F1 2019 or When More of the Same can be Just Good Enough

Sometimes, an annual game can still be worth getting when there are mostly just small changes to the formula. F1 2019 might well be such a game, especially seeing how fucking boring the real Formula 1 has become. Sure, F1 2019 has some questionable penalties from the stewards, but nothing as arbitrary as the real thing …

The first thing you notice in F1 2019 is the graphical upgrade – especially races at dusk (or dawn) look stunning now. And sure, part of it might be the XBox One X’s enhanced capabilities, but the game runs a bit smoother than last year’s, too. And the lighting looks great on all platforms, especially if you drive around a circuit at night!

Then, you can play either an entire season in the F2 or you can start your career there (for now, there’s the 2018 grid, but the updated drivers of this year will follow in a free update later this year). Well, as for your career, the game is still called F1 2019 so you only drive in that series for a couple of races before being promoted to Formula 1 together with a friend and a not so friendly rival. Another new feature there is that drivers actually swap seats. It’s rather unlikely you’ll see Hamilton in a Williams, Leclerc in a Mercedes or Vettel not crashing his car, but hey, it adds some dynamics to the game so we’ll take it.

Of course, F1 2019 comes with a ton of classic cars again, and as before, it’s great fun to try them and compare them to the modern-day DRS monsters. The official real-life F1 HUD makes the game look a little bit more authentic, which is of course welcome.If you like esports,  gives you a nice package, too: You can customise your driver and your car design pretty freely, there are weekly events and also leagues now. If that interests you, check it out. Also, it often ends in pure chaos, as one would expect.

Sadly, some of the problems from last year are still in F1 2019: the interviews are often more miss than hit, some penalties seem a bit harsh, the AI is braindead on easy but smells your overtaking strategies on higher difficulties from miles away to easily block you, he story is a bit too clichéd and voice overs don’t always deliver. It can be quite annoying, yes, but never ends up being game-changingly frustrating.

At the chequered flag, none of the small issues matter now: F1 2019 is the latest step of the evolution of the series. It sits comfortably on the arcade-side of simulations or the simulation-side of arcade-racing games, it gives you tons of options and settings and optimisations if you want them, and the often tiny tweaks and additions just elevate it a bit more – without raising it to a new level.

Rabidgames’ verdict: DO NOT BUY if you have no interest in Formula 1, racing games or a mix of arcade and simulation racing. Especially for arcade-racers, this game might quickly become too overwhelming and too hard to get into.

THINK ABOUT BUYING if you already have last year’s F1 game. If you have no interest in the tweaks or the F2 roster, you might want to wait until later.

GO BUY if you love or loved Formula 1 or if you like to micromanage your career step by step. Or get if you’re bored with the incredibly boring Mercedes dominance. Just be careful of Vettel’s Ferrari behind you …

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