Wasteland 2 or A Ticket to The Old Times

Finally, tactical turn-based RPG action on the PS4, and even with dry post-nuclear desert air! Not exactly humble, the Wasteland 2 – Director’s Cut describes itself as “the Godfather of post-apocalyptic RPGs” … However, most of you might ask “what the hell is Wasteland anyway”? Well the first game was released in 1988 and was pretty much THE inspiration for the beginning of the Fallout series more on that later. By the way, this is what encounters in video games used to look like back in the 80s:

Let’s say that to the older ones among our ranks, Wasteland 2 feels like the first two Fallout games. To elaborate this for younger gamers, it is a mix between Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world and X-COM’s tactical turn-based combat. Well, pretty much like Fallout 1 and 2 played which in turn were inspired by the first Wasteland

But enough with history lessons! Above all, Wasteland 2 brings turn-based combat to the PS4, and it is a brutal hardcore game. As a matter of fact, Rabidgames did so many mistakes during the first two attempts it took a third fresh start to finally come up with a balanced team of Desert Rangers able to survive just the first multi-stage mission! And even then, running a bit too quick or careless can mean quick death in the wastelands. Constant saving is strongly advised, but even then, you might find out you should have built your team differently.

So, anyone who wants to have fun with Wasteland 2 needs two things in abundance: time and patience. Lots of both. Even creating your four Desert Rangers can – and should – take at least half an hour. Just heed this warning: the combat skills are important, but the other skills are necessary as well. A balanced team is the only means of survival in the desolated wastelands, a lesson many will learn if they start unprepared, just because we think games are cake these days and we get presented everything on a silver plate. The tutorial is rudimentary, so trying everything out yourself is key to success!

While the gameplay in Wasteland 2 is dead-serious, the surroundings surely aren’t. There is sarcasm to be found during the character creation, some dialogues are hilarious, and the trophy list features absurd gems such as “Get an STD”, “Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy” or “Tip 5 cows”!

This pretty much leaves us at this point: If you liked X-COM, Wasteland 2 could be to your liking. While the combat is a tad more forgiving and there is no risk of running out of time, other factors like running out of ammo, cash for ammo or simply setting up a team that can survive make Wasteland 2 devilishly hard. Just know that everything in here is an old-fashioned games, from graphics, menus or stat growth to the difficulty level and the time and planning you need to invest.

So, a word to any gamers who want something different on their PS4 or One than just AAA or 2D rogue like indie games: Buy Wasteland 2! And X-COM as well for the previous generation! Show the publishers out there we want genres like turn-based RPGs on consoles!

Rabidgames thinks: Wasteland 2 is fun. Not for everyone, sure, but if you have time, patience and you can stomach having to start afresh a few times (or cheat by looking a perfect team up online), you gotta buy Wasteland 2!


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