WWE 2K16 or Improved yet Flawed – Believe That!

Honestly, it is quite easy for WWE 2K16 to be better than last year’s expensive beta. Just give us more wrestlers, a better creation suite, and more to do in MyCareer. Obviously, WWE 2K16 delivers here. Hardly a surprise – but how good is it exactly? Have Yukes and 2K been eating their vitamins?

Well, Rabidgames 3:16 says it is pretty good but not fully there to raise all kinds of hell. So, let’s start with the roster – here, WWE 2K16 brings us almost everything we desire – half the roster of NXT, pretty much every current worker and tons of legends. Well, there’s no Hulkamania running wild this year, but it’s a loss we can deal with. But there is one thing even the power of positivity cannot heal – the exclusion of the Four Horsewomen (in  the main game and in future DLC) is inexcusable and deserves a stunner to two, be it in 2K’s or WWE’s headquarters. Or maybe rather RKOs?

At least we can create divas in the creation suite again in WWE 2K16, and quite decent looking ones at that. Coupled with the Community Creations, the ability to upload face photos (which is hit and miss unfortunately) and lots of clothing and tons of moves it is rather easy to recreate Sasha, Becky, Charlotte and Bayley – but still, shame on you for asking us to do it! While there are lots of options, some either don’t work properly (eye makeup for instance) or are weird throughout – why different hairstyles for men and women? But all in all, the creation suite is awesome – you can also create.titles, arenas and shows – but unfortunately, still no finishers. And why on earth there is a limit of 20 downloads a day … fuck knows, Rabidgames doesn’t.

So where to play with your created wrestler? MyCareer has massively improved in WWE 2K16 – heel/face is more organic, there are more decisions to make and there is more variety to be found in here, but it can still feel repetitive at times. Well at least that feels like the real product … The Universe mode now features character development like in RPGs, injuries and more customisation. Sadly, the cutscenes are mostly as predictable as a John Cena match so it is still highly dependent on our own fantasy to make it work properly.

There’s also an Austin showcase to be enjoy– played in WWE 2K16, but bottom line is, it sucks. Highly linear, there are fucking QTEs once more, and getting everything there takes ages. Besides, if you know your Austina 3:16 and your attitude era basics, there’s nothing new in here for you. The showcases should really rest in peace! Even worse, since 99% of the unlockables are in there, and the other 1% are title belts you get by reaching online ranks (Rabidgames won’t even touch laggy online beyond a stoic “you suck!”), 2K practically begs you to buy the Accelerator, something yours truly has done – via Season Pass – but hey, everyone has a price, right?

Last but not least, there have been some tweaks to gameplay in WWE 2K16 – first, counters are now limited! Now more counter spamming, yay! Good news though – you only spend one reversal when you succeed – if you fail, nothing is lost. Limited reversals give the game some tactical depth which is always nice. Matches are now fluent with plenty new animations and it looks more and more like the real thing. There are also tiny details like R-Truth falling on his knees begging Lesnar not to punch him in the face anymore! And yes, as usual, there’s funny glitch galore, especially with foreign objects:

But Rabidgames is afraid he has also bad news for you: The new submission system in WWE 2K16 is crap. Utter crap. Eva Marie in the ring kind of crap!!! Seriously, never ask a drunk intern to come up with an idea and then follow through. Rarely has a game mechanic been that counter-intuitive, unnecessarily complicated and simply flawed. And yes, since submissions are a big part of wrestling, this is even bigger bullshit. Not giving us the option of using the not-perfect-yet-still-better button mashing from last year is 2K’s version of telling us to suck it. But here, 2K clearly says “it doesn’t matter what you think!”

Unfortunately then, WWE 2K16 is not the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, it’s neither the new No Mercy nor the new Here comes the Pain – but it can scratch many itches us wrestling geeks have been longing for for years. A massive roster, 100 CAW points to fill, lots of brands, rivalries and statuses to enjoy in Universe, guiding your alter ego to the Hall of Fame – WWE 2K16 score many hits even despite the flawed submission system and the complete and utter exclusion of the real diva revolutionaries.

Rabdigames gets the tables: This game lets you be the man who beats the man, you can smell what The Rock is cooking, and you can lie, cheat and steal to your heart’s content. So put in the game and have a nice day!

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