Bulletstorm will be Back – And the Duke is on Board!

2017 has already brought forth a plethora of great games – from RPGs to sandboxes, from Zelda to Horizon Zero Dawn. Sadly though, there’s neither time nor money to play them all! And yet, the Bulletstorm remake might be exactly what you need if you’re in for some fast-paced, easy-going entertainment!

To sum up Bulletstorm, imagine playing Doom while getting rewarded for killing enemies creatively. There are countless ways to kill them – well, that’s a lie, there are “only” 131 so-called skillshots, including gems like “Kill an enemy by flinging them into a cactus.” or “Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass.”

As usual, the Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition will include all previous DLC packs, but there will also be something pretty special, sadly only as pre-order bonus or at least perhaps included in the day 1 edition: You can play the entire game as the most obnoxious and hilarious hero of gaming – Duke Nukem himself! And not just that, there’ll be an entire script just for playing as the Duke!

Rabidgames grins: Bulletstorm and the Duke – that’s a wet dream cum true, a marriage forged in hellfire! And as Doom has proven, there is still room for arcade shooting in today’s gaming. And as fast-paced and gory as Doom was, Bulletstorm has even more sadistic pleasures and bodily explosions in stock! See you soon, and may the bullets fly!


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