Mod support for Skyrim on PS4?

According to an article on Bethesda’s website, Sony caved in and seems to be allowing mods for Skyrim and later also for Fallout 4 now. Hoo-fucking-ray!!!

But so far, there is no tornado sweeping through the net with this news, there is no rapture echoing through gaming forums, there is no collective fist-pumping of PS4 gamers to be seen, so it should be taken carefully and without too much enthusiasm, but either it’s true, it’s a hoax by hackers or Bethesda is trolling us – well, the latter would probably be a pretty dumb thing to do …

Rabidgames is waiting: What’s true? We’ll see … Fingers crossed Sony has seen reason!

Update: While it is now confirmed mods WILL be allowed in the PS4 version, there is quite a catch – it will be impossible “to upload external assets with your PlayStation 4 mods”, meaning no Fallout weapons in Skyrim and vice versa. Well, better than nothing, but it might still be worth to see if we can get the full mode experience on the One!


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