Zombi or Way too Late

Thanks to PSN+, Zombi can now be enjoyed by many for a small sum – it is NOT for free, mind you, but honestly, everything but yet another fucking 2D rogue-like platformer feels like a gift from the gaming heavens – although “enjoying” is pretty relative when it comes to this title.

How comes? Well, remember the clunkiness of Dead Island? Zombi is worse, plus fighting (which was fun in Dead Island, remember cutting of limb after limb?) is boring. Technically, Zombi is looking even more rotting and undead than the first Dead Island, and it is plagued by as many issues. Fortunately, the gimmicky WiiU tablet controls were thrown out of the window.

Oh, and what kind of fucking stupid name is Zombi? ZombiU was rather dyslexic in the first place, and Zombi is even worse! But it kinda shows what’s up with it, as much thought hasn’t gone into neither the title or the game itself …

And the gameplay? Clunky, unresponsive and slow. Shame. The idea of Zombi is pretty good, fair enough, the atmosphere is thick as proper London fog at times, and there are some decent moments where you manage to rescue yourself at the very last second.

But then, there’s the technical overload – you have a Zombi radar, a scanner to scan your surroundings (although waling to a corpse and checking if it has an item is quicker than scanning the body), and it somehow doesn’t suit the survival aspect. What’s more, Zombi’s fighting system is bland as hell, levelling up weapons seems pointless, and missions that involve you killing dozens of zombies are a chore, not a source of joy – come on, we all know nothing beats slicing up zombies with a baseball bat machete razor blade in Dead Island or drop-kicking zombies from roofs in Dying Light. Hell, even the comic-like slaughtering in Dead Rising is way more fun!

But Zombi? Hitting dozens of zombies with the same cricket bat animation is flat out boring, the weird and imprecise hotboxes are not helping, and shooting feels a bit better but yet below any kind of gameplay norm. And the forced moments of “run for your life” as well as the narrow level design don’t help either …

 Rabidgames sighs: Great potential, wasted away. While Zombi might have been one of perhaps three “mature games” on the WiiU and therefore there might perhaps be a reason to exist for it in the Nintendo Sphere, it is merely a nerdy village idiot relative of the average Zombie Joe on the PS4.


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