Of Dying Light And Inflated Digital Prices…

This post could have been about experiencing sunsets in Dying Island, erm Dying Light
Well, it was scheduled at least.

But no physical copy of Dying Light equals no purchase from Rabidgames.
Sorry folks, you fucked up.

And let’s face it, we don’t need to give a shit who fucked up; be it Techland, be it Warner Bros., you fucked up.

How on earth is it possible to not get the disc version of Dying Light ready on time – in 2015?
And how comes North fucking America HAS the disc version, but the PAL regions haven’t?

Something stinks, and it’s not the decaying zombie flesh of Dying Light.
But hey, who needs a physical copy when we can buy the game digitally – including an inflated price!
If you’re fucking willing to shell out 15 pounds more, be Rabidgames’ guest (actually, if you want to, you can as well send Rabidgames 15 pounds)!

Speaking of digital, who the fuck thought it’d be a great idea to let us pay more for less
Physical disc, we have the disc, a case and the option to play whenever we want, wherever we want.
Digital, we have nothing. We have to download the game, and if we delete it, there’s no guarantee it won’t be taken down from the servers, and if you feel like playing a specific game but your internet is down or slow, well, fuck you, life’s a bitch.
Again, why the fuck do we pay more for less?

It doesn’t make sense on many levels, and if publishers want us to feel good about the seemingly fucking inevitable transition from phyiscal to digital, then they have to give us something … something worthwhile.

Rabidgames wonders: Maybe there’s a connection between us not having the option to buy day 1 phyical copies and inflated digital prices. Who knows? Let’s see if more publishers follow suit and try to push overpriced digital versions on us …


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