A New Year’s Rant: Is gaming DOOMed?

It might be a bit unfair to take this rant out on DOOM. It is a great, fast-paced, brutal and no-nonsense shooter which doesn’t gives a Demon’s rancid ass about story or any kind of correctness. But DOOM also highlights everything wrong with the gaming industry and this generation especially. And post-2016, we now know life ain’t fair anyway, right?

First, the game itself comes with whopping 50GB on the disc. Make that 70 or something as the PS4 always needs more space on your hard drive. Okay, okay, space cleaned up, let’s install the game now. Oh, what’s that? More space? For more than fucking 30GB of updates? Yeah, you read that right, DOOM needs a demonfucking 30GB update!

How comes? Well, it seems that DOOM’s 3 MP add-ons are all patched into the game. Yep, you read that correctly, you HAVE to download them even if you don’t care about the multiplayer … Who fucking thought that would be a bloody damn great idea?

So in total, DOOM takes up almost 80GB – pretty bad on a 500GB hard drive, right? And where the hell does the space even go? Mind you, Grand Theft Auto V takes up 60GB, and you can see where that’s coming from, the massive open world and the countless patches updating the world especially for GTA Online and such. But DOOM? We’re most likely talking poor optimisation here, folks.

Anyway, DOOM is still a fucking great game – more on that later. And yet, the future of gaming looks annoying, to say the least. Let’s see how it is these days – first we install the game itself on our hard drive (or make space beforehand), then we get to watch the in-game installation (DOOM takes 10 minutes here as well), and then we wait for 5-10GB (if we’re lucky) updates to be downloaded, while Sony still hasn’t done shit to improve the snail’s speed on their notoriously fucked servers.

But imagine gaming in 5 or 10 years – we’ll probably need massive hard drives, patience, a good internet connection to download the small 100GB day-one patches, and oh, more patience. How hard can it be to ship a finished game, how hard can it be to make optional multiplayer content not part of mandatory patches?

Mind you, DOOM isn’t the only culprit – look at Mafia 3 (adding outfits and races via patches), Dishonored 2 (new game+ and level select), or Final Fantasy XV (patching the story itself!). That’s just the few last months! This is a trend that fucking sucks!

Rabidgames wonders: Why bothering with consoles again? What happened to “buy, put the disc into the console and play”? There’s hardly any difference between PC and consoles any more, except that PCs offer the best gameplay experience. Give us finished games, MS and Sony, otherwise consoles will become pretty useless soon.

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