Is Homefront: The Revolution the new Freedom Fighters?

Now, the first Homefront will probably always be remembered as a disappointment – the Call of Duty style linear levels, 5-hours campaign and the similarity to most genre colleagues made sure of that.

But Homefront: The Revolution could be another story – we are promised a big open world in occupied (and probably not too sunny) Philadelphia, guerilla tactics, recruiting allies along the road, developing weapons from dire makeshift starts, and even changing the world to a fairer place – sounds a bit different from the first Homefront, eh?

There have also been quite a few videos released to show the back story of Homefront: The Revolution. The one below sums up the story pretty well:

Now, hold on a minute – organising resistance against an overwhelming enemy? The US occupied by the enemy? Guerilla warfare? Sounds a bit like Freedom Fighters, doesn’t it? Well, substitute Koreans by Russians and New York by Philadelphia, and you got it! In case you have no clue what Rabidgames is talking about, have a look at Freedom Fighters here:

Clumsy controls and dated PS2 graphics aside, Freedom Fighters is pretty much an underrated gem. Controlling up to 12 rebels while taking back New York, choosing where to attack first – would you rather blow up a bridge to stop reinforcements coming in or destroy heliports to block air support? Now that was fun (and apart from the first Kane & Lynch, no other game copied that kind of arcade strategy gameplay unfortunately).

Sadly, Homefront: The Revolution most likely won’t have that strategic feature, but the premise of hopefully able to choose where to strike next and being part of a motley crew of resistance fighters sounds promising indeed. Couple that with the different zones in Homefront: The Revolution – from wartorn ruins to a green zone with all amenities of modern life – and the game turn out to be a mix of sabotaging and infiltrating enemy territory, hopefully with the option to choose how to take out a target (brute force, stealth or traps), it could well end up being the missing link between Freedom Fighters and The Saboteur (yet another underrated game).

Rabidgames waits impatiently: Fighting at the new Homefront might well be a surprise hit, but then again, we’re still waiting to see how everything turns out. It might be better to not get up our hopes too high, any yet, there’s lots of potential for guerilla warfare on the streets of Philadelphia. Fingers crossed!

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