a few of you masochistic souls out there who want to die many times once more.

If you’re in for some delicious swearing, better have South Park: The Fractured But Whole on your radar! If you pre-order, you can also get the hilarious successor The Stick of Truth. But be careful, some retailers give it to you in the box so you get it only by release, not as a download code as soon as you pre-order!

Technically not Match any more, but on 4 April, Persona 5 will ask you to revisit school, but as usual, there will be quite a few extracurricular activities of the RPG realm type. If there’s some time or money left …

Rabidgames wonders: Not only are these plenty of games, no, they all are time-consuming games as well! It’s probably one of the biggest first world problem injustices; either you’re a student and have plenty of time but hardly the money to buy the games you want to play, or you have the cash to buy them but never enough time to play them.

Where are the damn GOTY Awards?

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , on February 8, 2017 by Rabidgames

Some of you might have wondered what’s going on with Rabidgames’ 2016 Game of the Year Awards, the annual personal hitlist and shitlist of what’s great and what’s crap. Or perhaps not. Anyway, it’ll take a bit because of a simple reason.

Remember the hate Hitman got for its episodic content shenanigans? And rightly so? Well, Rabidgames has just bought the physical and complete version of the game, as it is indeed a good game and worthy to be included in the GOTY Awards. Spoilers: The fucking unnecessary, unreasonable and stupid forced “you MUST be online to unlock shit” will be mentioned.

Another spoiler – if you’re looking for Overwatch in the Awards, look no further. The game won’t be there. At all. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad game, but there are games that hold exactly zero interest for Rabidgames, and Overwatch is one of them. It happens. It got enough awards somewhere else anyway. The same goes for games like Dark Souls 3 and Titanfall 2, just to name a few.

Rabidgames digresses: Enough spoilers already! There should be some suspense left. Stay tuned, folks. The Awards will be there soon!

Read Dead Redemption 2 Could be Great – Or Just Good …

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , , , on October 20, 2016 by Rabidgames

So today, some company announced some details for something like a rehashed PS4/Vita remote play thingy … It was a nice little distraction while we were all waiting for the first trailer for the potential game of this generation – Red Dead Redemption 2!

Let’s just start with watching this one minute long Western orgasm:

It’s looking great! Sadly, that’s all we know about Red Dead Redemption 2 at the moment – it’s looking great, there are oil fields and trains, and there’s a gang of seven potentially magnificent cowboys riding through gorgeous plains.

But that’s enough to get hyped surely, and knowing Rockstar, we’ll probably stay hyped. And yet, there is one growing shadow of doubt when it comes to how great Red Dead Redemption 2 could turn out to be – and Red Dead Redemption Online!

How comes? Well, look at GTA V. It’s a great game, true, but or rather BUT, post-release, pretty much nothing got invested into the single player, Rockstar threw everything at GTA Online, which is a perennial cash cow now. Now, imagine Rockstar focussing on Red Dead Redemption Online now, neglecting the campaign – is that unthinkable? Especially after the first announced feature was PS4 exclusive online stuff?

`To be fair though, Rockstar put lots of effort into remaking GTA V for the next generation and for PC, it looks better and a few things were added – like getting so high you can fly as a seagull and shit on the world. But surely, the question of who will be Rockstar’s the favourite child, the older single player dude who likes to tell you long stories of violence and crimes with quite a bit of sarcasm, or the younger wild kiddo always asking for fun with his posse … the answer to this question will define if Red Dead Redemption 2 is either a true great one – or just a good game.

Rabidgames wants to be an optimist: Even if we’re looking at it pessimistically, chances are the campaign will turn out to be great, simply because it’s Rockstar. And by the way, waiting so long would be sweeter with a remastered Red Dead Redemption on this generation – a proper remaster, not the PS Now shit please – and why not on the PC, too? Come on, Rockstar!


Shots fired: Battlefield 1, Call of Duty 0

Posted in Gaming these days ..., News with tags , , , , on May 8, 2016 by Rabidgames

Yes, it’s Activision vs EA, which means it’s better to go for the devil AND the deep blue sea before choosing one of them, but credit where credit is due – EA’s new Battlefield trailer won the internet, and the timing was impeccable!

So in case you’ve been hiding under a rock this week, here’s the new Call of Duty trailer to the upcoming futuristic Infinite Warfare (how original, right? Imagine the meeting where they came up with that name):

Now, why exactly there are only 230.000 likes but 750.000 dislikes, probably only the CODrones know. After all, Infinite Warfare seems to have proper space battles! Then again, the fans were crying for something not futuristic, because you have Titanfall, Battlefront (well, it might not be our future but who cares), Battleborn, Overwatch, the last couple of COD games, etc. set in the future. Too many futuristic shooting people in the face it seems. So the internet wasn’t happy about the new Call of Duty, let’s put it that way.

Ironically, the new Battlefield comes along now, and instead of following the trend to go back to the future, Dice goes back to the past, and to a fresh scenario even – World War 1, hence the game is named Battlefield 1. Well, that doesn’t really make sense as that war was neither the first war ever nor is this the first Battlefield game, but let’s not split hairs here.

Anyway, this trailer has a whopping 670.000 likes and mere 13.000 dislikes. How comes?


Well, Battlefield 1 looks cool, but so does the Infinite Warfare trailer, let’s be honest. Yes, riding horses, more focus on melee and flying iconic biplanes sounds and looks pretty damn cool, admittedly. And yes, World War 1 is a setting that hasn’t been done to death.

Most of it is because of that timing – both games have been in development for years, and the reveals have probably been planned months in advance, too … but that fucking timing, man! Just when gamers yell “stop the futuristic Call of Duty train”, Battlefield 1 invites you into the past.

But let’s face it – while this is some awesome free publicity for EA, both games will sell massively as always. Nothing will change. Both games will focus on the multiplayer, flying biplanes will probably not feel authentic, neither will the space battles, and the campaigns will be 5 hours short. EA isn’t the good guy now, and Activision are … well, neither. Fans arguing which milking machine is better feels like Chelsea and Manchester City fans arguing why their club is better, while the rest of the world knows they’re the villains anyway.

Rabidgames wonders: Well, actually both games look interesting, and yet, both games will have castrated campaigns because everyone is in those series for the multiplayer, so it’s just a tacked-on excuse to sell annual games in a new setting for the full price. Shame for the potential though.