R.I.P. Metal Gear Solid?

You might have the heard the news about Kojima leaving Konami. Well it’s not 100% clear he’s going to leave but please, we can read between the lines! And he leaves Konami in a way that his ubiquitous name’s not even mentioned in the game ads anymore!

Here’s the thing – what the fuck is Konami doing? Why would you let Kojima leave or maybe kick him out? Okay, there might be reasons, but why the fucking hell do you do this while Phantom Pain is still in development? Something must have gone terribly wrong at Konami, and this doesn’t bode well for Metal Gear Solid 5, that’s for sure.

Rabidgames is scared: The tensions at Konami HQ have the potential to instil fear that Phantom Pain could turn into real pain. Whatever’s going on there cannot be good for the game in development. Let’s hope for the best though!




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