Assassin’s Creed Unity or Between App Insanity and Failed QA Lurks a Great Game

First of all, Ubisoft should be ashamed of themselves. Google “Unity bugs” in youtube, and you know what Rabidgames means. Fuck it, just watch this shit:

To be fair, Rabidgames has not had that massive problems with Assassin’s Creed Unity, so maybe a day one patch has cleaned up the biggest mess already. But still – how is that possible? Can Ubisoft actually spell QA? (Well, it seems so, Rogue and Far Cry 4 running relatively fine after all.) And furthermore, the loading times can be a joke, too. And don’t you dare to access a menu … unless you want to have your PS4 sound like a plane during take-off!

Apart from technical aspects, there’s another major annoyance which makes the name Unity a joke – in order to get every weapon, armour etc. the game has to offer, the game is not enough: you need the companion app, Initiates, Unite and, of course, Uplay as well. That’s 5 different fucking things to meddle around with, and we’re talking about fucking exclusive things here!

But despite all that, Unity is still a good game beneath all that; Paris looks incredibly detailed, the crowds are massive, everything from dirt in the street to bushes, trees and buildings really looks good … Paris feels like a breathing, living being. Plus, there’s shitloads of stuff to do … assassinations, rebuilding your HQ, investigations, collectibles and many more things, including the awesome rifts. It doesn’t get boring during a revolution, that’s for sure. The missions themselves are pretty diverse, too, and while the new climbing and stealth of Unity feel weird in the beginning, they’re quite comfortable when you get used to them.

Rabidgames sighs: Ironically, Unity is not an unity. The technical fuck-ups and the device insanity mar the good gameplay considerably. After some sequences, Paris still feels fresh, but there’s also the stench of rushed release and microtransactions lurking around. Let’s hope the scent of fresh gameplay will be the lasting impression …




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