Redeemer or Just About Halfway There

Redeemer’s Enhanced Edition is a weird thing: We’re talking about a game that can’t decide what it wants to be – Diablo clone, beat ’em up or twin stick shooter, all ingredients are there. But all feel halfassed.

To be fair, Redeemer is not bad per se. But it also doesn’t excel in anything. Yes, some finishers are quite brutal, but you only sometimes see them up close. Most of the time, the camera is far away. The story also starts out nicely with an interesting intro, but then you just run around and slaughter without anything happening for the next 20 minutes. Of course, Redeemer also has a progression system, but guess what, that has also been implemented half-heartedly.

Once you played some levels and maimed, stabbed, executed and shot 100 enemies, you either keep doing the same and see the monotonous gameplay as a lesson in meditation or finding your zen in violence or whatever, or you think whatever, put Redeemer away and play something with more identity. It’s probably a easy choice for most of us.

Rabidgames’ verdict: GO BUY if you can’t get enough of isometric game with gratuitous splashes of blood and violence.

DO NOT BUY if you don’t feel like playing a game that is trying quite a few things but doesn’t excel in anything really.

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