Farming Simulator 17 or Farm, Plough, Sow, Repeat

There are games we don’t get. For instance, Rabidgames sees hardly any appeal in the artificially tough and overly repetitive Dark Souls games and even less in the hectic Devil May Cry antics of Bloodbourne, while the majority, or perhaps a very loud minority, praises these games as a  the one and only true saviour of gaming. And then, there are games hardly anyone gets, games like Farming Simulator 17.

First, it is kind of hard to get into the game. There’s a bare-bones tutorial that covers the basics, and then you’re out in the world of farming, either in the US or in Russia, and it’s good luck to you from there on. But there’s more than mere farming, Farming Simulator 17 also offers logging wood or being a rancher if that’s more up your rural alley. And then there are mods. It’s mostly just new tractors or other farming equipment, but new maps should hopefully be up soon, too.

But be it crops, cattle or wood, it becomes crystal clear very quickly that you need a special mind for a game such as Farming Simulator 17: Not only is the game insanely repetitive as you get to drive up and down and down and up fields all day long (in-game and real life, if you play a long session), and nothing else happens. Well, it’s a simulation, so that’s to be expected, right? Sure, but the eternal cycle of sowing, fertilising, harvesting, ploughing, sowing and so on that needs to be repeated for several fields every in-game day feels tiresome after even one hour. Just have a look and remember – you do this over and over again:

You do all of the above to earn money you then can invest into – better equipment to do the same chores a bit more effectively. That’s it. Farming Simulator 17 does not offer anything more than what you can see in the first hours. So when you feel like giving this game a try, make sure you’re fully aware of the repetitive nature. Now, it seems quite some folks enjoy the rural virtual life, because Farming Simulator 17 is not even the only (bi)annual farming simulator available on PS4, as Professional Farmer 17 proves. To each their own …

The open world of Professional Farmer 17 is also pretty boring – you can find 100 gold nuggets per map, but otherwise it is not impressive, diverse or worth exploring. If you’re used to games of a more violent nature, it’s a natural instinct to take a vehicle and test the physics. Well, Farming Simulator 17 is pretty … basic if you give that a go; pedestrians are just ghosts without substance and if you ram a car, the tractor bounces back – the tractor, not the car! But if you want to, you can still have some fun with the physics as the video below shows:

Rabidgames sighs: It takes a special mind to enjoy farming simulators, and yours truly does not possess such a mind. Repetitiveness is fine when you can blow things up, but ploughing, sowing or harvesting is pretty much almost all there is to the game. But there must be an audience, as yet another other farming franchise on the PS4 proves …


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